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Hallelujah! an 1892 parts gun reborn!

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I'v all ways wanted to own one of these iconic guns but never had the loose cash for one. I all ways figured I'd run into a fixer upper and actually bought a ratted out one at a gun show that was a 44-40 SRC. It was rough but thought I could rebarrel it. Well, once I got it home and took a real good look at it, I found that the pitting on the sides of the receiver actually had all ready been belt sanded to way, way thinner receiver side walls. Basically, it was a wall hanger. I ended up selling it and got my money back despite a detailed description of the monkey work on the receiver.
   Well, like most things, if you have patience and a little luck, this one came my way by way of buying out an old BP gunsmith this past fall. This 92 was in the shop and he let it go with the rest of the stuff. It was missing all the barrel parts forward the receiver aside from its rotted out 25-20 octagon barrel. A few action parts were missing and the lower stock tang stock screw hole was welded solid. Considering I about tripled my investment on selling off all the BP parts, this 92 was less than free if there could be such a thing. Everygunpart.com & Ebay to the rescue!
I figured I would build a 357 and found a Miroku made Winchester 1873 barrel on Ebay and snatched it up despite not knowing if it had the same threads. I only had to weld a second notch on the chamber face up and the barrel screwed right into the Winchester 92 action perfectly. A few weeks ago, everygunpart had a Rossi 357 Puma 92 for sale and I snatched that up for mainly the small diameter firing pin bolt assembly. I also used the Rossi cartridge guides, loading gate, bolt locks, mag cap and follower. By the time I sell all the other Rossi parts, Its still a relatively small cost. So, anyway, the Gun Gods were extra good to me on this since the barrel clocked out perfectly tight onto the receiver with the extractor cut dead on at its 12 O clock position. On top of that, the head space with the Rossi bolt was dead on!!! Whats the chances of THAT?  I should have ran out and bought some lotto tickets.....but didn't. The Ebay forend was sanded below metal fit so I shortened the forend front and rear by about 1/8th each and re cut the wood into the cap and receiver. I hate when people sand those edges down. Miroku soldered the mag ring onto the barrel so I did the same with an original ring since they had a large diam ring on there. All in all, the gun came out as a nice shooter with a franken twist. I finally own a some what, kinda, sorta original 1892! and yeah, I like the folding Marlin sight....

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Those are wonderful rifles and the story is great.

Here is mine. It is a 38-40 government chamber with octagon barrel. I haven't shoot it in years. Need to change that.


Not the best pic but I really like this old rifle.

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7 hours ago, Pickaroon said:

That’s outstanding. Seriously. How does it shoot?

Not to bad since the barrel has some pitting in the grooves at the chamber end. Miroku makes some nice stuff machining wise. I only have 38's right now and will fine tune my zero once I get some decent 357 rnds. Looking over top my bifocals, this group is about as good as its going to get out of me these days. Oh, one thing about doing this out of Rossi parts is that their 92 does not share the same threads on the barrel shank, tang screw, hammer screw or a couple of the other screws. The screw head diameters are same but they use a much finer metric thread on nearly all the screws.


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The neat thing is you can take it out and shoot it without worryingly about shooting a valuable collectible.

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