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German Sport Guns FIREFLY 22LR (ATI Import)


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Liked the looks, features, and feel of FIREFLY   when first saw these a year or so ago at $189.99 (that day decided on the GSG 1911 22LR for $239.99).  BTW, you may know GSG made the Mosquito for Sig and Sig gave it up.

Anyway, for a Low Priced Gun Buyer like me to spend the extra $50 for the GSG was a struggle. BTW, I say Low Priced vs saying Cheap cause makes me feel better. LOL Might add the GSG 1911 is a "I LIKE", feels good, shoots good and accurate , basically reliable (a few hiccups now and then). 

Anyway, Smoky Mtn Gun & Ammo sent E Mail (get them near daily) on the FIREFLY for $159.99 with TWO MAGS (normally gun comes with one MAG).  Don't laugh cause it is a Robin Blue Color Slide (only one on sale, at least it ain't Pink).  Actually, I like the look - it's just that it is a bit "girly" looking.

I add U-Tube Reviews are not the best (AMMO SENSITIVE) but it is advertised as needing 22LR HV AMMO (think 1250FPS or over is recommended). It does come with am extra Recoil Spring for lower velocity AMMO (not sure that helps and I have not tried it). 

So far so good, cleaned and lubricated before the first shoot where I ran 4 different AMMOS (Remington Golden Bullet, only had 20 rounds of that, and Remington Thunderbolt, Federal AM Eagle, and Blazer (made by Spear, CCI)).  All worked OK in my mind, but did have three Fail To Fire (one with the Federal three trigger pulls that fired later when I inserted the round rotated to a different angle) and two Remington Thunderbolts (fired on the second trigger pull). 

The gun is single or double action, has a hammer release, slide safety, and easy breakdown lever.  Trigger pull is heavy double (I think advertised as around 11 or 12 lbs and around 7 lbs single action). I am not as accurate with it as the GSG 1911 (say 3 or 4 inch circle at 30 feet). FIREFLY might need a bit of sight adjustment as seem to get a bit left of target (but also get some on target.  BTW, I am not a 1 inch circle shooter at 30 feet, more like 4 inch circle (maybe 3 inch at my best). 

ANYWAY, main thing is so far I am satisfied at $159.99 with two MAGS. 

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Been a few rounds thru the Firefly (guess few hundred). Can't jump up and down and praise it, but still like the feel and look (even the Robin Blue colored slide). And at $159 (plus tax and background with 2 MAGs) I am not too disappointed, not over joyed either.   

Basically, same review as in initial posts after some use. 

Trigger Break is strong. I found I have better results with the first joint from finger tip on the trigger (better groups). Last shoot of 15 rounds from 30 feet at 2 inch target FREE Hand had 11 rounds in a 2 inch group a bit off center to left and low  (other 4 were within 3 inch of center). - BTW, I am not an expert shooter).  That was after shooting at 21 feet to figure out sight alignment (from to rear sight). That 21 foot group (decent) was in a group from just below center to 3 inches below center. 

FAILURES - I had at least 4 Fail To Fire (some fired second pull, reset hammer and fire), some had to take the round out and rotate it in MAG (it fired then). Remington Thunderbolt, I know is not the most reliable AMMO, but seldom fails in my other 22s and does in this one nearly every shoot. I did not have any Fail To Eject or Fail to Load on the 30 rounds, but I have had occasional in past. 

PS: I shoot Thunderbolt because been getting it a Floyd's Golf and Guns for $14.99, $12.99 sale, and Thanksgiving and now XMAS at $9.99  Add Tax of 9.74% here. THAT BE 500 Round Box.

BTW: I changed the Recoil Spring on a previous outing about half way thru that shoot. They give you two recoil springs with the gun (spare I think is for lower speed AMMO - Thunderbolt is 1235FPS and has shot decently with old spring).  I tried some Aquila 1255 FPS and had a lot of failures (not buy that again, costs more than Thunderbolt anyway).  

MFG recommends 1250 FPS.

So, summary (My Opinion) -- It's a decent gun at $159 (or $189 ?)::::

If you get two MAGS (normally only comes with one),

If you like a pretty gun (Robin Blue Slide LOL - that was the only one on sale when I bought it),

If you like some decent features: hammer gun with double or single action, easy breakdown lever (assembly can be a problem as recoil spring has partial rod to hold it straight, when I put the spare spring in, I used a 22 cleaning rod to hold the end of the spring straight), has a de-cock lever, safety on slide, feels good in hand,

If you are willing to put up with some failures, strong trigger break, and AMMO sensitive for target shooting.  


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All I know is what I read.


My guess is the reason for Sig not continuing selling the Mosquito is probably related to the issues I have with my Fire-Fly.

Lately, Fail to Fire (require a couple attempts on some rounds). Can't remember last time I had that with other 22s using Thunderbolt. So, I blame this on the gun.  I think not related to AMMO.   

Still I enjoy it for the $169,99 including an extra MAG that I bought it for (Sale was only on Robin Blue Slide). That, and fact able to use the cheap (been 2.2 to 2.86 cents per round) Remington Thunderbolt with some issues (Fail to Fire occasionally).  

Maybe a chance to drill the clearing of Failures. (not that I do work on that, I just hit it (Double Action) and if still a No Fire,  drop the MAG and see if a round loaded. Then take it out and put it in the mag rotated for a strike at different spot on the rim). . 


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Personal Opinion Coming. Be warned.

Ok...I've owned the Firefly and the Mosquito. Both absolute pieces of junk. Again...jmo.

Poor appearance and fit. Misfeeds, prone to jams. Inaccurate as hell. Seemed like cheap "pot-metal" construction. 

Found a sucker walking around in a Mufreesboro show about 8 years ago who wanted them. I parted happily and took his cash. Almost felt sorry for him. Yes, I did tell him my experiences with them, but he said that he was a 22 "expert" and could fix anything wrong with them. 

I got 350 for both, which was less than I had in the trade I'd origionally made to get them. Didn't care. Wanted them gone. Gave him a number to call if he had concerns and actually gave a week to give his money back. I never will try to cheat anyone. I've been lied to on pistols and I will not do it to make a sale. Period.

I was honest in my thoughts and wanted him to know what I was selling. I never heard from him, so maybe he did "fix" them. 

I now own 2 GSG 22 pistols with threaded barrels. They function well, though neither like the Thunderbolt ammo, and are reliable and fun to shoot. One is a full size and the other a commander. Reasonable accurate. Meaning they are better than I'm capable of. lol I have about 400 in both of them and not concerned about it.

Just fun little 22s. 

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Mine seems better than at first - I have been using Remington Thunderbolt entirely lately because bought 1500 rounds at just under $11 per 500 rounds (less than $0.022 per round). 

I still get a Fail To Fire occasionally - last time out had no failures. I did change the Recoil Spring *used the extra one they sent with it). Thunderbolt is supposedly 1235 FPS (obvious you occasionally here a weak round - it's cheap, but not the best).  

I treat it as just another gun to play with. 

Accuracy depends on the shooter and I am not an expert. last time with the Firefly at 21 feet, using a chair to sit on and hands / arms actually / rested on the shelf at the range I shot 20 rounds (2 inch diameter group that was 2 inches low).  Blame the Low on not figured out exactly where to set the front sight with the rear sight - spread is Me (ability), Thunderbolt AMMO, Harder Trigger Pull.

I do a little better with the SW22 Victory (which has modifications of 2 lb trigger pull, better sight picture, longer barrel, and is more of a quality Target Type Pistol). I shot 30 rounds today (15 each at two targets) at 21 feet at rest (same as when used the Firefly). I was pretty tight in a 2 inch diameter Splatter Burst Target (maybe say 1 1/2 inch group including I was raising the rear sight a bit as went along cause started out shooting low within the the 2 inch target).  

Just saying, the GSG Firefly is what it is (not as good as the GSG 1911, but nearly). GSG 1911 is easier to shoot (better trigger for one).  

I would like to post pictures of both -- can't get pictures into this web site. GROAN

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Thought I would update my experiences with the GSG Firefly. 

I will say I am OK with it at the price of $159.99 including 2 MAGS vs normal 1 MAG on a sale deal at Smky Mtn Gun and AMMO  (add Tax and Background) for the Robin Blue Slide model.  I like the look (despite Robin Blue Slide 🙂 ), feel, and features of a Hammer, a Decock, etc.). I mean it's as entertaining as any other gun to mess with.  

BTW, Dave's Picture Procedure works (part of the reason I updated this was to make sure I could put pictures in the TXT).  


Also, should point out I have been shooting only Remington Thunderbolt 22LR (considered somewhat cheap and inconsistent AMMO by some). Maybe adds to the Failures?

However at recent prices of $0.022 or $0.0286 PER ROUND, I have been shooting it in all my 22LR Pistols. It SHOOTS with very infrequent failures in all pistols except the FIREFLY.

On average, I get 1 Fail to Fire per MAG (or per 2 MAGS). Also, get an occasional Fail to Eject (some stovepipes). Also, the TRIGGER (break) is a bit strong on this pistol, I am getting better with that.  

I recently (couple range visits ago) installed the spare (extra) recoil spring they sent with the gun.  I understand it is for lower powered AMMO (MFG Recommends 1250 FPS and Thunderbolt is 1235 FPS). I think I have those numbers correct.  

I also replaced the taller front sight with the shorter front sight (because It was shooting low and I had to raise the front sight in relation to the rear which resulted in covering up the target). I still aim at the bottom of a 4 inch target using the shorter front sight to hit closer to the center (actually I like that view of the target). 

 This day I realized shooting low.  Later replaced front sight with lower sight.


Then with lower sight had this result, took me a bit to realize needed to AIM Low. Then went Free Hand and was shooting High Right (me I guess). 


Next visit to the range did better and drew the sight picture (front to rear alignment) for the GSG Firefly and the Heritage Revolver. 








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