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Got my stamp in the mail today!  Going to build a 6” aluminum tube .22 suppressor. Anyone have any experience with drilling/machining out baffles like these?  Any lessons learned?  I’m assuming I don’t want to just drill a .25” hole?  There needs to be some sort of cross cut?  Just asking for advice and design ideas.


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You do not want to just drill holes in the center, you will never get them centered correctly.  You want them chucked up in a lathe, so, all the holes are drilled centered.  My 22 can has off set slots in it, not sure how to describe them but I'm sure you have seen them in pictures or person.  I have wanted to try to make a can, that looks like a neat set up.  Did you buy that as a kit?


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It seems like most cans have more than just a single hole or it’s an elongated hole I believe those help create turbulence in the can slowing down the gases.   I am assuming it should be symmetrical and directionally aligned for accuracy    But was hoping someone with more experience could chime in.  

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I drilled my .45 cal form 1 ss baffles with a drill press and it worked just fine. Although a lathe would be ideal, it wasn't absolutely necessary. I don't remember the actual size of the bit, but I think it was .060" bigger. With aluminum baffles I would just drill them .25" and call it a day, it will work just fine. Those baffles you have look pretty beefy so I am confident it will work great. Also you have a pretty good sized center point already started so I don't think you will have a problem with the bit walking, mine were a lot smaller so I really had to slow my drill press down and take my time.


Actually looking at them again they look like ss. what size tube? 

It has been a couple of years now since I have done mine but now that I am thinking about it my form 1 .45 was a ss spacer for the blast chamber, the first baffle was ss, and the rest were aluminum. My .30 cal form 1 was 100% ss and to my ear that one is just as quiet as my form 4 Thompson Machine Thirty with a monocore. After doing two form 1's and buying two form 4's it made me realize how overpriced suppressors really are.

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