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1 hour ago, captndan said:

Has it been checked to shoot 308?

do you have the bayonet?


It is not advisable to shoot 308 Winchester in ANY surplus gun originally designed to shoot 7.62x51. They are two distinctly separate calibers and although they will both chamber in the same gun firing 308 Winchester in a gun designed to shoot 7.62x51 can be a disaster for not only the gun but the shooter as well. 308 Winchester has a higher PSI than 7.62x51 and that can cause a lot of damage to a firearm, especially an older surplus firearm.

It is safe to shoot 7.62x51 in any gun chambered in 308 Winchester but it may not safe to shoot 308 Winchester in a gun designed to shoot 7.62x51.

308 Winchester is higher pressure than 7.62x51


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