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On Sunday June 3 we will be offering a special 1 day training event in the Knoxville area. The class is an expanded version of the block of instruction that I presented last month at the 2018 Rangemaster Tactical Conference in Little Rock Arkansas. http://rangemaster.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Tac-Con-18-Brochure.pdf  

Point Blank Pistol Skills is a study in the deployment and effective use of the pistol in the 9 feet and closer distance envelope. This is the distance where time (and timing) are paramount. In this critical space there is little time to react and no time to be wasted with misses or ineffective marksmanship. At touching distance empty hand combative skills are often needed to help facilitate a clean unfouled draw stroke and decisive hits. We will focus on improving drawstroke, gaining better position, in fight weapons access, and making fight stopping hits from full extension all the way in to shooting in physical contact with the target. 
Students will need their pistol,  holster, and a minimum of 2 spare magazines, or 3 speed loaders for their revolver if they plan to party like it is 1899. They will need 150-200  rounds of ammo, eye and ear protection. Also a "non live firing" replica (blue gun, red gun, Cert pistol, Sims gun or airsoft gun) that will fit in their holster. We will do some interactive dry work and will use those non firing replicas for that. A few loaners are available if you don't have a blue gun or an airsoft gun. 

This class focuses on shooting solutions 10 feet and closer but as opposed to most "shooting classes" this one has an interactive component so that each technique is also drilled against a live opponent so that there is no question as to the viability and applicability of the techniques and when and where to use each one. The use of Tac Man targets allows the ability to fire in very close proximity to the targets including allowing us to shoot in contact with them unlike paper targets which tend to blow apart. Also the 3 dimensional Tac Man targets provide a much more realistic looking target including it wearing clothing.  

Instructor Bio - 

With over 18 Years of experience in the shooting and training industry, Randy is a staff instructor for Suarez International, an NRA certified Instructor, Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Instructor, Rangemaster certified Instructor (1st in his class) , and Rangemaster Advanced Instructor (1st in his class). Randy has shot in both the IDPA Nationals and IDPA World Championships where in 2015 he finished in the top 20 overall in the Stock Service Pistol division. With a focus on integrating skill sets and interdisciplinary problem solving , his training influences include Suarez International, Rangemaster (Tom Givens) , Shivworks (Craig Douglas) , AMOK (Tom Sotis) , Massad Ayoob, Dave Spaulding , the Rogers Shooting School and many others.
Date: Sunday June 3, 2018

Time: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Subject: Point Blank Pistol Skills 

Price : $100 ( $50 deposit holds your spot )   Contact me through private message here to sign up. Class size is limited so don't wait !

Equipment needed : Pistol and 3 magazines (or 3 speed loaders if you use a revolver) 

Location: 1818 Tarklin Valley Rd Knoxville Tn 37920 

Looking forward to seeing you there!  

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Save a spot for me! I am looking forward to this class. Thank you Randy and GTG!

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5 hours ago, prag said:

Save a spot for me! I am looking forward to this class. Thank you Randy and GTG!

7 Spots gone....

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Tips for a better experience.

Camp chair, plenty of water, pack in lunch and snacks.

I will have one shelter, more is better, zero shade, could get toasty...

Should have good ground grooming, though if it rains, it will be pretty sloppy.

I suggest bringing extra ammo, depending on how quickly we cycle through the drills, there may be time at the end.

Bring an extra gun, if a semi - mags for it just in case your primary goes down.

Bring a pistol you've been meaning to run and add to your EDC rotation.

If you're curious about the limitations of a revolver, bring traditional speed loaders unless you have practice with not so speedy strips.

If anyone can add other best practices or ideas for a great class, please post!


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OK guys and gals, we are right at 2 weeks to go on this one and we do still have some spots available! 


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Weather looking good, will post an update on ground conditions this evening.

I should be there by 8:30 to start registration and distribute the course outline. Please note, this is the first official training session in the Valley for Harris Combative Strategies.

My cell is 865 919 3909, reception in the valley is intermittent.

I want this to be a great experience for you, so please call or text anytime with questions or concerns.

I will also add, you can't bring to much "stuff" If you think you might need it, bring it.  Other than humping it to and from house to vehicle, parking is close and accessible to shooting area (I still can't quite call it a range)

Pull in, turn to the right, pass through the gate.

After class I'm planning on running a few mags through my M1 Carbine to see how the new extractor is holding up. Feel free to bring anything you need or want to function test...

Don't forget to bring a backup and mags for it in case your primary goes down

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Man am I going to be sore tomorrow......Randy put us through the paces of some up close situations where one may have to deflect an attack and continue to try and reach your own gun for defensive purposes.  As always, a very informative and practical handgun shooting class where in personal defense 2nd place is a terrible finish.  Thanks Randy for an excellent course once again.  I would urge anyone, new or experienced to take some of the excellent offerings from Randy.

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JThanks to everyone who attended the first official Harris Combative Strategies training seminar in the Valley.

Got to attach screen names to people I've met, ChancesR and Ghost Dog. Does Byrl have a TGO nom de guerre?

George (the property owner and first class brother in law) had a great experience, which was my concern. Randy exhibited his low key personal instruction as George has zero formal training and noovice level with his Glock 17.

Safety was rock solid;  briefing, pat down, sims guns and with increased awareness and vigilance, no one recieved a lead infusion.

4 - 4.5 hours of dry work, including interaction with another student. At low speed, applying gross motor skills, we got to work with against a  live person to acquire better position.

Builds awareness of other options since not everyone need to be shot.

Make space, reduce space, move / pull an arm or even administer a manly slap across the face. Gain access to your weapon and run away or engage.

1.5 - 2.0 hours of shooting from 3, 2, 1 against the tacman from the 2, 3, 4 draw positions.

Randy makes learning fun and I had fun. Ran my 75B Omega with no malfunctions. What can you do with a 36oz pistol and CGW 3.5# SA trigger?

Shoot the crap out of it.

Side note: larger pistols and loaded out mags can make for wonderful blunt striking weapons.

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