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Owning two of the same gun


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Today I saw a great deal on a sp101 but, stopped myself because, I ready have one, it was exactly like the one I have, and would rather spend that on a different gun and because variety is the spice of life.

But, I know that there are people who own multiple copies of the same gun for whatever reason and I'd like to know who does and what would be the point of it.

You know besides the Hollywood reason.




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The only one I have duplicates of is my carry gun.  One gets carried every day, one gets used at the range for practice and for dry firing and another sits in safe incase one goes down etc. 

I like using a separate gun for practice and carry.  I don't have to clean the range gun after every trip and I don't have to unload and then reload the carry ammo. 

eta - I plan on  acquiring a 4th soon after learning they started making them in Germany again... I have a problem 

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I've done this with 3 different firearms. First are my Beretta 92 series just because I really like them and got an awesome deal on a Wilson Combat 92G to compliment my 92fs Centurion. I'm after the M9A3 andl an M9 or M9A1 as well. I collect the Vickers Tactical Glock 17's so I have one of each color. And lastly, I've owned a few of the FN FiveseveN pistols. I'm down to 2 of them and bought my last one because it was a good deal. I also liked it being all black with the forward cocking serrations instead of dark grey with light grey controls and it looking a little odd up front. MHO of course. Love how they shoot!

hlb14, you've got to be the only person I know that has multiples of a carry gun. My thinking would be to have one that I carry and shoot. That way I know the gun and how it shoots and the type of rounds it likes.

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I've also been toying with the idea of another Glock 19. I have an all FDE version but would like one in every color just cause. I really want a battlefield green one.  I say if you have all your firearm needs filled there is no reason to not pick up a duplicate.

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57 minutes ago, Wingshooter said:

I can't stop buying winchester 94s. They're all the same... but different.

I like to get there some day.  I would like to start with 94s, but would also like to explore other Winchester lever actions and different calibers.  I already have (2) 94s and one stray Marlin in the safe now.  I am particularly fond of carbines.

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1 hour ago, Wingshooter said:

I can't stop buying winchester 94s. They're all the same... but different.

A while back I traded some work for a 1974 '94, but then I saw a slightly newer, rougher one with a scope mount. I got it because it was a great deal (the guy swore he fired it, but the mag spring was TOTALLY missing lol). Now I can leave my nicer one is as is. I plan to use the other one when I need a brush gun.

Money aside, having multiples makes life easier. Same parts, same function, and familiarity. 

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1 hour ago, MP5_Rizzo said:

A dozen plus post and not the first mention to what maybe an excuse for multiple black rifles of which I may be guilty of.  Since you asked though, the one gun that first came to mind  for me would be Remington 1100's.

Now that you mention it... I have 3 1100s :crazy: Guess I forgot about those.


oh yeah, black rifles....

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20 hours ago, JoeCorrado said:

hlb14, you've got to be the only person I know that has multiples of a carry gun. My thinking would be to have one that I carry and shoot. That way I know the gun and how it shoots and the type of rounds it likes.

I'm with hlb14. I like multiples of carry pistols. I shoot the carry enough to exercise and force a cleaning. Run hard and put up dirty the range one.  If same model there is no difference in feel or what to feed it. Seems logical to me if you shoot more than once a month. Poops and giggle pistols can be singles. 

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There is some wisdom in having multiples and the reasons are well covered above.

But like hlb14 mentioned above, having a (trusted and proven) duplicate of your carry gun for training and practice makes sense to me.

I want another G19, but own a 17 & a 26 as well. Functional transition, magazine, ammo, and holster interchangeability and compatibility make sense to me.

I reread this thread and don't recall reading that, if, God Forbid, you are involved in a self defense shooting...your gun will more likely than not, be taken into evidence and for a long time.

Badguys have friends and family that may well wish to seek retribution. After all, you just smoked their source of income or drugs, perhaps a member of the gang they recently been jumped into, their "baby daddy" or "baby momma" ( criminals come in all shapes, sexes, and sizes). Being able to remain armed with a reliable handgun whose format you are intimately familiar with (same trigger pull, manual of arms, sights etc.) just makes sense to me.

Just food for thought and the opinion of an old fart. ;)


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