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  1. 4 Twelve round magazines sold as a lot. All purchased from Ruger Two used once Two brand new Gun Mag Warehouse price $64 per set of two FTF in Maryville or will trade for M & P 2.0 15 or 17 round magazines in good condition. Will ship if buyer pays shipping of their choice
  2. I have 12 boxes (240rds) of Tula .308Win 150gr steel case for sale. Asking $120 for the lot. I’ve run a lot of this through my AR10 and it’s fine, but I need to make room for some match grade ammo. Face to face sales only. I’m located in Nashville.
  3. I've got a stainless, 5-1/2" .44 mag Ruger SBH. I've owned it for 3 years now & it's had maybe 100 rounds thru it. It has a few light scratches on the back strap from some over-zealous sanding & fitting of the custom grips (which I'd be keeping) I would LOVE to trade it for a 4-5/8" version of the same gun. I'm not selling it, I'm happy to keep it, but I'd be happier with the shorter version.
  4. I've got jacketed 55 gr. FMJ .223 and 115 gr. 9mm copper coated bullets I would trade for equal amount of .380 bullets (85-100 gr) plated or jacketed (no cast).
  5. Start your new year with a sweet little banger. These are hard to find. Never fired or turned the cylinder on this little pocket rocket. Bought it for the wife and shes not interested in shooting it. Her loss is your gain. Not really looking to sell. Interested in trades for Colt or Smith and Wesson collectibles and wheel guns. Im always looking to trade toward a Sabre Defence rifle as well Cross Plains, Springfield, White House. HCP flash preferred.
  6. I have four boxes of 500 each 9 mm hard cast lead bullets with a diameter of .356, and a weight of 125 grains. I bought them to use in pistols where I wasn’t using my suppressor to save on the cost of ammo reloading. They worked well I just have a surplus of them. I will not ship, I will not deliver, you will have to pick these up. Price is $50 a box. If you buy all four I will discount the price Best comms is proarcaviation@gmail.com Greg
  7. I have a great condition Glock 20, has Ameriglo Night Sights and a Lone Wolf stainless barrel. I went to an upgraded barrel for better chamber support but can include original barrel if I can find it. Can also include an IWB holster. It’s a great package, but I recently got a Glock 29, so I’d like the extra velocity of the longer barrel. Also, I could press the 20 into a CCW role, but no longer need that option as I’ve got the 29.
  8. Burris 8-40x50 , $800 cash or postal money order. Buyer pays shipping or can do a FTF in Hermitage-Mt. Juliet area. I would consider trade for quality optics in the 4-16 or 6-18 range.
  9. proarc

    PVS 30

    This is one of the Knight industries refurbished PVS 30s. Originally sold for over $10,000. Zero blems in the tube, will handle scope magnification up to 12 to 14 X. Clamps on to any Picatinny rail with no shift in your zero. Rated up to 50 Cal recoil. This is an ITAR controlled item. 5500$
  10. I have a complete night vision set up to include a large/extra large Ops Core fast base jump helmet. It has 4D pads. Norotos mount. Also includes a administrative white and IR rail mounted light. A counterweight pouch that holds batteries and lead weight. The PVS 14 is a Omni 7 GEN 3 green phosphorus tube with no identifiable blems. The PVS was purchased from night combat solutions and has approximately 75 hours worth of use. No marks, scratch or defects. I used this set up mainly for walking trails at night or driving the four wheeler with all the lights blacked out. PVS fits in a padded pouch that stores in the helmet for protection. Adapter for dove tail mount included. 2900 Greg Proarcaviationgmail.com please use email for best comms
  11. Looking for Large Rifle and Large Rifle Magnum primers. CCI and Federal preferred. Have the following to trade for it, all factory new from 2021. Or can pay cash CCI Small Pistol CCI Small Rifle CCI Small Rifle Magnum Titegroup powder CFE 223 powder AR Comp powder Varget powder Retumbo powder IMR 8208 powder H4350 powder H4895 powder 9mm FMJ 124gr projectiles 9mm Hi-Tek coated 124gr projectiles 223 M193 55gr projectiles
  12. I've got a bunch of ammo in the above-mentioned calibers and looking to trade or buy some shotgun ammo or reloading components. I need 28ga shells in 7.5, 8 or 9. I could also use a case or two of 20ga target loads as well. Also, looking for Win 209 primers and shot along with Alliant 20/28 powder. Let me know if you want to do any horse trading!
  13. Essentially brand new, purchased in the spring of this year. Has a box of aluminum case federal through it, no more, no less. Unverifiable but I try to be honest when selling things. As you can see from the pictures, no idiot scratch, and the hammer/channel/firing pin indicate very, very little wear. Asking $1,200 obo Only interested in the following trades: Taylor’s QuickDraw .357 carbine Ruger 77/357 Ruger Mini 30 CZ 527 7.62x39 w/ Iron Sights Browning BL-22 Side loading, case hardened, octagon barrel Henry in .357 Pre lock S&W mod 586 or 686 with a 4” or longer barrel An 1873 .357 revolver, preferably Uberti/Taylors Plus a certain amount of cash, depending. This turned into a bit of a wishlist.
  14. Norinco sks, all matching #, rifles shoots flawlessly, comes with around 450 +/- rounds of ammo, bayo sags a little, stocks not banged up, has 2 small chips in it where bayo is as shown in pics, rifle has no rust, will entertain any trades but mainly interested in other milsurps, thank you for your time and God bless
  15. 10.5” PSA new never fired complete factory build AR15 pistol in 556 with Shockwave stock, PM hand guard, Mbus rear. Prefer to sell but willing to look at trades. Must meet in Nolensville and sign Bill of Sale and have current Tn license. Trades considered: Glocks, Sigs, 1911’s
  16. Looking to sale or trade my Christensen Arms Ranger 22. It is a joy to shoot. Christensen Arms guarantees this rifle will shoot sub-moa at 50 yards. Comes with a match grade Trigger Tech® Rem 700 Trigger. It is chambered for .22lr with an 18" barrel, and weighs in 5.1lbs. The barrel(which is Christensen's arms own tensioned carbon fiber barrel) comes threaded 1/2x28mm for installing your favorite .22lr muzzle accessory. The scope is a Vortex Sonora 4-12x44 Dead-Hold BDC Reticle, mounted with Vortex 1-inch pro series low height scope rings. This rifle takes Ruger 10/22 magazines, and comes with one 10-round rotary Factory Ruger magazine. Full details in link below. I am the original buyer of this rifle, and have shot a few hundred rounds through it, mostly suppressed. Comes with factory box, with riflescope box/rings box. Excellent condition with only some minor anodizing loss on the right edge of top rail from installing the scope rings(my bad), and a V-shape scratch below the 22lr chambered marking on the barrel. Cash price is $900. Trade for BCM/LMT .223/5.56 Complete pistol length upper(11.5 preferably). Aero Precision .223/5.56 Complete Pistol length upper(10.5", 11.5") Located in Fayetteville, TN. I live in TN but work nightshift in Birmingham, AL. Available to meet tonight/Tuesday night and sometime next week hopefully. https://christensenarms.com/ranger-22/
  17. Want to trade for anything in.44 magnum. I got rid of my .44 and miss having a large magnum. I value this gun around $900. Has Midwest industries hand guard, Magpul grip, and a folding brace. Takes Glock mags. Fits great in a backpack, even small briefcase if the barrel is detached. Comes with 33 round mag and Sig Romeo 5.
  18. Selling my nice factory FM-9 AR pistol with side folding brace. I have added a magpul pistol grip, a three lug adapter (barrel is threaded), pic rail for a light, a gas reducing charging handle by PRI. Has been 100% reliable for me, I am reducing the herd. With ammo the way it is I have maybe 200 rounds thru it max. Super handy factory build 9mm AR pistol. Includes 1x33 round glock mag and original box & manual. Will meet in Clarksville or North Nashville area. Buyer must meet all TN and federal requirements to legally buy a pistol, produce ID, and sign a bill of sale. I will do same. $650 Would consider in trade a Beretta 92x Compact.
  19. I have 400 rounds of 20ga ammo and no 20 ga shotgun. All is dove/skeet loads between 7.5 and 8. 100 rounds are heavy load (1oz) and 300 are standard loads (7/8oz) looking to trade for 12 ga or 9mm ammo.
  20. I bought this brand new almost 4 years ago. I put in the safe thinking I was going to use it for hunting. I just can't seem to give up my levers or bolt guns. So this is up for sale. Comes with everything it did originally as seen in the pics. I am looking to sell or trade. Types of trades I am looking for are older Marlin lever guns, Freedom Arms 83 or 97 with 5.5" or 4.75" barrel in either .45 Colt or .44 Mag, older Sako rifles etc. $1,400
  21. Looking for 43x mos or 48 mos in good shape. Will trade gen 5 G17, or cash. Let me know what you have!
  22. So, I was cleaning things out and came across a bunch of magazines for rifles I no longer have (except for the ak, I got different ones). Then after even more digging, I found a bunch of #### I bought years ago and forgot I even had. So, time for a clean out. AK 74 mags. Six are tapco and two are from bulgaria. All are composite. Seven are 30 rounders and one is a 40 rounder. Asking $11 each for the 30's and $14 each for the two bulgarian and one 40. HK G3 and PTR 91 mags. Yeah, I sold my PTR and CETMET. Why? Because I wanted to consolidate parts and calibers. $15 each. Three are PTR mags and two are older German HK mags. Saiga 12 mags. Two ten round mags for a saiga 12 I wish I didnt sell. Oh well. Asking $17 each Sig P226 Mag. Somehow, I still have a P226 mag for a sig I was super happy to get and hated it at the range. $12 bucks. Forgot to add, this is for .40 James Madison AR-10 80% polymer lower and jig. Had this for years and forgot I even had it. I never got a drill press like I planned, so someone needs to make an actual rifle out of it. $80. Sold PSA AR 15 lower built kit. So, I ordered a new lower kit last week, turns out, I had one this whole damn time. So, yeah.... I need to get more organized. $120 (I really feel like an idiot now for forgetting I had a whole kit) Sold Shockwave brace gen 1. Forgot I even had this. For a pistol I built years ago. All you really need is a buffer spring $30 May trade for something, I dunno, Star Wars legos or something.


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