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.38 Special 158gr SWCHP deal.

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I noticed the other day that I was very low on .38 factory ammo. My preferred SD round has always been the tried and true 158gr SWCHP +P. Commonly referred to as the "FBI Load". it was pretty much the standard Police load back when wheel guns were king.  Over the years this load has been made by Federal, Remington and Winchester. I got to searching the internet and it seems that this load is getting hard to find. It just ain't out there.  I did find some Winchester at $46 per box. 

After a bit of searching I found Lucky Gunner had Federal for $20 per box of 50.  Depending on how much you buy, with shipping and tax, it'll run about $22-23 per box. That's a heck of a deal folks! :up:

So if you're like me and have a fondness for revolvers, now is a good time to stock up on this ammo. ;) 

Lucky Gunner .38 Spl 158gr SWCHP

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Looking at the specs for both these rounds, I’m not seeing any difference. The Prvi is the better deal.

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1 hour ago, Moped said:

Looking at the specs for both these rounds, I’m not seeing any difference. The Prvi is the better deal.

I've used Prvi ammo for years without issues. I like it. Especially the 9mm.

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I've experienced some pretty serious leading from Privi in my .38's and .32's. They are decent rounds, but a PIA to clean up afterwards.

For standard velocity "store bought" I prefer Fiocchi ammo. They make incredibly accurate ammo in .32 S&W (wadcutters) and standard velocity .38 spl (wadcutters).

But I handload the overwhelming majority of my practice ammo.

While expensive, I carry Speer Gold Dot .38 spl "Short Barrel" +P loads in my J Frame and LCR.

I do have some of the old Winchester "FBI" loads on the speed strips in my pocket though. :)

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