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On Sunday June 3 we will be offering a special 1 day training event in the Knoxville area. The class is an expanded version of the block of instruction that I presented last month at the 2018 Rangemaster Tactical Conference in Little Rock Arkansas. http://rangemaster.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Tac-Con-18-Brochure.pdf  

Point Blank Pistol Skills is a study in the deployment and effective use of the pistol in the 9 feet and closer distance envelope. This is the distance where time (and timing) are paramount. In this critical space there is little time to react and no time to be wasted with misses or ineffective marksmanship. At touching distance empty hand combative skills are often needed to help facilitate a clean unfouled draw stroke and decisive hits. We will focus on improving drawstroke, gaining better position, in fight weapons access, and making fight stopping hits from full extension all the way in to shooting in physical contact with the target. 
Students will need their pistol,  holster, and a minimum of 2 spare magazines, or 3 speed loaders for their revolver if they plan to party like it is 1899. They will need 150-200  rounds of ammo, eye and ear protection. Also a "non live firing" replica (blue gun, red gun, Cert pistol, Sims gun or airsoft gun) that will fit in their holster. We will do some interactive dry work and will use those non firing replicas for that. A few loaners are available if you don't have a blue gun or an airsoft gun. 

This class focuses on shooting solutions 10 feet and closer but as opposed to most "shooting classes" this one has an interactive component so that each technique is also drilled against a live opponent so that there is no question as to the viability and applicability of the techniques and when and where to use each one. The use of Tac Man targets allows the ability to fire in very close proximity to the targets including allowing us to shoot in contact with them unlike paper targets which tend to blow apart. Also the 3 dimensional Tac Man targets provide a much more realistic looking target including it wearing clothing.  

Instructor Bio - 

With over 18 Years of experience in the shooting and training industry, Randy is a staff instructor for Suarez International, an NRA certified Instructor, Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Instructor, Rangemaster certified Instructor (1st in his class) , and Rangemaster Advanced Instructor (1st in his class). Randy has shot in both the IDPA Nationals and IDPA World Championships where in 2015 he finished in the top 20 overall in the Stock Service Pistol division. With a focus on integrating skill sets and interdisciplinary problem solving , his training influences include Suarez International, Rangemaster (Tom Givens) , Shivworks (Craig Douglas) , AMOK (Tom Sotis) , Massad Ayoob, Dave Spaulding , the Rogers Shooting School and many others.
Date: Sunday June 3, 2018

Time: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Subject: Point Blank Pistol Skills 

Price : $100 ( $50 deposit holds your spot )   Contact me through private message here to sign up. Class size is limited so don't wait !

Equipment needed : Pistol and 3 magazines (or 3 speed loaders if you use a revolver) 

Location: 1818 Tarklin Valley Rd Knoxville Tn 37920 

Looking forward to seeing you there!  

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Save a spot for me! I am looking forward to this class. Thank you Randy and GTG!

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5 hours ago, prag said:

Save a spot for me! I am looking forward to this class. Thank you Randy and GTG!

7 Spots gone....

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Tips for a better experience.

Camp chair, plenty of water, pack in lunch and snacks.

I will have one shelter, more is better, zero shade, could get toasty...

Should have good ground grooming, though if it rains, it will be pretty sloppy.

I suggest bringing extra ammo, depending on how quickly we cycle through the drills, there may be time at the end.

Bring an extra gun, if a semi - mags for it just in case your primary goes down.

Bring a pistol you've been meaning to run and add to your EDC rotation.

If you're curious about the limitations of a revolver, bring traditional speed loaders unless you have practice with not so speedy strips.

If anyone can add other best practices or ideas for a great class, please post!


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    • By Cruel Hand Luke
      The first Summer meeting of 2018 for the TN/GA/AL Training Group will be held on Saturday June 30 ! 

      We will be working on rifle skills. We will be working on a variety of skills and drills and end up with a man on man (or woman) shoot off. 

      Instructor:Randy Harris

      Subject : Mad Rifle Skills

      Date: Saturday June 30 

      Time : 8AM to 2PM CENTRAL Note the slightly earlier than usual start time! That way we can get more work done while it is cooler. 

      Location: The usual place- Phillips/Edwards Farm 763 County Rd 332 Pisgah Alabama (about 35 minutes SW of Chattanooga)

      Price $80 Pay by cash or check at class. 

      What you need to bring: Eye Pro, Ear Pro, Rifle or rifle caliber pistol or pistol caliber carbine or pistol with brace or anything that can be shot from the shoulder, 150 rds of ammo for whatever you bring ( NO GREEN TIP OR AP AMMO ! ) knee pads if you need them as we will do some position shooting , your CCW pistol and 50 rds. 

    • By Cruel Hand Luke
      Fight At Night : Defensive Concepts for Dark Environments
        Date: Saturday August 11 Time: 4PM - 11PM Location: The Ridge Dayton TN. (http://www.theridgeshooting.com/)  Price $180 cash or check. ($80 Deposit to hold spot / balance due night of class). Instructor: Randy Harris     This rarely offered class will cover some critical skills which include shooting with and without the help of flashlights in low or no light. We will work both proactively challenging unknown potential threats and also reacting to unexpected close range attacks in low light settings. You will see just how much light you really need to accurately shoot by and how much light you actually need to ID targets. We will also cover manipulating the pistol in the dark both with and without a light in our hands. We will load , unload and clear malfunctions with and without flashlights.  A fair amount of time will also be devoted to using the flashlight as a tool to help you get deselected in the "pre fight interview" , use the light as a distraction device and impact weapon, and as a bridge from less lethal to lethal force.        Range Gear and requirements : Handheld flashlight (Surefire 6P, G2, Streamlight Scorpion or similar). Extra batteries.  Pistol and holster designed to be worn on the belt. Two spare mags  (3 total minimum) and a mag pouch. Range Safety gear (eye and ear protection) . Clothing appropriate for weather. Snacks and drinks. Also bring a few rounds of your carry ammo so you can see exactly what it does in low light !   Ammo: Approximately 250 rounds.   If you have a weapon mounted light for your pistol and want to use it for some drills then please bring it too. If your carry pistol has a light that is fine too just make sure it fits your holster. If you have a "blue gun" or airsoft gun and training knife or inert "trainer" pepper spray you want to bring feel free to do so. We will be doing some interactive exercises where students will play the role of both good guys and bad guys to get a better feel for just what each experiences when the techniques are applied in low light. If you don't see it from both sides you only know about half of what is going on.      An $80 deposit will hold a spot for you in this class. Balance due at class. You are also welcome to pay in full in advance too. We are limiting it to 16 students so you might want to get your deposit in soon. To register or for more info either PM me here at TGO or email me at Cruelhandluke2000@yahoo.com.    Hope to see you there!   Some Bio info and some of my training resume.....http://www.suarezinternationalstore.com/instructor-randy-harris.aspx
    • By Cruel Hand Luke
      The April meeting of the TN/GA/AL Suarez Int training group will be held on Sunday April 8 ! 

      We will be looking at escaping from common restraints and then shooting several drills that we have not shot previously and conducting a man on man (or woman?) shoot off . 

      Instructor: Randy Harris

      Subject : Zip Ties, Duct Tape, and Pistols........Escaping Common Restraints and Shooting Skills Test

      Date : Sun April 8 2018 


      Location: The usual place- Phillips/Edwards Farm 763 County Rd 332 Pisgah Alabama (about 35 minutes SW of Chattanooga)

      Price : $60 PAY BY CASH OR CHECK AT CLASS.

      What you need to bring: Pistol (revolvers are welcome too), at least 2 spare pistol magazines (or speedloaders if you plan to party like it is 1899) and 150 to 200  rounds of ammo.....

      Hope to see you there !

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