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Polymer Cases

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I found an article very interesting in Guns & Ammo this month. The manufacturer of the topic is:


I immediately thought of weight savings in using polymer instead of brass casings, but something that did not occur to me is that weapons will operate cooler on the polymer casings. Brass transfers heat quite well, polymer doesn't. As such, when fired, once the casing is ejected, most of the heat goes with it. Of course the barrel will still get hot, but the brass will no longer directly transfer heat to the chamber and surournding parts. I found that interesting. Through their tests, an M134 minigun operates 20% cooler at the bore on these rounds.

I am now convinced that polymer ammo will likely be the future of shooting, at least until we get ray guns. The article didn't mention anything about it, but I doubt that these casings can be reloaded. I'm sure there will always be a brass segment to the market for reloading, but if factory brass ammunition widely disappears, it will have to contribute to a rise in the cost of reloading.

I'd like to buy a box of 5.56 from them, but I don't think they are selling commercially yet. I just think the rounds look cool, and I'd like to buy a box to keep just in case some flaw is found in the idea and never catches on.

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I bought a box of German practice rounds for S&G, not meant to be lethal, just practice.  But no, not looking to get any of these, I like my reloadable brass.


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I wonder if they use a sealant or epoxy on the necks to minimize chance of setback or if neck tension of the poly case is sufficient.

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I saw the mag a few weeks ago @ Wally world, but passed it up. Bought it today, curiosity got the best of me I guess, LOL. Read the article, & I agree this may be the wave of the "future", no time soon for civilians, maybe military use.

Being a former grunt, ground pounder, etc. ,It would have been nice to have that load lightened. Of course, being a grunt, doing that, I'd just add more ammo. Can NEVER have too much.

Especially like the way it handles the machine guns & mini guns. Have to be pretty dang good to survive that.

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