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9mm barrel twist

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I've been looking at aftermarket barrels for a S&W M&P 9c (1.0 version with a 3.5" barrel), that I recently bought. Some barrels are a 1:10 twist, but I noticed that Storm Lake offers their barrel with a 1:16 twist. Can anyone tell me why a slower twist might be preferred to the 1:10 twist in the shorter barrel? Thanks in advance.

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The 1:16 might generally be preferred for a bigger heavier bullet. Use whatever the barrel manufacturer recommends for the bullet you are going to use.

If I’m not mistaken S&W uses 1:16 for the .40S&W and 1:10 for the 9MM, I think the 9MM use to be 1:18 and they changed it.

If Storm Lake and Smith & Wesson disagree on which twist is more accurate on a Smith & Wesson; you have a decision to make. :)

My opinion is that my M&P 40C is a belly gun and I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. But that opinion is worth exactly what you paid for it.

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1/16 is a typical 22LR rifling twist-at least it is what my CMMG Sierra upper uses.Seems 45ACP also uses that twist-9MM is using 1/10 more universally.

Kinda weird that they use the same twist for real light bullets and very heavy bullets.

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Thanks everyone. I shoot 115 &124 grain 9mm, so I think a 1:10 twist would be fine. I just couldn't figure why a 1:16 twist would be made. I appreciate the input.

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