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      Disclaimer -- Much better information and reviews on U-Tube, but I will give you some INFO and My Opinion.  As far as I am concerned, a good buy and fun to mess with for a 22 target plinker.  And, if you wanted to pocket carry a 22 that is small size - you could. It is a bit heavy (like 24 OZ I think).  
      The Story and INFO: 
      We (son and I partnered ) and bought the Phoenix Kit for PH22A. Son (from GA) did not have a 22 to shoot when he goes to the range (doesn't shoot often as only has indoor range to go to and we all know that expense). So, I suggested he buy a 22 to shoot. Since he does not shoot much, we decided to share the gun (split the cost and he can loan it to me some times). I just wanted to try one and mess with it. 😋 I ahve orther 22s to shoot when I go to the range and don't buy every gun I see or want to try. 
      The Kit (delux) includes a lockable case, cleaning tools, a 3 and 5 inch barrel, and 2 MAGs (one short and one extended for pinky finger - both are 10 rounds).  He got it for $194 including Tax at GA Dealer in Cumming, GA. Bullseye Marksman. Apparently a FREE Background and has an Hour of FREE range time coming.  Son picked it up under his name at the Dealers store (dealer does not carry them in stock -- only online, but the dealer ordered it for him when he went to the store).  
      I kind of wanted to try one after watching U-Tube. Generally, the U-Tube reviews for performance are good.  It's considered a cheap gun (check BUD's or other deals online). Some problems reported with frame cracks -- I suspect that due to people running High Velocity vs Standard Velocity. 
      Others complain about some things: 
      1) Safety has to be on to remove the MAG. That can be fixed, but it voids warranty if you should send it in with the modified part. Some buy an extra safety part and modify that one, keep the other to install if send gun back. (see U-Tube) 
      2) The Safety has to be off (FIRE) and the MAG has to be inserted to rack the slide, but you can pull the slide back a fraction to check chamber with the MAG out. That can also be modified so you can rack the slide with the MAG out, and can be modified if done in certain ways to not modify the part. (see U-Tube)  
      3) The slide does not Lock Back when MAG is empty. Need to keep count as not advised to Dry Fire this pistol. However, I called customer service to ask if could Dry Fire with the Hammer Lock Safety ON (has that safety also). Answer was -- they do not recommend any Dry Firing, but Dry Fire after last round should not affect the gun. HMMM !!!! Wonder how many times that dry Fire is allowed (kind of confusing in that you can, but you can't). Anyway, I try to keep count.   
      4) Lifetime Warranty is for original owner only. 
      5) One review someplace said -- they could not contact he dealer and did not get responses about a problem. Concerned about that -- I called before we bought.  The phone answered, told them my concerns about contacting them for warranty (she said, wel you reached us and we honor the warranty for original buyer - no modifications allowed. Very nice to talk with (maybe cause I was a potential customer?). Anyway, we bought it. 
      6) Reinstalling the slide (recoil spring) can be a problem if not done properly. I speak from experience taking 30 minutes the first time. Then, I  read the manual and they tell you how (hold the spring in place with extra barrel, or with a MAG, or with your finger while you slide the slide back to Lock It with the Safety Switch placed to Fire. The spring is then coiled around the stud and will not come out as long as the slide is locked back.  
      NOTE: By the way, to remove or install the barrel (or change the barrel, 3 or 5 inch if you have both, requires a removal and an install) is DONE WITH THE SLIDE LOCKED BACK.
      NOTE: Also, when removing the slide which will be locked back when you remove a barrel (have to remove barrel before the slide),, BE CAREFUL when releasing the slide lock as it will be under spring force and the spring will fly out or bend. Hold finger or hand over the top of the spring area when slowly releasing the slide. (it slides FWD)  
      LOT OF INFO There  for what it is worth. TOO much to read?
      Now, my limited range experience which is 80 rounds the first time and 100 rounds the second time.
      Mostly using Aquila Std Velocity (1135 FPS I think it was), and some CCI Std Velocity (1070 FPS). Phoenix Arms Manual recommends 1050 to 1170 FPS. 
      NOTE: A problem with using Std Vel is that it generally costs more (like around $0.077 per round with tax) VS say $0.055 or less for Higher Velocity (got some HV on an Online Deal $0.04 per round tax and shipping included). That said, I recently bought some Aquila Std at Academy Online for final cost $0.054 per round by ordering 500 rounds to get FREE Shipping, TN Tax included (one day delivery)
      RANGE Reliability -- One fail after fired the first round and none after. I had taken the gun apart and emory papered some contact areas and lubed it before shooting.
      ACCURACY -- OK considering my shooting ability, maybe a bit low and to the left (inch or so) using 21 feet and 30 feet (mostly in a 4 inch target). I shot the 5 inch barrel at 20 and 30 feet with about the same spread. I shot the 3 inch barrel at 20 feet and about as good as the 5 inch barrel.
      The sights are black and hard to see on a black target. I put a spot of white paint on the rear and front. The rear sight is adjusted-able for windage (I have not adjusted as did not have a small screw driver with me). The front sight has notches and any elevation adjustment needed is done by moving the front sight up or down (notches on front sight).  The white paint I put on the front sight was at the top notch and the bottom notch (kind of setting the sight between those marks).
      Pictures if I could, but will not let me and I have not learned the procedure to use. 
    • By TNman207
      Call it temporary insanity, but I thought I could install Cajun Gun Works parts in my RAMI Decocker pistol. Wrong!  I have an unassembled RAMI with all of the parts organized in plastic bags. I could do most of the upgrades but I cannot get the sear cage parts in properly and the hammer kit. 
      I live in Lebanon, TN and am looking for a skilled CZ gunsmith. Cajun Gun Works is at least 2 months out and another 2 months to complete the work. 
      Thanks for your suggestions. 
    • By Ronald_55
      I just had a couple questions, especially about the CZ-40. Just needed help identifying something. 

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