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Browning BDA9 (High Power Double Action)

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I ran across one of these on Gunbroker recently and got it today.  

Quick blurb from Wikipedia:


The Browning Hi-Power BDA (Browning Double Action) is a 9mm semi-automatic pistol developed in the early 1980s at the Belgian Fabrique Nationale arms factory in Herstal. The pistol was conceived in 1983 to compete in the United States XM-9 Pistol Trials to select new sidearm chambered for the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge that would equip all the branches of the United States armed forces. Ultimately, the winner of the bid was the Italian Beretta 92F. The Finnish Defence Forces accepted the weapon into service as their general service pistol under the designation 9.00 PIST 80 and 9.00 PIST 80-91. The pistol was marketed in Europe as the HP-DA.

The overall design layout of all versions of the pistol is based on the Browning Hi-Power, but the firearm features significant ergonomic changes designed to update the weapon to modern military requirements. The most notable is a shortening of the hammer spur.

Production: 1983–1999

• Browning BDA ("Browning Double-Action") - Base Series Designation.
• BDA-9S - Original designation
• BDA-9M / BDAM - Medium frame model
• BDA-9C / BDAC - Compact frame model
• BDAO ("Browning Double-Action Only") - Revised trigger system.

I'd never seen the BDAO model in person.  Browning gave them a confusing name, BDA, which was already applied to the Beretta-made .380s.  The included "manual", about  4 stapled and Xeroxed pages, calls it BDA9.  If I'm reading the date code correctly, this one was built in 1996.  I gave $550 for it, which is more than I would have paid in the past, but seeing as these things are only getting more scarce, I felt comfortable with the price.  I'm keeping my eyes open for a DA/SA one as well.

The case contains 1x10rd magazine, 2x14 rd magazines, a cleaning kit, nondescript gun lock, "manual", and a lanyard ring.  

In BDAO config, the safety lever is completely omitted.  The trigger is about 10-12 pounds and after about 1/2" of takeup, the real pull travels about .650" until it breaks.  Reset is a bit longer, maybe .700".   The trigger pull is the same at all stages of operation.

It'll never be my favorite trigger, but due to the bobbed hammer and lack of a safety lever, I find it notably more ergonomic and usable than the standard BHP.   Sights are the standard Browning white blocks.  

The frontstrap features serrations and the grip is a one-piece affair very similar to the one used on the BDM, secured with one screw on the backstrap.  Being Browning/FN, of course standard BHP mags don't work, nor does any other mag they ever made.  It looks like BDM mags will insert but not lock, despite having a similar semicircular cutout as the BDM mags.

The underside of the "beavertail" has an import mark from Ohio Ordnance Works.  Not sure when these were imported, but judging by the holster wear, this one may have been issued to someone at some point.

How does it shoot?  Quite accurately if the user does his part.   This is the first mag of 10 rounds at 10 yards, 115gr reloads.  I put another 14 rounds right on top of that group with the second mag but neglected to get a photo.








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I think any browning or FN hipower is a solid investment that's shootable so I think you did quite well!  Almost as weird as my SFS hipower!

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This was just one of those guns I used to see from time to time in shops and was never really all that interested in... until I realized I hadn't seen any in years and I was getting more curious about them.  It's also a difficult gun to find on Gunbroker because nobody really knows what to call it :)

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    • By DWARREN123
      Picked up a Stoeger STR-9.
      Got it from local Rural King for $338.42. Came in cardboard box with info, 3 back straps and 3 15 round mags.
      Made in Turkey. Very Glock like inside and shoots as good as a Glock 19 for me.
      I would compare to Glock gen3/4 G19 model.
      Standard 3 dot sights but are metal. Parts do not seem to be interchangeable with Glocks but it does fit Glock 19 holsters.
      Put 500 rounds thru it so far with 2 failures to completely eject fired casings, strong RSA and 3 times slide locked back with rounds still in mag, found out I was riding up on slide lock.
      Sight are POA/POI for me and groups at least as well as any Glock 9mm I have owned.
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      Hello folks, I bought this Beretta model 81BB recently exclusively to convert to 32NAA. My goal is to match its grouping abilities to a 32NAA casing loaded with Lehigh 55g all copper defense bullets. For now, this is what the used M81 can do at 30 feet shooting off a wooded 4X4 block as a frame rest. Prior to the rechambering, the average speed of some pretty old PMC 71g FMJ loads were 962 fps out of the 10 round string. The PPU averaged 914 fps.
        To do a conversion on a Beretta Model 81, it simply requires renting the reamer from 4D rentals for a total cost of $47 bucks, adding a model 84 380 magazine and some ammo. No other mods are needed since Beretta uses the same bolt face in their 81/84 model slides. The thick gripped Beretta is a most comfortable gun to shoot. In 32ACP its a real kitten. Stepped up to the new chambering and you know immediately, this aint your grandfathers ACP! The 80g Defensive HP's stepped out at an average of 1067fps in the pictured 10 shot string. I'm looking forward to see what kind of velocities I can generate with the 55g Lehigh copper pills. They should have some serious splash out of the Beretta's 4 3/4" barrel. Then I couldn't help giving the Guardian a go at the 30 foot target with the PMC's. There is some evidence of slight key holeing out of the Guardians shallow rifling but hitting the paper regularly at that range with those sights is still acceptable in my view.  ;D

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