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Found 10 results

  1. Hello guys, I know this gun (H&K usp .357 sig) is hard to find but I'm sure someone is selling one somewhere. Please is anyone is selling one or if you know somewhere I can go to find one I would love some advice. I was reading that a member named Creepy was selling his a couple yrs back I wonder if he ever got rid of it? Again some help would be greatly appreciated thanks guys!!
  2. Damethedude

    Changing the minds of the masses!!

    How can we convince major gun companies that the .357 sig is not a dying caliber and is an amazing round that is in a league of it's own when compared to other stout rounds, also convince more major gun manufacturers to start producing the gun again in multiple variations to appease their loyal gun community. THESE GUNS WILL SALE!!!JUST MAKE EM ALREADY!
  3. Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Compact 9mm I have owned a variety of M&P semi-autos since they started producing them back in 2005. I bought my first M&P, a full-size .40SW, from Guns & Leather 12 years ago when the pistol first came out and quickly followed it with an M&P 40c and then several other versions joined them over the years. The 40c and the 9c were never really a favorite of mine as they seemed to suffer from the same things that the Glock 26 and 27 sub-compacts did. Namely, they weren't small enough to really be a pocket gun but they weren't large enough to be very versatile either. Just like with Glock, if I was going to carry a double-stack 9mm, I was going to go for the Glock 19 instead of the 26 and with the M&P it meant the full-size 9mm. The M&P Shield was a huge step in the right direction for Smith & Wesson for those who wanted a slim 9mm for deep concealment. It also really put the spotlight on the fact that the 9c was, in my opinion at least, really not good enough at any one thing to make it a compelling option. If only S&W would just listen to their customers and build something exactly the same size as the Glock 19/23. We just wanted them to give us 15rds of 9mm in a package slightly shorter in the slide and grip than the full-size. Apparently someone at S&W has finally listened. The new M2.0 Compact scratches all of the itches in all the right ways. It is as if Smith and Wesson's lawyers finally relaxed and gave the engineers the green light to go ahead and build a better Glock 19 than Glock does. And boy did they get it right. And they kind of snuck it in on everyone. The M2.0 Compact version really doesn't seem to have received the fanfare or enjoyed the publicity blitz that its full size brother did. The release wasn't timed to coincide with any of the major industry shows. The internet wasn't ablaze with rumors of the new gun until it had essentially been announced by S&W. I only saw the "leaked" promotional slick for the new gun maybe 48 hours before the company published it officially. And yet the paradox seems to be that the lack of hoopla over the gun is significantly the inverse of just how good it is. The new M&P Compact no longer occupies a weirdly confusing spot in Smith & Wesson's lineup. It no longer tries to follow in the equally awkward footsteps of the Glock 26/27 platform. Instead, it has taken the Glock 19/23 platform squarely in its sights and blown the center out of that target with a better option. The new Compact gives a platform that is perfect for concealed carry, with superior ergonomics, a better feel and a sexier look than its Austrian competitor. And, just as the Glock 19/23 will fit into a holster made for the larger 17/22, the new M2.0 compact fits even better into holsters made for the larger M&P full-size. Carrying the M2.0 Compact in a TT Gunleather "Mike's Special" leather inside the waistband holster made for my M&P 9mm Full-size yields an extremely comfortable and potent concealment package. The shorter Compact fits the longer gun's holster as if it were made for it. The slide is only 1/4" shorter at the muzzle but otherwise identical in dimension to the larger gun. The trigger guard is exactly the same size. The grip is of course shorter in length at the cost of giving up two rounds of 9mm, but 15 rounds is hardly inadequate and the shorter grip deftly avoids printing against a t-shirt when concealed. So, how does it shoot? It was no problem at all to keep the first two magazines (30 rounds) that I ever fired from the gun inside the head kill zone of a man-sized target at 15 yards. The pace of fire was slower at first but I quickly ramped up the speed to my normal cadence for defensive shooting (2-3 rounds in rapid succession) with only marginal widening of the pattern. I found the trigger's break to be crisp and predictable. I haven't measured the pull yet with my Lyman gauge but i expect that it is somewhere between 4.5lbs and 5.5lbs based on the way it felt. I haven't bothered to check to see what S&W specs it at despite the ease of finding such information with Google. The trigger reset is no more exciting than any other M&P that I have ever owned. For those who like the extremely tactile reset of the Glock pistols, you won't find the M2.0's reset to be quite as audible or authoritative. It's a little on the limp and soggy side, but I've never found that to be a bother or to hamper my ability to shoot the M&P platform quickly and reliably. I tend to subscribe to Rob Latham's philosophy that if you "ride" the trigger you will find it hard to pick up an unfamiliar gun and cycle it reliably. As a result I've spent the past 20 years learning to keep my grip firm and sight-picture correct rather than relying on riding the trigger's reset to keep my groups small. Your mileage might vary and the soft reset may drive you nuts, but Apex Tactical Specialities has all of the trigger and ignition parts you need to make your M&P feel a little more Glock-like if that is what you are after. Another thing that I noticed with the M2.0 Compact is that, with mine at least, the slide lock seems to have been improved by S&W so that lefties can finally release it with their dominant hand's thumb and not pull a hernia in the process. I am not a lefty so I am at a disadvantage any time I try to do lefty-things, but the slide lock lever is no trouble for me to manipulate with my thumb left-handed. My hands are built like that of an ogre with shorter, stronger fingers, but I still think that almost any lefty will be able to release the slide with the lock lever and that it will only get easier as the gun breaks in. Final thoughts... None of us ever buy a handgun with the idea in mind that we are going to publicly tell the world how big of a mistake we made. I have read many glowing reviews of handguns only to follow up with the author's writings later to see that they had parted way with that new wunderpistol once the honeymoon was over. I guess it is just human nature to want everyone else to think that we always make good choices and aren't careless with our money. That being said, I have bought some real turds over the years. I have spent money on guns that were nowhere near as good as the magazine pundits or YouTube pimps said that they were. I've taken new guns to the range and immediately knew that I had made a serious mistake, and already had an idea of how I was going to sell them before I ever got through the second magazine of ammo. HOWEVER. This isn't one of them. Hands down, the M&P M2.0 Compact is a winner. It's riding my hip right now in that TT Gunleather IWB holster. It is replacing my Glock 19 for daily carry. It is going to cause a lot of other guns in my library to spend lonely days in the safe. It is really that good. I found it to be incredibly accurate and flat shooting. The size is perfect. The texture on the grip is perfect. The trigger feels just fine to me. The only thing I changed, and I did it immediately as I do with almost every handgun for which they are made, was to install a set of Ameriglo Pro i-Dot sights with orange outlined tritium front dot and simplistic black rear sight. In this case, the rear has the U-shaped notch that I prefer and a single dimmed tritium dot. Perhaps the most powerful statement that I can make about the new Compact is that I will be buying at least one more of them to have as a backup. And I am probably going to sell some other guns that I won't be shooting anymore.
  4. I'm interested in the performance of the Taurus Raging Hornet in 22 Hornet at 100 yards. Also, wondering how it's performance will match up to the TC Contender 10" barrel...as the Raging Hornet is also a 10" barrel. I'm full of questions and this one will open the flood gates! What are all of your "opinions" on the Raging Hornet as a hunting handgun? Would love to hear some hunting stories with the Raging Hornet. Think it will take a coyote at 100 yards with good shot placement? Hand-loading should add to the versatility of the gun, like any other. Appreciate all information on this interesting handgun.
  5. Hey guys, just wondering if there is any one in the Murfreesboro area that does stippling on a Glock 19 gen 4 also want the trigger guard undercut. Also reviews are appreciated. Thanks and have a happy new year.
  6. Verne

    Tork Mag G Block

    Earlier this year, like so many others, I saw a deal on a PSA 9mms upper listed for their dedicated lowers. After research it appeared it would work on a standard mil-spec lower. So I ordered one to find out for sure. To confirm it will pin to and work on a standard lower. So then started the hunt for a magwell block for my SBR. After some searching I can across a video from this years Shot Show about a magwell block that would accept Glock mags. So I got on their pre-order list and Tuesday my York Mag G Block was delivered. http://torkmag.com/g-block.html It seems to be well made. Plastic with a metal ejector. It is a two piece design that uses a set screw to hold it in place. One in the front of the mag well and one at the rear. Installation was simple enough and instructions clear. Yesterday I was able to put 50 rounds through it with out a problem. I used three different mags. Two17 round mags and one 33 round mag. Now for the lone photo I took.
  7. EBYII


    Carry permit initially denied today. I suspect that a 40 year old charge for felonious assault that is on my background check that was dismissed by the state without prejudice. I just checked the online site and found the denial. This is the only thing on my record except for a bad check charge in 1977. I plan to appeal if this was the reason for denial. Does the state offer the reason for denial in the letter they send? I suspect that they should.
  8. Took urban rifle one at royal range this weekend. One of our members was one of the instructors both instructors were extremely knowledgeable and done a great job answering questions and helping out any way they could. The class itself was a good mix of class room and range time. Most of the class room time was spent on rifle familiarization, reloading techniques, and malfunction clearing. Range time consisted of multiple drills from 25 yards and closer. I was definitely humbled and learned real quick what I needed to work on. Looking forward to get in urban rifle 2 and some of the shooting on the move classes they offer.
  9. Off the bat, I'm NOT posting this as a "gun reviewer/blogger". If you spend the time to read this, that will become obvious. I just had a hard time finding any info on the Sig 290rs when I was considering this purchase. My intent here is to share some basic thoughts and information in case someone else might be considering this as a carry gun. Last month, I started looking for a single stack 9mm. I started out with the normal players in this field; Shield, XDS, LC9, Glock and CM9. All good, solid guns but I wasn't totally satisfied. I really wanted something smaller. I wanted to be able to pocket the gun as a absolute last resort but I still wanted something I could shoot 200 rounds at a time without any discomfort. This lead me to the Sig 290rs. I was able to find one of these "used" locally and decided to give it a try. This "used" gun had been fired appropriately ten times. So, i treated it as a new gun and cleaned it up good before my first trip out. On the initial range trip, I had a few issues. The gun was VERY tight as was the magazine. Nearing the end of my range session, I realized I wasn't properly seating the top round in the magazine. You almost have to make a concentrated effort to push the round all the way back. Hard to describe but the failures seemed to stop. I would chalk this to user error, new mag springs and a 10 degree outdoor temperature. So, 100 rounds in, 4-5 failures. Not sold at this point. Trip two; 55 degrees. 250 rounds and no failures what so ever. The gun ran much smother. I finally figured out the trigger and started getting pretty decent groups. The best trigger comparison I can make would be that of a Smith 642. Long but predictable. This is the only real negative I have on the gun now. It's a steep learning curve but worth it. Factory SIG night sights are a real selling point in this segment. One thing to note, this gun is heavy! I feel like it weighs almost the same as my FNS9c which is my primary carry. Although this maybe a negative for some, I like the extra heft. It allows for a really soft shooting 9mm. Capacity is 6+1 which I think is adequate for the scope of use. The gun ships with a extended magazine which I am yet to takeout of the box; It defeats my purpose for the gun. The factory grips are very aggressive or my hands are overly sensitive. Talon grips solved this problem. I would recommend spending $15 on the grips to save you skin and shirts. I've posted some pictures below. Comparison is with a FNS9c. The FNS9c fits right in between a Glock 19 and a Glock 26. Barrel length of the G19 with a handle slightly larger than a G26. I think the size of this gun was a good match for me The gun shoots much better than I do so I omitted the target pictures. After a disappointing first run, it appears the SIG has redeemed itself and I've found my new summer/deep concealment carry gun.

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