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Shield Trigger Reset Problem

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A buddy and I went to the range this weekend and shot his Shield 45 for a while.  He has had trigger problems before and it has been back to Smith twice to fix this same issue.   Was hoping yall might be able to tell me your thoughts.   What do you think is causing the trigger to pause before it resets?  




Its a little hard to see in the video but the trigger hangs every single time.   My finger is at the front of the trigger guard nearly every time before the trigger moves.  


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Not sure what the problem could be but I can tell you that it would drive me crazy.  I'd lose patience with that pretty quickly.

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I have no idea, I don’t try to troubleshoot them; they just go back. But I had trigger issues with one of my M&P’s. It also went back twice. All my previous M&P’s had LEO SKU’s and I never had anything this bad. This was a PERFORMANCE CENTER M&P9L PRO SERIES C.O.R.E., the trigger was terrible.

After I sent it back the first time and they sent it back saying it was acceptable, I wrote a real letter to the President of S&W and the Firearms Director and mailed them.  Within a few days, probably the day the letters arrived; I got a call from a S&W Customer Service rep. He said he had just left the Firearms Directors officer and he was told to fix the problem. He told me he had talked to the head of the PERFORMANCE CENTER and to send the gun back and that I didn’t even have to put a letter with it; just put ATTN: his name on the outside of the box. I did, and I got it back with nothing done.

What did I learn? I learned that he was an azzhat and wanted to show me who was boss. Every company has some worthless lowlifes working for them and unfortunately this time I found one of theirs. If that gun was ever in the PERFORMANCE CENTER it was on a cart passing through.

I put a full Apex Trigger in it and called it a day. It was a lot better, but I didn’t think it was worthy of all the hype.

Since then I bought a standard M2 Compact 4" 40S&W. It had a much better trigger than the PERFORMANCE CENTER, PRO SERIES. 

Maybe your friend will have better luck finding a CS rep that wants to do their job than I did.

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Clearly it's binding somewhere. The mechanism isn't that complicated. Strange that the pull isn't similarly affected. 

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18 minutes ago, peejman said:

Clearly it's binding somewhere. The mechanism isn't that complicated. Strange that the pull isn't similarly affected. 

I think its only catching at the very end of the pull, so I don't think its noticeable on the pull, only on the reset. 


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