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Forum Maintenance 05/07/2018

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Hey folks...

I've been doing a lot of work on TGO tonight to fix some nagging issues that were bothering perhaps me more than anyone else, but were caused by the recent upgrade to the latest version of the IPBoard software.  Specifically, the problems were caused by the customization that was done to make the software "look like TGO".  That's a pretty important part of TGO, in my opinion.  :)

Ultimately the only way that I could make it all come together was to delete the customization entirely and re-do them from scratch.  While this was a big deal, it wasn't painful to the point of my own death because I'd documented the changes pretty thoroughly over time and was able to put them back into place.  It was tedious and methodical, but still do-able.


All of this brings me back around to a question some of you have had about the "Dark" theme for TGO.  That's just not coming back.  I'm sorry to just be that final about it, but the problems that I just went through are squared if I have to maintain another theme for the forum on top of the one I am already working to maintain each time a new version of the software comes out.

My free time each week is very finite and is somewhere around 10 hours, per.  That's 10 hours that I have to divide between everything else TGO requires, my family, finishing up a degree as an adult college student (which totally sucks) and other projects.  Maintaining the "Dark" theme for TGO does not fit anywhere into that bucket of time.


So, my apologies as I know a few of you liked it, but you're going to have to dim the brightness on your monitor for at least the foreseeable future.


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