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p938 and 911 barrel/slide/frame fit?

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So I'm thinking of upgrading my carry from an gen 1 LCP to a micro 1911 (I like the platform and that's what I typically shoot).  I understand for 1911s, we check the barrel to slide to frame fit and that's typically an indication of quality/accuracy.

I've handled about 3 or 4 different Sig p938s and a Springfield 911 recently.  And they are loose - lateral movement of the slide, able to press down and move the barrel, etc.  

Did I just happen upon poor representaion of these guns?  They are just made with super loose fit to improve reliability?  How accurate are these guns?

Thank you!

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I own 2 P238's and for what they are, they are very accurate at the distance they are designed to shoot and havent had any reliability issues with either one. 

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Me personally, I don't mind loose as long as it shoots a decent group.  I definitely all about balance between accuracy and dependibility.  

Big change in platform between the LCP and a 1911 style of pistol though, going from a double action only to a single action.

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You have to shoot them to see. Repeatability between the slide (Sights) and the barrel is what matters. Too tight of a fit and you can lock up when it get hot. Too loose and it may not repeat. Although many folks say theirs does.

However… micro guns are belly guns not target guns. Nothing wrong with that; that’s just their application.

Dependability not accuracy would be my concern with a short barrel 1911. I don’t know anything about that SIG, but I would research it instead of a 1911 if you want a micro.

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