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HP995 review, Bullpup Future?

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High Tower Armory has created this:


And I am tempted, especially with full ambi controls.

Having done light research on bull pups, it seems the trigger quality is the greatest weakness. I don't see the HP getting any worse.

Saw a review from a left handed shooter, the ejection port is off hand friendly in design. Other reviews are positive, suprised no negative reviews. This tells me it works out of the box if your HP runs.

My total investment with this 4th incarnation would be about $650 with all parts and accessories



Original Post

Want to start out with my bias towards PCCs. What a great idea. Take a handgun round and make it pretty effective 50-100 yards.

A buddy sold me a nib 995 in sometime in '08 for $175 with 6 mags. Did as much research as possible and figured if a lemon, HP will fix it.

Sat for at least year, maybe two.

You see, while I am not a gun snob, it was so hideously offensive to my fine aesthetic style in the original "manlicher style", Planet of the Apes stock, I couldn't even shoot it in private.

Couple of notes:

Don't dry fire, the firing pin double as the ejector and is a weak part of the system.

Check mag lip specs if experiencing feed issues.

Trigger is questionable. There are YouTube videos to improve as well as an aftermarket tirgger if you are so inclined.

I am not so inclined, though if feeling industrious, I may do a light polish.

While www'ing, I discovered the ATI CX4 clone replacement stock for $69.99.

Had to have it since I really like the look of the Storm and it eliminates the hideousness.

Easy install, iron sights, my buddy is hitting the target at 50 yards.

I am good to go, at one point I had mounted a 3x9 on this version.

Looks cools, still no function issues.

Feels substantial.

Notes about the ATI stock:

You have to remove 8 screws to remove the receiver from the stock for cleaning and maintenance.

It MAY void the warranty; I believe I saw this on the HiPoint Forum many moons ago.

The material of the ATI is similar to a semi flexible abs plastic, the original (and current HP stocks) are a more like a plasticky nylon (?) 

The other difference is how the barrel is supported. The ATI has a single hard plastic clamp vs. full support with a factory stock.

Supposedly, the way the barrel is supported, the flexibility of stock itself when the bolt fully recoils coupled with the odd little camel hump to absorb the recoil is how the system was designed.

True or not, it the ATI stock, the bolt noticeably hits the rear and after repeated use, the thin rubber recoil buffer pad was pretty beat up. The picture I saw was showing damage to the rails and after the first few fixes, HP figured out it wasn't a design fault. The report came from a guy who shot is 995 a lot, hundreds of rounds per monthly outing 

For occasional use and an improved recoil buffer pad, you'd probably be safe.

I went the supersafe route and upgraded to the $69.99 TS stock with dual mag holders.

It was this stock with $40 BSA red dot that pushed it to "protect my wife and life status," after using it in a close range carbine class.

Since then, I started my M1 Carbine saga and acquired an AR, so I didn't think I  needed a 9mm PDW, so turned it into a plinked with $40 bipod and $69 BSA 1-4 budget optic. Figured I could deer hunt from my home office window since they get within 25 feet of the house.

Closing thoughts

It's pretty heavy to hump around, but it will get the job done.

10 rounds mags will work if you got a bunch in your pocket.

Be sure you seat the mags with the TS stock, they are slightly recessed in the mag well.

The spring loaded recoil pad is neat in theory, not necessary with 9mm recoil and causes a for and aft positioning between shots.

It's compact, so for longer length of pull folks it may be uncomfortable.

Ergo are fair.

Newer models have LRHO, I do not.

Newer models have have redesigned receiver with clips for easier dis/re assembly.

Budget, brand name, well reviewed optics of all sorts should work - low recoil platform. 

Dropping it and any optic snapping off due to the optic construction or plastic rail - different conversation.

With the availability and reported reliability of Red Ball's 20 round mags, I may drop the bipod and scope, remount the BSA (or a $50 Millett red dot) and throw it in the trunk.


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I've had a couple of these now.  The first one was the PoA version, which I restocked with an ATI stock for aesthetic reasons.  Found it favored the Hi-Point mags and hated the Pro-Mag 15 rounders.  So I traded around and for a couple more regular 10 rounders.  It was a fun little rifle to play around with.  Later on, I sold it to purchase something else (don't really remember what), but I never forgot how much fun it was at the range. 

Fast forward to three years ago, and still remembered that little rifle and saw one come up on MeWe, with the TS stock and a cheap red dot.  So I bought it.  Came with one Hi-point 10 rounder and one Pro-Mag 15 rounder. I bought it for $225.  Shoots great with 115gr ball and the 10 rounder mag. Keeps them in the center of a 5" disc at 75 yards. Still doesn't like the Pro-mag.  Threw the Pro-Mag in the back of the safe and went and bought two more Hi-Point mags.  Problem solved! :) Still a fun little range/truck gun!  Much easier to take down and clean with the clips if one is so inclined.  I know several on here, that just spray the receiver down with some gun oil and hardly ever clean them.  I at least like to every other range session.

Might consider buying a Redball mag or two.  They are ugly as sin, but so is the Hi-Point, so maybe I will.  Or I might just by a couple of more Hi-Points. That would give me 5 mags for it. Don't know yet.  It's not real high on the priority list at the moment. Got other things to think about first.

But I definitly recommend a 995TS for a first time 9mm carbine, if you just want to test the waters and see if something like that it right for you.  You can buy 3 of them for what you'd buy a Ruger for.

EDIT:  I had another one in Lay-A-way at Harveys in Knoxville that I had won on Auction, but I let it go for a .357 Revolver on Friday.  Had a hankering. :)


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I never inherited a Pro-mag and thank goodness, by most reports, an epic fail.

Agree, for $300 or so, it's a good way to see if you want $600+ PCC

If my M1 Carbine fails again, I will strongly look at the Ruger. While I don't EDC a Glock, we have a couple and many mags. Thinking about innovation, the interchangeable magwell is absolute genius coupled with what appears to be a changeable bolt face.

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