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Picked up one about a month ago and like it.

Had Truglo H3 sights put on it.

It had a 7 to 7.5 pound trigger and the rough Glock trigger face.

Well this is the first Glock I have decided to mod.

I used fine wet/dry paper to smooth the trigger face and make the trigger safety lever even with the trigger when the trigger is pulled.

I polished the metal internals with 500/1000/2000 grit polish compound and polishing wheell .

The polishing dropped the trigger pull down about a pound due to removing some very rough edges. You will get rough edges on stamped metal.

I then replaced the striker spring with a Ghost INC. 4.5 pound spring and the safety plunger spring with a Ghost INC. reduced power spring. This reduce the pull down to 4.5 pounds. This is the best and cheapest way to reduce the trigger pull.

All this cost me $10.23 for the Ghost springs and has given me a good trigger and is much easier for me to shoot accurately.

I have shot the pistol after each mod to see what improved and what needs more improvement. I have gotten to the point where I am very happy with this pistol for carry.

I now have about 1,450 rounds thru it.

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All I've done to mine is change the sights.  I love Glock plastic sights...because they are so easy to remove lol.  I'll polish the internals sooner or later, but I doubt I'll mess with springs on a carry gun.  

I was irritated that Comp-Tac wouldn't make a CTAC for the 48 and I told them more than once.  One day, I realized that they make a 43 CTAC.  I bought one and put the Dremel to work.  Now I have the best carry gun I've ever bought with the best IWB holster made 😀

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Just a FYI. Ghost inc. has dropped the prices on the reduced firing pin springs and reduced power safety plunger springs so with shipping they are under $9.00.

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