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  1. I know some of you could care less where your guns are made; but many of us do; this discussion is for those members. Buy American, Hire American, America First. More and more we see guns in the bottom feeder category that are American Made. Lets face it, until the last few years the only decent American Made gun that is low cost and wasn’t (arguably) junk was the Hi Point. We have come a long way. The thread about the Stoger and the Canik (both made in Turkey) being under $300 made me think that we have better options for less money; even American Made options. So if you like to buy cheap guns, and want to buy American; now is a good time. Even prices on some of the top quality, best sellers in the Industry have dropped. The SCCY CPX we routinely see selling below $200. It’s currently made in Florida with the company in the process of moving to Tennessee. And it gets good reviews Kel-Tec PF-9 right at $200 and the P-11 just over, and made here. Diamondback at just over $200. New models like the Remington R51 (brought back after a bad start) at just over $200 and the Mossberg MC1SC at around $300; we shall see. Ruger EC9 at around $250 and Security 9 and SR9 at $300. MOSSBERG MC1SC at $300; we shall see. All the Highpoints at around $175. They have a big following… bless their heart. And even Smith & Wesson Shields at $250 and Full Size models dropping below $300!! Proven performers.
  2. Something that I discovered recently was that, surprisingly despite the smaller size of my hands, the Glock 19 platform that I had carried religiously for nearly 20 years really wasn't the best platform for me. Shocker! What I discovered was that the longer grip length of the Glock 17 not only put the grip's palm swell/hump in a location that fit my hand better, but I also benefited from using the the medium back strap as it gave me more surface area to get my support hand onto. More support hand on the grip itself and not overlapping my dominant hand fingers means more actual contact with the gun and therefore better recoil management, less muzzle rise, and faster split times. My world had basically been turned on its ear. While I still wasn't a fan of the additional length of the 17 for IWB carry, especially with a compensator hanging off the end of it, the Glock model 45 suddenly made a heck of a lot more sense to me than it ever had previously. Consequently, I've started to part ways with most of my Glock 19s and have picked up two G45s as their replacement. The added bonus of course is that the G45's slide is the same length as the G19's, so all of my holsters work just fine with them. This gun is my "pimped out" carry rig for when I'm feeling a little extra sassy and don't mind a little extra bulk on me. I sent the slide off to DP Custom Works and had Doug mill it for an RMR and mill the front top of the slide with extra cocking serrations to make press-checks a little easier. While he had the slide, he re-finished it in a tough black nitride, which looks fantastic and isn't as slick as the factory Gen 5 black nDLC. I added a ZEV Gen 5 curved trigger with their tuned ZEV Pro connector, ZEV suppressor height sights, a Crux Ordnance oversized mag release, a Silencerco threaded barrel, a Parker Mountain Machine comp, and hung one of my 1,000 lumen Surefire X300-UB lights off of it. The whole thing rides very easily in a Squared Away Customs "FOXTROT" outside the waistband holster or a Legacy Firearms Company light-bearing CRONUS inside the waistband holster. As for how it shoots, I've got the dot set for a 10-yard zero and stacking rounds in a cloverleaf within a 1-inch circle at that distance isn't a difficult task for me. ** Edited to Add: These photos were taken with an Agency trigger installed, before I swapped it out for the Zev curved trigger to keep things consistent across all of my Glocks **
  3. Anybody have one of these? What do you think is a decent price on one ? Looks to be excellent condition.


    Friend sent me this Review of a TAURUS G3. Looks good, but I don't have a NEED at this time, not much into that size gun for carry and not into 9MM for target shooting (AMMO costs too much - ues 22 for targets). Maybe be a want, not need someday. LOL There is a great deal of similarity in the inner workings of the Millennium G2 (my gun), the G2C, and this G3. https://www.full30.com/watch/MDIyNjM4/taurus-g3-pistol-review-taking-it-to-another-level
  5. I'm considering a CMMG banshee but after calling them I was told they mostly build to order so it's unlikely I can find one in a store. I'm hoping someone might have one they would be willing to let me try out. I really hate to buy another weapon without at least laying hands on it first. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Joe
  6. This is pretty cool. I don’t shoot competitively anymore, so I can’t justify the cost of one of these, but to me they are an excellent example of the shift in gun making. There is very little old school conventional “Gunsmithing” going on at Ed Brown. But there is a lot of high performance, high accuracy machining by quality Machinists, Programmers, and QA inspectors. I’ve spent my life in manufacturing. I’ve heard it all like “Things aren’t made as good as in the old days”, something must be right because “It is CNC machined” or something is special because it was “Designed in CAD”. I just smile when I see these kinds of statements. Truth is, we have far surpassed any that could be done quality wise in “the old days”. Unless someone is doing “One off” protype work or working in their garage; most everything is “CNC Machined”. And everything is “Designed in CAD”. Does that mean everything today is better than it was in the past? Absolutely not. These technologies still rely on the Machinists and the programmers (many times the same person) using them. CNC machines can make junk, and they can make it fast. These CNC machines only do what they programmer tells them to do. If he programs the part wrong; the machine will make it wrong. CNC machines are high drama. They require Machinists and Programmers that are on top of every little detail, every single minute. They require inspectors that are checking all critical dimensions, all the time. If you have high accuracy, quality machines, and you have the best Machinists and Programmers. You can make extremely accurate parts that don’t require any hand fitting; they fit together to extremely tight tolerances and work every time. In 1992 Ed Brown quit gunsmithing and went strictly design and manufacture. He retired at 65 and turned the business over to his family. With what he put in place; it can carry on. So, what does this mean to you? Well, it means you can buy a high-quality competition for gun for $2K instead of 10K. It also means if you need a replacement part, it can be shipped to you and dropped in without requiring a gunsmith. Sorry for the trip down memory lane, this isn't something new, but when I saw this; I saw a good example of a positive change with people involved that are dedicated to quality. I don’t own one of these guns, but I’d sure like to; I bet they are really something. Why doesn’t Smith & Wesson or Glock or anyone else do this? Because then they can’t sell their guns for $300-$400. But change is happening on a daily basis; someday they will. https://www.edbrown.com/fueled-series/
  7. Supposed to be available soon, MSRP $39.99. Steel aftermarket mag.
  8. I saw someone mention an 80% revolver on another forum. Anyone ever heard of something that resembles This? Of course they had no links or detailed info on it.
  9. I was about to get the IWI Masada which still seems great and all. It hasn't failed on any reviews. My OCD got me to thinking about if the removable "chassis" would wobble around inside the frame after several rounds and wear and tear and cause things to get out of specifications which would result in things not lining up for feeding and ejecting. So I got to thinking that I could just spend a little more money and get my dream gun the Jericho 941. So I did. She is all steel , heavy and built like a tank and should last me and my son's lifetime. It reminds me of the Ruger P-Series that were heavy and WAY OVERBUILT which is what I like. The barrel is chomoly vanadium like AR15 barrels. Very heavy compared to polymer guns but sweet. I don't know why I waited this long to get it. Frame mounted safety like a 1911 and ability to carry "cocked and locked". Hope you guys like the pictures. I'm going to give her a bath in Ballistol in a day or two before I shoot her.
  10. Have lifetime CHL but will be moving to another state for a lengthy period of time. Do I need to maintain residence in TN for the permit to remain valid? Or is it still good when I come back (possibly years)? thank you
  11. Received EMAIL from TAURUS on their new (I assume new) holsters. I don't know much about holsters as I don't own any, but these seem reasonably priced ($39) and look of quality (plus made in USA). Just thought I would pass on the link. They are for particular model of TAURUS handguns. https://www.shoptaurus.com/holsters BTW, I post a lot of info about TAURUS (including problems I had with the Spectrum, OK Now, and the Heritage cosmetic problem). I am a fan of reasonable priced and seemingly decent guns (own a Millennium G2, Spectrum 380, and a TX22, Heritage Rough Rider). I have NO FINANCIAL Interest in TAURUS.
  12. SA takes a shot across Sig's bow. 2 years later A huge 1 round increase in base mag capacity, but with an RDS variant available. https://www.springfield-armory.com/hellcat-features/ Some folks avoid SA due to their moves a couple years back, wonder if this will matter for them. One thing seems clear, if you own one of the new Dodge same name cars....here you go.
  13. Capbyrd

    CZ P10c

    My CZ family grew. I really like this one.
  14. Hey guys I’m looking to buy my first handgun. It’s for self defense and range purposes. I’ve gone to the range several times and I tried quite a few out. The Glock 19 (gen 5), Glock 17 Gen 4, Canik TP9sf (also an elite), and a M&P9 Gen 1. The only one left that I wanted to try is a Springfield XD-M. Fortunately, these are all around the same price range too. Any suggestions from owners of these guns?
  15. A buddy and I went to the range this weekend and shot his Shield 45 for a while. He has had trigger problems before and it has been back to Smith twice to fix this same issue. Was hoping yall might be able to tell me your thoughts. What do you think is causing the trigger to pause before it resets? Its a little hard to see in the video but the trigger hangs every single time. My finger is at the front of the trigger guard nearly every time before the trigger moves.
  16. I recently purchased a RIA Ultra 1911and have put 450 rounds through it to get it broke in. For the most part, the gun hasn't had any issues. There have been about 3 times where the gun seemed to go out of battery I think. The gun would fire and eject a round but once a new round was chambered, the gun would not fire. There was a round in the chamber and the hammer cocked back but it would not fire. The first 2 times I simply racked the slide to eject the round and put it back in the magazine and continued shooting. Today while shooting I had the same thing happen except that racking the slide would not extract the live round. I locked the slide back and used a cleaning rod to push the round out of the chamber and clear the gun. I wonder if I need to have a gunsmith do some work on it or hope that the issue resolves itself. Today I also had a round nosedive into the chamber and get stuck. I was using 200 grain Gold Dots. The first 400 rounds I have fed the gun have been 230 grain FMJs. I wanted to run some JHPs through it also to see how it handles them. I've read that I may need to get the feed ramp polished to help with that issue. Overall, the gun has been a joy to shoot and I haven't had many issues with the gun. I look forward to shooting it whenever I can. Being my first .45, the recoil isn't as bad as I thought. It's not any worse than my .40 Glock. The heavy frame helps absorb most of the kick. I just hope I can get the bugs worked out because I would like to carry the Rock as a EDC when desired. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas as to what I may need to do? Thanks.
  17. Anyone interested in seeing/holding a I,W.I. Masada pistol, Tennessee Gun Country in Clarksville has one in their case. New pistol, nice trigger, similar to most mid size striker fired pistols.
  18. Chris716

    SIG P220 SSE?

    Anyone know of any stores in the state with any new or used SIG P220 Stainless Elite (Carry) models in stock?
  19. Ruger SR22... love it.
  20. So…I was thinking about .22LR Semi-Auto Rimfire target gun. (I already have a 617 Revolver). I’m a Smith & Wesson Fanboy so I thought I would try a Victory. But the barrel isn’t long enough, I thought they would have a longer version out by know, but it hasn’t happened. They also seem to be having a lot of feeding problems posted on the S&W forums I use. So, I started looking at others. The models I am comparing are the Smith & Wesson SW22 VICTORY Model: 10201, Browning Buck Mark Contour Model: 051508490, Ruger MARK IV COMPETITION Model: 40112, Smith & Wesson MODEL 41, Model: 130512 Let’s go ahead and kick the S&W Model 41 out of the running. I included it because it is the gun that owns this class. Hands down, I would love to have it; but I’m not putting over a grand in a rimfire. I’m not happy with reports I see on the Victory; but you know how that goes. You mainly hear from the people with problems, and I can find those for most of these guns if that’s what I’m looking for. I also don’t like that they don’t have a longer barrel version. The Ruger and the Browning look the best. They both have great reviews. The Browning is $100 less, I would assume that’s because it has an is aluminum receiver?? I’d be curious to know if anyone knows the accuracy difference between these two? I don’t care about suppressors and probably will never buy one unless the laws change. But I chose the threaded barrel on the Victory simply because it was an option. It isn’t an option on the others; and that’s fine, it’s not a deciding factor. What do you guys think of these? Should I be looking at others? Let’s discuss. And lets please keep this to semi-auto target rimfires; not rimfire copies of our Tupperware carry guns; that will be another thread. ************************************* Browning Buck Mark Contour Stainless URX, 7 1/4 (Barrel is Satinless, Receiver is Aluminum) Model: 051508490, Stainless, MSRP: $589.99, Barrel:7.25", Weight: 39 OZ, Height: unk, Length: 11.3", Width unk, Sight Rear: Pro-Target, Sight front: Pro-Target, Cap:10 https://www.browning.com/products/firearms/pistols/buck-mark-pistols/current-production/buck-mark-contour-stainless-urx-7.html Street: https://grabagun.com/browning-35206309.html $485 https://www.budsgunshop.com/product_info.php/products_id/98379/browning+bm+cntr+stainless+22+725+urx $520 Ruger MARK IV™ COMPETITION, Model: 40112, Stainless, MSRP: $749, Barrel:6.88", Weight: 45.8 OZ, Height: 5.50", Length: 11.12", Width 1.75" Sight Rear: Adjustable, Sight front: Fixed, Cap:10 https://www.ruger.com/products/markIVCompetition/specSheets/40112.html Street: https://grabagun.com/ruger-mkiv-competition-22lr-6-88-ss.html $589 https://www.budsgunshop.com/product_info.php/products_id/34252/ruger+mark+iv+competition+22+lr $613 Smith & Wesson SW22 VICTORY THREADED BARREL, Model: 10201, Stainless, MSRP $429, Barrel: 5.5", Weight 36.0 OZ,Height: unk, Length: 9.2", Width unk, Sight Rear: Adjustable Fiber Optic, Sight front: Green Fiber Optic, Cap:10 https://www.smith-wesson.com/firearms/sw22-victory-threaded-barrel Street: https://grabagun.com/smith-and-wesson-sw22-victory-22lr-5-5-thread.html $329 https://www.budsgunshop.com/product_info.php/products_id/5681/smith+%26+wesson+10201+victory+22+lr++55+10r+threaded+barrel+stainless+steel $324 Smith & Wesson MODEL 41, Model: 130512, Carbon Steel Blue, MSRP: $1369, Barrel:7", Weight: 44.8 OZ, Height: unk, Length: 12", Width unk Sight Rear: Adjustable, Sight front: Patridge, Cap:10 https://www.smith-wesson.com/firearms/model-41-0 Street: https://grabagun.com/s-w-41-7-22lr-blue.html $1119 (Out of Stock) https://www.budsgunshop.com/product_info.php/products_id/26195/s%26w+m41+10%2b1+22+lr++7" $1193 (Out of Stock) Beretta 87 Target, Model: J87T010, Frame: Aluminum Alloy black, Slide: Blue, MSRP: $1050, Barrel:5.9", Weight: 41 OZ, Height: 5.3, Length: 8.8", Width: 1.1", Sight Rear: Adjustable Target, Sight front: Interchangeable, Cap:10 http://www.beretta.com/en/87-target/ Street: https://grabagun.com/beretta-87-22lr-5-9-bl-2-10rd.html $928 https://www.budsgunshop.com/product_info.php/products_id/25754/Firearms/Handguns/Beretta/Beretta+87+Target+22+LR+5.9+Adj.+Sights+10+1
  21. Steelharp

    Steyr M9A1

    Got one in, interesting piece. Really low bore axis, different sights. Any experience with them?
  22. .....carry in a S&W Airweight snubnose? Can't be +P. Thanks for any recommendations.

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