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Ringling Bros. Circus Closing

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After nearly 150 years, the time is coming when there will be no one who can say, "I've been to the circus and seen the elephants." Animal rights lawsuits and dwindling attendance are bringing down the Big Tent for good next May. Then the only three-ring circus left will be government.


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My parents took all four of us boys to the Circus when were were all in grade school at the International Ampitheater in Chicago. I took my boys when it came to Nashville and my grandchildren have all been. I think the elephants are already gone. The animals in the Circus were well better taken care of than the animals used in Hollywood but the Animal Rights Activists don't dare say a word to the Hollywood elites...................:mad:

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Went to see R.B.&B.&B.C. four or five times many years ago when they were in Chattanooga and Nashville, enjoyed each show and had no negative experiences with any of the workers or performers. Good memories. Sorry to see them closing but indicative of the rising costs, perception of how preforming animals are treated and public support.

Now as to lesser circuses and carnivals. I can't say the same. In fact I learned to dread every time a carnival or smaller circus came to the city where I was a police officer .

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11 hours ago, mikegideon said:

Well, Ringling Brothers say the biggest problem was pressure from the animal rights groups like Peta. They retired all their elephants, their biggest draw, due to that pressure.

So, here's to Peta ...


Looks like many of those kills were over bait, I mean they were killing deer under feeders. That's illegal here in Tennessee and a person could get in some big trouble. Not to mention the negative light it sheds on hunters and hunting.

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21 minutes ago, mikegideon said:

Not a tennessee video. I reckon it will piss PETA off. That was the goal

Yep.....I was just making an observation anyway and didn't mean that you did anything wrong at all. I've seen a lot of that on youtube and all over the Internet....some even worse. I have no respect for PETA at all. 

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I did some research into PETA about 12 years ago when they went after the Fishing Industry with people dressed up as fish standing on street corners when ever a Big bass tournament was in that town. I learned that 85% of the funds that were being donated to PETA was going to just 4 paid excutives and the rest went to the animals. All those folks dressed up in the different fish costumes and other animal costumes were all volunteers and got paid nothing. The year I did the research PETA had collected over 3.8 Million dollars so those 4 top exec's were making some big bucks for doing nothing except reeking havoc with anything they could find to protest...............:mad:

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On 1/15/2017 at 7:39 AM, bud said:

While at the circus as a young teeneager, i stumbled upon the clowns getting drunk in their break room while my girlfriend and I where sneaking around looking for a place to make out. They were kind enough to invite us to come in, but we had better things to do. That would've been nearly 25 years ago...Come to think of it, that was actually the Shriners Circus. Nevertheless, I had many enjoyable times at the circus as a kid. RIP rb/b&b.

So I think the real story here is did y'all find the place you were looking for?

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I heard on the news that RB has a very large elephant preserve that wasn't even really for just their performing elephants, and that the preserve was funded mostly by the shows. So the irony of it all is that they had to stop using elephants in the show to "protect" them, and without the show they can't keep the preserve open. Another example of the Left shooting everyone in the foot because they think they know what's best.

Speaking of elephants and circuses, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before on TGO but I'll do it again. If you don't know the story of Murderous Mary in Erwin, TN, you really should give it a read. It is a fascinating and horrific story of mob mentality. Here's the Wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_(elephant)



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8 minutes ago, suspiciousmind said:

I might be in the minority, but I hate the circus. I think it's a fairly arrogant thing for humans to think it's ok to use animals solely for entertainment. I think that there was a time when we weren't the most important species on earth, and that time will inevitably come again.

The use of trained performance animals far predate any of the circuses most of us are aware of and in fact predate the Roman Empire.

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