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P365 primer strike


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Heard guys bitching about it, but took my new 365 to the range today. Ran 200 rounds of crap 115 gr ball rounds through  it. Couple of fte”s that’s it . Ran flawless w 124 gr. 109 rounds no issues. 

So. Whatever the u tubers wanna come up with .... whatever, mine ran fine, I trust it. There ya go. PS the black casing was a 124 gr round, 1st one fired out of the box


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I read about this issue after I’d fired several hundred rounds on two different occasions.  Mine ran flawlessly, and unfortunately, I didn’t know to check my brass after.  I will next time, but I’m pretty confident so far.

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I just posted to share w the group. Some of the stuff Ive seen lately is amazing. The best is how the P320 just fires by itself when dropped or better yet: pulled out of the holster......being  glock 43 and 365 owner, each one has its quirks....nothing worth ranting over

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I'm no expert, but to my knowledge, primer swipe is normal for most any tilting barrel semi-auto pistol.  After firing, the barrel cams downward to unlock before the firing pin is fully retracted. If it's not causing malfunctions or pierced primers, it's of little concern.  Most all of my pistols do it to varying degrees.  

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My P365 has performed flawlessly for about 450 rounds. I looked at the primers this past weekend and there is some striker drag for sure. It is somewhat concerning, but what a great gun!  

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