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TGO David

ad closed For Sale - Heckler and Koch HK VP9 9mm Full Size

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Sometimes I do not make the smartest decisions.  No, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this gun.  It is a superb firearm and is insanely accurate and exhibits the typically obsessive Teutonic over-engineering of any H&K firearm.  There's a reason why they have such a cult following and it starts with Q and ends with UALITY.

Rather, the issue here is ME.  This is the second time that I have owned this exact firearm.  The first time I sold it to a friend and fellow TGO'er unfired, new, pristine in the box and I bought it back from him essentially in the same condition.  I think perhaps he shot a box or two of ammo through it although one really couldn't tell.

But... I have.  I have fired exactly 100 rounds through it which was enough to remind me that I am forever broken by 25 years of shooting Glocks and other guns with similar grip angles.  The VP9 is just different enough that I found myself driving my shots low without considerable effort and focus.  Muscle memory is, as they say, a bitch.

So, the problem here is that the VP9 really just doesn't have a place in my arsenal.  As much as I like the gun and as much as I want to make it work for me... I am cursed.


Since taking this photo I have replaced the goofy Meprolight night sights with far superior Night Fision night sights with vibrant orange outlined Tritium front post and a rear sight with U-notch surrounded by two subdued Tritium vials.  It's a very quick sighting system that still allows for tight accuracy when you need it, but also lets you push down on the gas pedal and run it fast when combat accuracy is sufficient.  I have the Meprolights still on hand and will include them.


I am into this $500 for the gun, and $100 for the sights.   I will be happy to just clear the $500 on the gun, so that is what I am asking for the sale price.


Local sale only, face to face, cash money.  Must meet in Williamson County.


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Bump back to the top.  I also have for this gun...

  • Squared Away Customs "Oscar" OWB holster, right hand carry, chocolate brown Kydex.
  • Squared Away Customs mag pouch, left hand carry, Kydex.
  • Two spare mags (for a total of four mags).

Will throw in these items at the asking price of $500 for the package this week.  That's nearly $200 worth of extras that you can either keep or sell to recoup some of your money.


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I had the exact same issue with mine. Bought it, was all giddy about it. Took it to the range and HATED it. This will make an awesome pistol for someone who hasn't been tainted by glock's.

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4 hours ago, RC3 said:

I had the exact same issue with mine. Bought it, was all giddy about it. Took it to the range and HATED it. This will make an awesome pistol for someone who hasn't been tainted by glock's.


I can't say I hated it.  Very opposite.  I think I hated myself for the fact that I'm so conditioned to Glock Wrist now.  The VP9 is ergonomically a better gun in almost every other way. 

The Germans know how to make great guns!  The Austrians are getting there.  lol

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I have many HKs as well as other brands and if I didn't already have the VP and VPSK, I'd grab it from you right now. But I recently dumped a boatload of funds into my Nighthawks...

I never heard of those sights before and I see they are very close to being Trijicon HDs but cheaper.... 😯
I swap almost all my sights with Trij HDs because getting old, my eyes suck.

Regarding being stuck on Glock, it's a matter of training. I'm not knocking you for your choices of fire arms, but I refuse to beckon to any reason to just be proficient in one brand. People say to me, "Is it confusing"? No..... "what about the mag release", no.... In fact, it's the easiest and best method out there away from traditional button styles.

Anywho, I've practiced with each of my pistols so often that you can blind fold me, take any pistol out of my safe and put it in my hand and I'll tell you within seconds what I'm holding. When carrying, I like to change my carry around for different occasions, dress or weather. I won't just buy different models of the same brand just to do that. Lately, I swap out from my VPSK to my Sig 938 and mostly to my my Sig 365... No problemos. I have complete faith in them.

Don't get yourself stuck in just Glock... You may need to have to fire something else in an emergency and fumble to do so. Just IMHO... 😀
Good luck with the sale. But I'd really like to see you crack the wall and master the VP though. 😉

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