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Mico/Subcompact...Beretta Nano...?


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So, I may be beginning a new career soon, a career in which I trade in my cargo pants and duty belt for business casual.  So, I will need to pare down my carry options from my full size Beretta PX4 Storm or RIA 1911 to something smaller and easier to conceal.  I currently own a Ruger SP101 with a 3" barrel and most often carry it in my original Alien Gear IWB holster at around 4 o'clock (or 8 o'clock if I'm carrying it lefty as a back-up), and as it is that combo disappears on me under a slim button down shirt and dress slacks.  My issue is that I want more than 5 shots, so I've been checking out a number of cost effective micro/subcompact semi-autos.  My parameters: 9mm, easily concealed under business casual, 7+1 minimum capacity, and no more than $450-500.  I've narrowed my selection down to the Ruger LC9s, Ruger EC9S, Springfield XD-S, and Beretta Nano, leaning most heavily toward the Beretta Nano.

My questions: 1) What are you opinions on my options? 2) What does everyone think about the Nano? 3) Does anyone have any experience/does anyone carry the EC9s? and 4) Are there any other options that I'm missing?

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6 hours ago, DrCoxx122 said:

I shot the Shield and wasn't a huge fan.  At least for me, and I know I'd need practice with it, it was hard to regain target picture.  It was a little zippy for me.

Another vote for the Shield. You were probably shooting the mighty .40S&W. They make it in a tamed down 9MM version. Most of the women like it; not so much recoil. EqcmKa2.gif




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11 hours ago, DaveTN said:

Another vote for the Shield. You were probably shooting the mighty .40S&W. They make it in a tamed down 9MM version. Most of the women like it; not so much recoil. EqcmKa2.gif




Damn!  Hope you two are friends! :D 

Will I have a XDs in .45ACP and I think it's the cat's meow!  It's about 4 oz heavier than the Shield.  That being said, I'm now carrying a Ruger LCP, simply because it's less than half the weight and hides extremely well.  But I don't go into places the Boogie man lives either, unless I can't help it.  Then the XDs or my FNH FNS tags along.

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I was talking about the 9mm shield. My EDC has been an SP101 loaded with .357, a full size Beretta in .40S&W, and now a 1911 compact in .45. I’m not a stranger to a little bit of recoil, I just wasn’t a huge fan of how it felt in my hand. 

My dad has a Springfield XD subcompact in 9mm that I can put a round in a flea’s rear end with after months of not shooting it, I just don’t have the cash for one right now so I was leaning toward something a little more cost effective. 

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5 hours ago, Steelharp said:

Even the name says, "Nah. No." 🙂

The EC9s is a really thin choice with a really good trigger.

Been looking at the LC9S, because it has a better rear sight system for just about $50 more.  But still thinking on a Shield 2.0 as well.

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1 hour ago, Steelharp said:

My understanding is the LC9s is no longer in production. I could be wrong.

Harvey's has been auctioning new ones off left and right lately. One went for $235 today.  Another one is at $271 right now. 

The thing I hate about these is they come with one mag. Every automatic should come with at least two! Ought to be the law! :D

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Harvey's is currently Auctioning a Beretta Nano in FDE 3" 9mm.  High bid right now is $341 about 5 hours ago.  I don't know much about these, so have no idea if this is a good price or not. If you are on FB, search for The General Store at Harvey's Pistol & Pawn and then click on Posts.  Auction started yesterday.

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Not on your list but meets the requirements, Kimber Micro9.  I just picked one up because I got a really good deal on it.  I am in love with it.  In a iwb it conceals very well and I have a problem concealing just about anything.

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Doesn't seem to be much love for the Nano. I have one and like it. I don't have issue with the recoil being snappy. I think the slide is heavy enough that it mitigates felt recoil fairly well. The only gripe I would have is the trigger. The Nano's trigger pull is smooth, but it feels LONG to me. I also miss the shorter trigger reset that you get on say a Glock over the longer trigger reset on the Nano. I think the Nano is a good gun. I bought it before the Glock 42 and 43 were introduced. I have replaced my use of the Nano with a Glock 43, but still like to bring out the Nano and shoot it every once and a while.  

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