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New Indoor Range - Family Fun Indoor Range (Sevierville, TN)

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I couldn't decide where to post this shooting range information, so, I picked this topic.  Might be good under women's topic also as it is a unique range (for women basically). However, men are accepted, read the story and you will see. 

This range is located where the Sevierville, TN Indoor Range use to be (it closed sometime back). 

I POST this because it is a Unique Sort of Range based on this statement. 
The Only Indoor Shooting Range in the Country Designed Specifically for 
"Women, Their Families and Friends"!

Go to their Web Site for more Information. 


CLICK on the links at bottom of the Web Page for their FACEBOOK and MYSFWA (some sort of women's firearms organization). 

I POST INFO in case you live near Sevierville, TN and want to check the range out. They are nice friendly people, they do offer classes of all kinds (shooting, CC, safety, fitting gun to hand, even a safety class for children 6 and up. And, found out they do allow men (not just families of women).   

I think  the owner of the range is also founder of SFWA Organization. They have done a great job of remodeling (looks like a women's salon).

LONG STORY: End result is I did get the $100 year shooting membership, thin because of contacts I made Sat and SUN.   

A friend that is a member of Sevier County Gun Club (SCGC) sent me an EMAIL for what looked like an offer for a years shooting membership for $100 at Fam Fun Indoor Range.  

I called the range Nov 30 (offer expired Dec 1) to check on the deal. I found out latte (6PM - the lady in charge had been busy with a CC Class) that the offer was for members of SCGC (the $100 year shooting membership). She said, I could apply online and go join SCGC later (I think that is a $7 membership - I had considered it before, but did not). 

I decided not to mess with it as I prefer outdoor ranges (like TN Wildlife or National Forest ranges - all are 60 miles from me). 

However, I told the lady I would drop by to see what they had done with the range remodeling and maybe shoot once in awhile at the day rate ($12 all day price).  

I stopped by Sunday, Dec 1, and mentioned the phone conversation we had Saturday. After a bit of conversation, she said if you want a yearly membership I will sell you one for the $100 even though not a SCGC Member.  

So, I thought about it and decided I could do Target Shooting INDOOR RANGE (where you stand, look straight ahead, and aim and at targets some more than normal defense shooting away LOL). Then I could still do my other Outdoor Defense Stuff (move, draw, rack point aim, shoot) once in a while.  

I JOINED good til Dec 31, 2020 (13 months) and can bring a guest FREE.  


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I didn't know it had closed. I went there a few times and though it was a nice place. Great ventilation, which made it cold in the winter and hot in the summer, but that's not a bad trade. Good that it's reopened. 

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 I did do a shoot there today.

Hope they make a go of the range as it is one of the more reasonable places to shoot at $12 all day or year membership at $200 something (fortunately, I got in on a deal at $100 for the year). 

My review (opinion) of the range is summary it is WORTH THE MONEY for sure. 

It is not up to the quality of BUDS equipment as far as the target movement but it works. One thing is the targets bounce around a bit after you run them to a location. And, the yardage is not marked, the owner said they painted over the numbers on the walls - guess they will correct that (NEED TOO). He and I went into the range floor and did some measurements: The first of 3 yellow line is like 9 foot (talking from where your gun would be when shooting a pistol), the next line is 15 foot, then 22 foot. I paced off another line (think it is at about 47 feet) and another at 57 Feet - longest is 25 yards. Also, It was cool in there and he was prepared to turn on a portable heater. I did not need that and told him to just leave it off, save his energy.

I can deal with some minor issues for the Money Difference -- it is nearly half the cost of BUDs and the people are nice. So, WORTH THE MONEY.

I had the range to myself - arrived at opening 10AM and was there until NOON. Nice to have range alone, but would like to see them with more business. hope they stay in business. 

I had a nice visit with the owner, Valdermere (sp), who was manning the counter when I arrived and got me signed in and checked my firearms.

I set up to shoot 5 different 22 pistols (some I consider more of TARGET pistols at long range and aiming with a hands supported and some I consider more of a defense pistol for free hand practice and shoot what I call Point / Aim for a quick shot). 

I also took two pump up pellet air guns (pistol and a rifle) to shoot at greater distance than I can at home (basement range is limited to 42 feet). support). I am amazed at their accuracy at 57 feet and 25 yards.

I was there until Noon shooting and checking targets and left at 12:20PM for home (it is about an 18 mile trip from my location which is about 7 miles from Hwy 66 via Boyds Creek Hwy). I used one target (FREE), extras if you need cost a $1 (I think). 

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