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Do you carry cash?


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 I was in Michael's (hobby and crafts) the other day and the lady in front of me checking out  paid for her $1.29 item with plastic. I mentioned it to the cashier and he said that the day before he had a man pay for a $.64 item with his debit card.

 Is there anyone that doesn't carry a few bucks on them or am I an exception?

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I hate to be without a decent amount of cash. On the other hand, I have used my credit or debit card to pay for small anounts in a drive thru. In that case it is for speed and convenience for me and cashier. I hate trying to hand over or receive $1.29 or something like that through the window. In a regular line, I pay with exact change whenever I can. It lets me get rid of the pocket change that builds up. For larger items, I still use the credit card there. I don't like pulling out $175 to pay in a store. I feel like it gives people ideas that might get me or them hurt. 

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32 minutes ago, KahrMan said:

I always like to have a few bucks on me. Just doesn’t feel right with no cash on me. 

That's me. Old school type I guess. My wife rarely carries cash. Won't even carry a wallet with id or dl if out with me.

I remember my Dad carrying a bit of money with him. Sometimes more than a bit. Always said he wanted to have enough to buy whatever he came across if he wanted.

There was a time I did carry what I considered a goodly amount around, especially when I was working. Now, cc and debit card, with a bit hidden in my car for emergencies.

Not much, just in case that rare place that only takes cash should be where I break down.

Now, I even see yard sale people using Square for sales.

Times they are a changin'.

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I carry cash but never use it unless it’s somewhere that only takes cash and in that case I usually know ahead of time. It’s there for just in case. And if anyone asks, I don’t have any cash on me. I HATE having loose change and odd bills. Only carry several 20s and I bust them and either use the change for tips that day or the next or I go deposit in the bank. 

At a lot of places, it’s just so much easier to swipe the card and go. There is no way I would voluntarily go back to pre paying for my gas with cash.

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I am married with a daughter, the only thing I can ask is 'What is cash?'


In all seriousness though, no. I do not carry cash. I have a private bank account and a joint bank account. My paycheck is direct deposited into my private account and all of our bills are paid from that. If on the rare occasion I have cash money, from selling an item or the like, it goes to my joint account. I have gone months at a time without seeing or carrying cold hard cash. I have some at home, including a 5g water jug half filled with change. 


So it is fair to say that I am adapted to modern consumerism.

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We used the Dave Ramsey system to get out of debt many years ago, and he teaches to set aside cash for certain things, like lunch money, and only purchase those thing with the set aside cash, and only spend that cash on those things. When it's gone, you bring lunch. So we got into the habit of using cash for most things.

The wife and I give ourselves an allowance every payday, and we use that money for gas and toys. I got tired of having to go into the has station, stand in line while Bubba buys his lotto tickets, then plunk down a $50 so I can fill up. Then I had to go back inside and wait while Bubba cashed in and bought more lotto tickets before I could get my change. So, I went to the bank and opened another account with a debit card. Now I put half my allowance on the card, and take half in cash. I use the card for gas, and Amazon purchases. I use the cash for anything else that I pay a cashier.

I also keep a $50 bill tucked into my wallet for emergencies. It's old as the hills and has been moved between several replacement wallets over the years, but it's there.

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After being a cop I use to joke that I always carried bond money. But it really wasn’t completely a joke; I’ve seen too many people need it and not have it.

Now I keep cash in case I run across a gun for sale; and can make the deal right on the spot. :)

I also use a credit card for everything I can. Cash back. But I pay it off every month so I have no charges.


6 hours ago, Gotthegoods said:

Would goods and services be 2% - 4% cheaper without plastic?


No, the stores would just make that much more profit.

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I use a SOG Access Card 2.0 as a money clip and $100-$300 in bills in my left front pocket. That way, I never lose my knife or my cash. There are places I go regularly that don't take credit cards, like a Thai restaurant and Costco. 

Plus, if I'm ever mugged, I'd much rather throw a wad of cash on the ground and run than shoot the perp... much cheaper in the long run.

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I rarely pay for anything in cash at a store, mostly because VISA will back up my sale if something goes wrong and I get points.  Only when I buy something off here or Craigslist in a face to face transaction will I use cash, checks only at the DMV and property taxes, Money Orders when the other party will not accept PayPal.  I do carry cash though, mostly less than $100 just in case.

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I use card for convenience such as gas pumps and groceries and larger purchases and pay it off every month.  I carry spending cash for smaller incidentals, and I carry cash that's not for spending in case I stumble into a good deal on a gun, car etc. that I don't want to miss by going to get cash.  The wife and I did the "Dave Ramsey" method before it was a Dave Ramsey method.

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17 minutes ago, john455 said:

So your that one old fart I always get behind in line LMBO

Yeah but then again I've been in line with 1 or 2 customers ahead of me using credit/debit cards, especially the ones with the new chips meaning several attempts to make it work take up much more time than I can write a check.

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