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TN / GA / AL Suarez Training Group!

On Saturday June 29 we will hold a meeting for the TN/GA/AL Regional Suarez Int Training Group!


Instructor: Tier 1 Suarez Int Staff Instructor Randy Harris

Location: Hiawassee Land Company Lake (off Mill Creek Rd)  , Rocky Face GA 30740 (contact me for directions. It is about 25 minutes South of Chattanooga off of I-75) 

Time: 9AM EASTERN time - 3PM EASTERN time

Price: $80 - pay at class cash or check. 

What you need to bring: Pistol, pistol magazines and at least 250 rounds of pistol ammo. Revolvers are welcome if you want to party like it is 1899. 

 This will be a pistol day and we will be shooting some devilish new drills I have acquired and some I have devised and then shooting some federal, state and maybe even some  intergalactic LE Qualification drills. Just kidding.... all the drills are from THIS galaxy. 

 We will be shooting some challenging warm up drills and then the Air Marshal ,  LAPD SWAT, FBI qualification courses and several others. I will also keep records of these (if you are happy with your scores) for future reference and use . This will serve to get your shooting prowess on record by a third party in case it is ever needed in the future in some legal matter. This is also something your church might like to have for their records if you are a member of a church security team.

As far as the courts are concerned if it isn't documented it didn't happen so this is an opportunity to get some official scores on paper in case you ever need them . Not only that but it will be a good day of shooting some somewhat challenging courses.

This is an EXCELLENT chance to bring someone you know who might need a "reality check" on where their skills actually are. We all know people who are gun owners who keep threatening to get some training. The training days (especially the pistol qual day) is a great way to get them into that and show them what is possible with some directed practice and see where they REALLY are at their present skill level.

Looking forward to seeing you there! 

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    • By A.J. Holst
      Last weekend I drive to the Ridge in Dayton, TN to assist and participate in Defensive Concepts for Low Light Environments.
      Randy Harris, founder of Harris Combative Strategies was our instructor.
      Class start was 6pm, we had 15 students, including 3 ladies.
      Having never shot at night, i was looking forward to it. No fancy gear, my trusty CZ 75B with 10 year old OEM night sights,  Safariland accordion-style universal single mag pouch (works like a champ) and new Fenix UC35 flashlight with up to 1000 retinal burning lumens.
      This particular flashlight was $89.95 at SMKW, selected based on previous experience with the LD05, on board USB charger, and 2 battery choices.
      I am NOT a light expert, so this is opinion.
      A good flashlight runs $60+ depending on features.
      A good flashlight makes for an excellent striking weapon or use to break glass.
      Combination of classroom and range work.
      Here's what I learned:
      It is not illegal anywhere in the world to carry a flashlight in your hand.
      As a rule, people don't like to get flashed, so a blast of light  from waist down with a firm, "I'm sorry, I can't help you," should be pretty effective.
      For me, I get to see his hands
      For him, I've added a huge question, who carries and uses a flashlight?
      At the very least, not your typical antelope.
      If unable to disengage, a blast to the eyes, with, "hey buddy back off," gives about 2-3 seconds of time before the potential bad guy has clear vision. To know is from experience, so we all got blasted in low light, but not dark - that was later.
      If a light blast to the eyes doesn't dissuade the predator, and he's close, strike him in the face with that well made, machined aluminum with fantastic gripping surfaced cylinder of hurt.
      Sounds really John Wick like, but really a simple gross motor skill.
      Then it was dark and time to shoot.
      I discovered there was enough ambient light from the other shooters illuminating their targets, I didn't really need more light.
      I also discovered positioning the light is important to avoid losing my front sight from splash along the top of the slide.
      Other musings
      When I would step to the rear to hydrate, I was about 25 yards from the firing line. As 8 students were shooting and flash illuminating at different tempos, it was chaotic to experience. Point being, a running gun battle at night is scary.
      I came to the realization that I've been approaching this shooting thing the hard way; day light, two hands, can easily see the target.
      10 yards, move to cover, engage strong hand, flashlight however you want to manage it, 6" steel, don't hit the bystander or The Suit. 
      Ding ding
      Ding ding ding 
      Ding ding ding (Randy didn't say exactly how many) ding.
      I'm also pleased with my overall progress with slide lock reloads.
      If nothing else, a fun confidence booster.
      Feedback from the class: start earlier due to volume of content, convert dry erase to PowerPoint for classroom.
      Last drill, a little after midnight, only ambient is starlight, no moon, and it's dark in Dayton.
      After I flash you in the face, when you can see the target, draw and fire.
      I'd estimate 20-30 seconds in my case and almost a minute for full night vision.
      Tremendous amount of time to do a variety of things.
      Tips from Randy: Turn off the lights when practicing dry and add your light. Hit a mirror to experience what the BG will experience in different light levels.
      I am an unpaid spokesperson and talented valet for Randy Harris and Harris Combative Strategies.
    • By Cruel Hand Luke
      Kalashnikov Rifle Marksmanship, Kalashnikov Armorer, and Kalashnikov Rifle Gunfighting! 
      ON FRIDAY OCTOBER 11....................
      Kalashnikov Rifle Marksmanship
      October 11, 2019
      Dayton, TN 
      Price : $200 (Discount available when combined with Kalashnikov class on Oct 12-13)
      Instructor: Randy Harris
      True mastery of anything begins with fundamentals and this class lays the foundation for safely, effectively and efficiently running the AK platform of rifles. Instead of trying to run an AK like an AR you will learn the most efficient ways to load, fire and maintain the most common infantry rifle in the world- the Kalashnikov pattern rifle. You will learn how to place fight stopping hits with precision , proactive and reactive reloads, malfunction clearance, transition to pistol and using the rifle from different shooting positions. Whether you are using it in a military context, as a police patrol rifle or as a civilian defensive rifle this class will shore up the fundamental skill sets that will put you on the road to being more skilled than the majority of AK users worldwide. There is no prerequisite for this class and it is especially suitable for those who are new to the AK pattern rifle.
      DURATION: 1 day TIME: 8:30AM to 4:30PM AMMUNITION: Approx. 250 rounds (Minimum) RANGE & GEAR REQUIREMENTS: The usual range safety gear you always take to go shooting. A quality 7.62x39 based rifle. ComBloc is fine, SIG 556R is fine too. Sling on the rifle. At least three magazines, and accompanying pouches (chest rig is fine, war belt is fine, sneaky bag is fine). Bring a pistol with a way to carry it incorporated with your rifle system.
      For more info and to sign up....https://suarezinternational.com/kalashnikov-rifle-marksmanship-october-11-2019-dayton-tn/?ctk=b6226e3c-c2f7-4c47-85a9-42de141db3f0
      Kalashnikov Armorer
      October 11, 2019
      Dayton, TN 
      Price: $125
      Instructor: Randy Harris
      This class covers complete disassembly, reassembly, maintenance and general knowledge of internal workings of the AK operating system. We will also cover complete disassembly and reassembly of the bolt and complete fire control group and cover modifications to make your gun a little more user friendly without making it less reliable. This is not just a lecture, it is a hands on experience. Suggested equipment: If you have small needle nose pliers and a small set of punches and a small gunsmithing hammer that will make life easier. We have some for the class to use but if you have your own tools please bring them. Also a cleaning kit is a good idea so you can clean your rifle once it is disassembled.  
      DURATION: 1 day TIME: 6:00PM to 10:00PM AMMUNITION: NONE   Fro more info and to register.....https://suarezinternational.com/kalashnikov-armorer-october-11-2019-dayton-tn/?ctk=c6406e85-67b9-43e8-860e-539ffaa3d999
      Kalashnikov Rifle Gunfighting
      October 12 - 13, 2019
      Dayton, TN 
      Price: $350
      Instructor: Randy Harris
      Suarez International was among the first to recognize the AK system and it's usefulness as a Civil Defense Rifle in the USA.                        

      Rifle confrontations worldwide rarely exceed 25 yards. Rather than a long range marksman's weapon, our research shows the rifle will most likely be used just outside the reach of more conventional weapons, as well as within these closer intervals of confrontation.

      This course will take the student quickly through the basics and impart the techniques necessary to deploy an AK type rifle in a close interval emergency. This course is highly recommended for civilian defenders, military personnel, or police operators (we make no distinction in the material presented).
      DURATION: 2 days TIME: 9:00AM to 5:00PM
      AMMUNITION: Approx. 500 rounds (Minimum) RANGE & GEAR REQUIREMENTS: The usual range safety gear you always take to go shooting. A quality 7.62x39 based rifle. ComBloc is fine, SIG 556R is fine too. Sling on the rifle. At least three magazines, and accompanying pouches (chest rig is fine, war belt is fine, sneaky bag is fine). Bring a pistol with a way to carry it incorporated with your rifle system.
      Also Helpful
      Bring spare clothing appropriate for the weather, including a hat, sunscreen, and bug repellent. Plan to bring lunch, snacks, and water (min 1 gallon per person) for the entire day unless driving to lunch is a viable option from the range location. Bring allergy medication (if needed), a chair (if you prefer), note taking supplies, and a boo boo kit (band aids, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment and tape). You may wish to bring pads such as knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves if the class lends itself to that.
      RANGE:  The Ridge 
      11534 Rhea County Hwy, Hwy 27 
      Dayton, TN 37321 
      DIRECTIONS: Range is located on HWY 27 just north of Dayton TN
      Take HWY 27 North from Dayton TN.
      Go 3.2 miles. Look for mailbox with a Glock on it on the right hand side of the road. Take the paved driveway up the hill. 

      If you get to the golf course on hwy 27 you have gone too far.
      Just a short ride from Chattanooga or Cleveland.
      For more info and to register.....https://suarezinternational.com/kalashnikov-rifle-gunfighting-october-12-13-2019-dayton-tn/?ctk=6aafe5c0-c444-44c7-a443-de9954c1c1dc

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