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IWB tuckable and printing

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For Father's Day, my kids got me the most comfortable IWB holster I've ever had. It's a N82 Tactical tuckable. I need help. The shirt tucks in great, but it's not "invisible." I tried it out at work (no one there knows I carry) without my jacket on, and one of the guys asked, "What ya packin'?" I could use some advice from you guys that have real experience in that style of carry on how to make it less noticeable. Thanks.

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For people who know what to look for, the belt clips are a dead giveaway. Other than switching to something like J hooks, there's not much you can do about it. 

Some pics might help. 

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3 hours ago, Steelharp said:

Ruger EC9s, varies between a white polo type and a white button up dress shirt. Car biz shirts.

Thats not a very big gun, it oughta mostly disappear. Are you wearing the fairly trim cut clothes that seem to be the style these days?  You might also just ask your coworker what he saw. 

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Watch white shirts as they can be remarkably transparent. If you're wearing a white undershirt the butt will silhouette badly. Think of a woman wearing a black bra under a white shirt...

Patterned shirts will help too if that's acceptable for your work. 

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Boss wants solid colors, preferably white. That's part of the problem. Yeah, a pattern would be great. I'm wearing lightweight linen jackets right now to help, but 100+ is coming. Standing outside on point has already proven itself uncomfortable.

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37 minutes ago, Moped said:

Might want to consider pocket carry.  Isn't the EC9S pretty small?  Might even need to switch to something like a P3AT, LCP or LCP2.


I thought about that. We wear khakis, and that prints bad, too. If I can find a pocket holster that fits just right, that might be the ticket.

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21 minutes ago, Steelharp said:

I thought about that. We wear khakis, and that prints bad, too. If I can find a pocket holster that fits just right, that might be the ticket.

Depends on how snug your pants are, but most people will think it's a phone in your pocket. 

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1 hour ago, FrankD said:

I doubt many people would notice that you have both.  The folks that do likely would be carry conscious as well.

I agree with this as well. Very few people would notice unless your pants are snug across your thighs. 

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I pocket carry a P3AT in a nice DeSantis pocket holster in everything from shorts to suit pants. No one has ever commented about seeing it. And I am a big guy. If it does print it looks like a phone. I carry my regular cell in a holster type on my belt. 

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1 hour ago, Steelharp said:

Lol. No, he's a felon with a "colorful past," shall we say. Also top salesman since he straightened his life out.

A lot of car salesmen are felons in training. I gave up on tucked IWB. Never could make it work.

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