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SIG P365 light strikes!

Will Carry

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I have shot two boxes of Remington target loads through my new P365. That is 100 rounds. Of that 100 rounds I have had three light primer strikes and one failure to eject. WTH!  I sold my Ruger LC9s when I bought t his Sig. My LC9s that has never failed to fire. My Glock has never failed to fire. My Colt 1911 has never failed! This is the worst experience I have had with a pistol since that Diamondback 380 (it should be called the Moneyback 380).  Should I send it back to SIG or feed more ammo through it? If this pistol is ammo sensitive I will get rid of it. 

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If it were mine I would try another couple of boxes of ammo and see what happened. If I had more problems then I would send it back. 


I've had mine since they first came out, 1500 or so rounds with no FTF or FTE, not that has any bearing on how yours is performing. 


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Maybe shoot a few more rounds through it but I would not hesitate to send it back to Sig. The 365 has had issues since they released it. I was hoping the new ones had everything worked out because I would like to add one to my collection. 

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This isn’t the first I’ve heard of the P365 having problems. Tim over at Military Arms Channel had two of them in a row break in him and others are reporting that it’s not standing up to moderate use. 😕

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Remington target loads are shotgun shells. I’m surprised they cycled at all! :-\

JK… :) I use WWB for range ammo and Federal HST or Hydra Shok for carry. Those are proven performers. If my guns won’t work with that; they go back. (I’ve only had to do it once)

I’d ask SIG for a shipping label and send it back. You paid a lot for that SIG name and SIG quality; you should get it. There are plenty of guns that cost far less that will fire "most" of the time.

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Thanks for the replies! I purchased the Sig in October of 2018. The serial number is 66A220###.   The ammo I was shooting was not Remington but Winchester 124 grain FMJs. I bought 1000 rounds when they were on sale. The three light strike rounds were recycled after I examined them and all of them fired on the second try. 


My local gun shop has excellent service. I bought the Diamondback 380 from him, it broke so they sent me another one, it broke so they sent me another one and it was unreliable so Clay at Fuquay Guns gave me $300 for it, even though he was selling them for $275. I put the $300 down on a …..Sig P238.  That little pistol is a honey!  It is what I carry most of the time with a S&W snubby as a back up.

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I have heard that if any oil gets down into the striker channel that will cause light strikes. I don't know how much trouble it would be to remove the striker and make sure it is clean and dry. I know this is discussed in the Sig Sauer forums.

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Send it back to Sig.  They'll fix it.

Mine has been dead-nuts reliable, but obviously they had problems with early production runs.  I've had problems with Smith and Wesson M&Ps, Glocks, Kimbers, Remingtons... you name it.  These are mechanical things made by people.  You're going to have problems sooner or later if you buy enough and shoot enough.

The measure of quality is whether the manufacturer stands behind it and fixes whatever the issue was.

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I’ve had around 700 flawless rounds in my 365 with Remington umc target ammo as well as federal brass ammo. Both about as cheap of brass case ammo you can find.

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Sig quality has went down hill since the last 10 years or so. And in my opinion , so has Glock. I have gotten to where I only buy firearms that are time tested like a Glock 17 or a Sig P6. The next "best thing" that pops up isn't always the reliable gun it seems. I have used this thought since I was 21 years old and it has always did me right. I "veered" off once and got a new just released pistol called the CZ P-07. It was a piece of crap. The frame bowed outwards , the magazine stuck , and the trigger didn't reset. I do like CZ but I should have waited for CZ to refine it.

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