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  1. As I PM'ed with several revolver aficionados who responded to my Ruger trade post, I realized some people might enjoy a peek at one of the focuses of my collecting: S&W revolvers. Pictured here are from top down are: 1979 Model 629 8-3/8" with a pinned barrel and counterbored cylinder 1983 629-1 4" 1976 Model 29-2 8-3/8" with a pinned barrel and counterbored cylinder 1982 29-3 4" All are "3T" Target Triggers/Hammers/Sights. Both pairs represent the jump in engineering changes from pinned barrels to threaded, and dropping the machining complexity of counterbored cylinders which results in a larger gap to the frame behind the cylinder, in order to clear the protruding cartridge rims. The long barrels are somewhat softer shooting, but the short barrels are more pointable. All require a recitation of the words "do you feel lucky, punk?" after closing the cylinder. I hope some enjoy the peek in the safe.
  2. jeff43

    I did it

    Found a new Wrangler at a great price.Been looking for a birds heads grip,like the way they look withe the grip and shorter barrel.
  3. You might say I am well taken by the Super Blackhawk: The brass framed gun is one that I made my best field shot, taking a ground hog with a head shot at 110 yards. Bob Wright
  4. My first handgun was a .45 Colt New Service, and I've had a lot of respect for that caliber ever since. Here, some of my .45s: The .45 Colt round has been around a long, long time. I believe the first cartridges were made by the old Union Metallic Cartridge Co. for Army trials. Soon Frankford Arsenal began production of the .45 Colt round. These were inside primed, copper cased cartridges: Though the .45 Colt round didn't last too long with the Army, as the Army adopted the shorter .45 S&W round shortly after. But the old round was, sort of, resurrected some years later for the Colt New Service M-1909 revolver: Old as it is, the old .45 keeps on truckin'. Bob Wright
  5. I got word in church yesterday that a pawn shop had an exquisite Ruger Blackhawk, 7 1/2" .45 Colt, Three Screw. I went to check on it this morning, and it is indeed a beauty! The gun looks as if it had never been fired. There are no handling marks to be seen, and NO CONVERSION PARTS! I examined the gun fairly closely. Asking price was $600 + Tennessee sales tax and background check, bringing the price to $655. I had to walk away. For $550 or $600 out the door, maybe, but $655 is firm price. Any collector interested, the shop is AA Pawn Shop on Austin Peay in Memphis. Bob Wright
  6. I bought this Cimarron/Uberti Open Top Navy .38 Special/Colt back in January of this year. I loaded up some mild .38 Special rounds, about as much steam as a .22 L.R., and this has proved to be one pleasant gun to shoot: Most of my guns for many years were heavy loaded, fire breathin' magnums or potent .44 Specials. Age has sort of mellowed me a bit, and this gun is, as I often put it, "a reloadable .22 R.F." The sights are terrible, and I had to use judicious use of a file to get on target with the gun. Two unexpected features: The barrel stub directs the flash forward and upward, so the gun, and my hand, stay cleaner without getting crud on the cylinder. And its the only revolver I have that allows cleaning the bore from the breech end. Wouldn't mind having a .44 Special like it. Bob Wright
  7. ...................that I like Single Actions? And especially Single Actions fitted with stag grips? Left to Wright: Ruger Blackhawk (ex-Bisley) .45 Colt; Ruger Blackhawk, .45 Colt; Ruger Blackhawk Flt Top, .44 Special, and two Colt New Frontiers, .45 Colt. The grips on the .44 Special came from a Ruger .45 Colt New Vaquero that I found in a gun shop here in Memphis. I took the grips off and replaced them with stock grips, then bought the Flat Top for these grips. Note that these grips fit only the new XR-3 style grip frame, such as on the New Vaquero. Bob Wright
  8. There is a lot of palaver here, and elsewhere, about color case hardening. So here's my take on the matter: The old case coloring used on the original Ruger Vaquero was a chemical application, from what I've heard, was almost like a decal or coating. And could be easily washed off with harsh solvents. Here is my Vaquero, dating from 1996. It has had about 3,500 rounds fired through it and cleaned with Hoppe's No.9 solvent and oiled after each range session: This is my Cimarron/Uberti Model P. Not fired so heavily (yet) but cleaned in the same way. Uberti uses a hot salt bath to obtain the colorization, it is not the same process as Ruger used: Here is a Ruger Super Blackhawk color cased by Doug Turnbull. He uses a heat process with bone and/or other charcoal additives to obtain the color: This is a Colt New Frontier, which, so far as I know is truly case hardened. Case hardening alone leaves a dull gray finish (think mill files) unless additives are added to produce color. Current Single Actions from Ruger and others are made of steel hardened through and do not require case hardening, so only a color treatment is necessary on these guns. As to durability, all case hardening, regardless of method used, will fade when exposed to sunlight and wear. Which is best? The one that suits your fancy. Bob Wright
  9. The question apparently never will be settled "Can I fire .45 ACP in my .45 Colt revolver?" Now, I'm speaking of the Ruger Blackhawk, .45 Colt with auxiliary cylinder. An unaltered cylinder. So, here it goes: The .45 ACP will not work in the longer Colt chamber. Since it has no rim, it will slide down into the chamber too far for the firing pin to reach. Half moon/full moon clips? If used, the resulting thickness will be too thick for the cylinder to be inserted into the gun. So, inserting the ACP cylinder, can I use .45 Auto Rim? No. The rim thickness is too thick for the headspace of the revolver. But: Of late, I salvaged some old .45 Colt cases with mouth splits, and cut them to the same length as the .45 ACP. These work fine in my ACP cylinder, and will work in the .45 Colt cylinder. As to their working: While I call my cartridges the .45 Xtra Short, it has already been done as the .45 Special and the .45 Cowboy, and brass is available for loading. But I chose to just salvage my old .45 Colt brass. Bob Wright
  10. When I was a young tad, my Dad took me to a rodeo. It took place at the Memphis Fairgrounds, where the high school football field is now, Ken Maynard was the star of the rodeo. During intermission, Dad took me to the concession stand for a coke and hot dog. While we were there I saw a cowboy, dressed in Levi's and leather chaps, and wearing a holster and gun belt, in which he had a "red handled gun" as I remembered it. Single Action or not, I can't say, as for a few years after I was born I did not know too much about guns. But those red grips!! I determined then and there I would have a gun with "red handles." Many years apassed, but then one day, from Don Collins of Collinscraft Grips I got these: They are for a Ruger Super Blackhawk grip frame, and are vermilion wood from Africa, i think. Bob Wright
  11. I believe I have stated here abouts that I have a penchant for the Single Action revolver. I do have a few, and just recently got this one: I really wasn't looking to buy one right now, but this came up on GunBroker and I submitted a half-hearted bid. Well, my bid held and I became the proud owner of another Colt New Frontier, a 7 1/2" .45 Colt. The grips that came on the gun were not original, of course, and I believe the previous owner had one-piece grips, maybe ivory, on the gun. But I had a pair of Colt walnut grips somewhere in my parts box, so swapped them out right quick. First shooting went O.K., but the trigger pull was atrocious, so its at Keith Warner's right now for an action job. Hunting season is about to open, so don't know when I'll see it again. Bob Wright
  12. I'm a revolver man, have been for awhile. Many years ago it was illegal for dealers to sell handguns in Tennessee. Note it was not against the law to own one, just you couldn't buy one from a dealer here in Tennessee. But, then, here in Memphis, both Mississippi and Arkansas were so near, and mail order was in vogue at the time. In the fall of 1954 I sent off and bought a Colt New Service, well used, for the princely sum of $32.95! It was an old Canadian Mounties New Service, originally .455 caliber but reamed for .45 Colt. It was my first custom job, converted to .44 Special, S&W rear sight, Micro front, home made walnut stocks: That many moons ago. Bob Wright


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