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An SKS Bullpup reconfigure.....

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The back ground for this project is off a deal I made with my son this past Christmas. In lue of any Christmas gifts, I would just do some basic gunsmith work on his guns threw the year. So, he buys this CBRPS bullpup stock for his SKS and the trigger system the thing has is a sliding trigger and rails system that just flat out would not work the action reliably no matter what I did to it. Pure crapola! In frustration, I decided to ditch the bulk of the SKS trigger system for a much simpler mil spec parts set that would run the SKS hammer. With this new set up I could modify the bull pup trigger into a pull forward connecting rod rather that the sliding trigger and rails that originally were supposed to work the stock SKS trigger. The new parts I used were a M1 Carbine trigger and a FAL trigger seer cut to fit the carbine trigger. With these fit and positioned just right, I achieved a perfect zero creep single stage pull on the nearly stock SKS hammer. The final product pull weight is running 10.5 pounds but with the super wide aluminum trigger, it feels much lighter and no creep is a pleasure in any thing that goes bang.
 Here you can see how it all hooks up with the main trigger now pivoting on its own axis pin rather than that of a sliding assembly. And I installed a HK grip over the plastic nub of a grip that was there.
 The original mag system for this stock was cut tapco mags. Once again, just crapola in the raw. One of the tapcos was cut a little off and basically made it an example of why you should not cut these mags without a true jig that replicates the correct angles consistently. Rock & lock on this tight a unit is very un-natural. So, the solution was to install one of Marcus's G-9 adapters that would let me run AR mags but in my case, I would only do it if I could modify the receiver and BHO to function off Stock, UN cut ASC AR mags. And that is what you see on this pup. For this to be reality, it takes no more than 1 hour of machine work on the receiver and some minor reconfiguration of the bolt hold open plate. And these mods will not hinder the rifles function in the least if one were to put the stock fixed 10 round box back on the receiver. Marcus has all the technical machine operations needed to run the G-9 adapter with factory stock AR mags. In addition to the receiver mods for this, the drop free bolt mod is slightly different since the bolt needs to be narrowed a tad more and the length of the cut needs to be lengthened slightly so as to effect a clean pick up of cartridges from the un cut AR mag.
  Also, the inherit design of the AR mag with its straight body on top of its curved portion, demands a pair of 5 & 7 O-clock feed ramps be cut into the chamber face. Otherwise, when the follower gets light pressure under the forward part of the cartridges, the bullet tip will stab the chamber face just below the chamber mouth. The AR chamber face configuration does not suffer from this problem since its ramped lugs pitch the bullet up into the chamber right from the git go.
The other issue I had to resolve was what was to be used as a folding rear sight that would be rock solid yet able to move left & right for windage so I could pre align the base so my knob adjustment could maintain center of the protective wings. The pictures show the solution with 2 belly screws threw the ladder sight, once loosened allows the sight base to move left or right threw oblong cut screw holes in the aluminum base body.
Personally, I'm not a fan of bull pups in general but this is something my son wanted to play with so this one is as practical a shooter as I could have made it. The barrel is just a tad over 16" and it does in fact shoot where you point it!

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Wow. If ever there was a frankenrifle, that's it. It's a SKSM1FALARHK.  :)  

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That is one interesting looking rifle!

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You can be pretty sure that if anyone takes it they will have zero idea how to even begin using it. Lol

Nice work frank'en it up. You have some skill.  

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