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Most of my Colt products are pistols.  I've only had one rifle from Colt.  I not surprised they are getting out of the rifle market.

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Whether we like it or not in principle, the AR market has become completely commoditized, and margins are razor thin.  And only even then when everything goes just right and there is no disruption to the supply chain. 

Colt’s finances - even post bankruptcy - are sketchy at best.  

Seems like there ought to always be room for the 6920, but I get it. 

They’re trying to survive. 

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1 minute ago, tnhawk said:

Most of my Colt products are pistols.  I've only had one rifle from Colt.  I not surprised they are getting out of the rifle market.

Connecticut-based Colt Firearms last week reportedly signaled they are exiting the consumer rifle market in coming days.

The consumer market is what Colt is leaving. The .government is still going to be able to buy. 

The 2nd is there for a reason, when the .government has better firearms than the people the 2nd is lost. The 2nd has been stepped on for far to long!!!

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They can’t compete in todays market. Too many players with good products, at a lower cost. (AR's & 1911's)

They can try to bring back their revolver line. But I doubt there are enough buyers in high priced revolvers to keep them going. They might have a chance if they priced themselves in line with S&W and Ruger; but I doubt they will.

They need a polymer gun cops will want. (So the civilian market will want it) They tried that once and fell flat on their face.


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Looks like this has spilled over to its own thread after mention in the handgun section. Folks may be jumping the gun calling it done based on partial info and emphasis.  I also have a tin foil hat theory on this one.

As it said later in that article, " Colt’s rifle line production is occupied, at least for the time being, with outstanding contracts which include orders through police and defense channels. "    Operative works being...for the time being.

Its reported elsewhere this is a resource reallocation simply to meet there gov contracts and comm to comeback. It is also reported they have SOCOMS and related parts on order for later production (both comm and gov). They have used overruns from gov contracts on the commercial line on that model. The commercial SOCOMS are a success for them, and sell as many as they can slap together. They are not likely to stop that gravy train for a clearly over carbine.  

In the lead up to this with low manpower, the quality has take a hit. Its a good move. Hope they get there stuff in order and come back with an improved comm rifle production sense.

Now with foiled hat in hand, I would not be too surprised if they were intentionally vague. Nothing sells like a scare. If you want to get folks to buy a product, say its going to not be available. especially in a saturated market with less expensive competition. You sell what is out in inventory with rising pricing. The commercial SOCOM uppers are up $200 recently and folks are actively searching them.

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