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Not so main stream pistols


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How many of you folks like not so main stream pistols?

I have CZ's, kind of main stream to some, RIA 1911 9mm, Canik SF Elite 9mm and C-100 9mm, Witness Poly Series small frame 9mm and compact 45 ACP, Sar Arms B6P 9mm.

I like these pistols, they work well and do not cost as much as better known name brands usually.

I also have a Beretta APX, Kimber Stainless II and Sig 1911-22.

All are fun to shoot.

What do you have?

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Canik TP9SF, TP9 Elite, BF arms 22LR single shot w/1.5oz trigger, AMT Baby Automag 22LR, Anchutz Exemplar 22LR, Grendel P10, Benelli MP95E nickel 22LR, S&W Ladysmith, aluminum j-frame, S&W 4026, 2nd issue Colt Match Target Woodsman (this one is just a brag).

Hmmmm probably others I used to be into weirdness more than now... Canik is almost mainstream now and darn fine weapons though. 

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1 hour ago, Sidecarist said:

Do tell on the Steyr. I almost bought a GB years ago, but the seller had second thoughts at the last minute.

I picked up a full size and a compact years ago. Sold the full size and kept the compact. Not a bad gun except for those crappy trapezoidal sights. I put a standard sight on my compact and I can actually hit the target now...lol.

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1 hour ago, 1fast4by said:

all of mine are I suppose "main stream" Except my Canik TP9V2... apparently thats a common "not main stream" gun nowadays.... Except I know a lot of guys with Caniks sooooo...theres that

Yes, it seems that this little Turkish wonder has developed quite a following here in the states. lol I missed picking up on the first series of guns, but the TP series got my attention.

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In Colombia not-main stream were the only handguns available.  I had a CZ in .22 and another in .32.  To carry I was limited to under 9mm but realistically that was .38 special or .32 H&R revolvers.  The Army Armory store had a stainless .38 special Taurus revolver from Brazil the day all my paperwork lined up so that was my legal carry gun there.  Under 9mm is the rule in Latin America for not police or military.  In Mexico it was S&W model 10.  In Peru I started with the Taurus .380 and their .22auto, then got a Glock 25 in Lima.  You take what you can get sometimes.

Cherokee Slim

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I love CZ's... Got an old Nazi eagle/swastika marked CZ27 32ACP... Great shooter... It looks like it has been carried in the overall (... or field jacket...) pocket so long all the blue is worn off... No war stories with it; but i would bet some american farmer carried this one a bit after it was "liberated"...

My other "not so mainstream" is an old, early twentieth century, I Frame smith 32 round butt that has been re-nickled... The barrel is dark from the old black powder rounds... Three inch, round butt, real pearl grips... Belonged to a dear friend's father in law... The friend is now "gone over the Sunset Hill"... He was in his nineties and has been gone probably 10 years...


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On 4/28/2017 at 6:16 PM, leroy said:

The barrel is dark from the old black powder rounds...

Try some Nevr-Dull on it. I use it on the cylinder face of SS revolvers all the time to 'shiny' them back.

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