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Where to get inexpensive 9mm ammo

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1 hour ago, owejia said:

Casting and reloading is another chapter in the book of guns and shooting sports. Not everyone has the time and patience for it. I have both. Also can make custom loads that you cannot buy. Shooting the walnut media loads at carpenter bees, shot shell loads for mr no shoulders and other vermin, double ball loads for my sd rounds in my snubbies, round ball loads for the 9mm revolvers, round ball loads in the 45 acp .The only limitation is your imagination and safety issues. Working up loads to fit the personality of a particular gun is fun and challenging. Since the inception of the hi-tec and powder coating of lead boolits , casting got simpler. What ever floats your boat and you enjoy is what you need to do. Ammunition is a commodity and the price will vary as the supply and demand cycle dictate. Some folks even reload the 22lr stuff.

An example of being able to do whatever you want with reloading. I wish I had the time. 

Reloadable .22lr CENTERFIRE brass


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Bought 4 boxes of 100ct WWB at Rural King yesterday. $22 per , limit 4 (9mm 115 fmj)

If you can get 9mm for 17.5 cents a pop at Academy today go buy more because you’re not going to find any cheaper right now. Ammo prices are up across the board.  9mm is on average $100 more per

For eating a brownie?

6 hours ago, DaveTN said:

We lost or best source of range ammo, Walmart. (That's what I read, but I haven't needed ammo in awhile, so I haven't been in there.)  But then Sportsman Warehouse opened and they are pretty close to Walmart prices. I have ordered ammo online, but its usually because of a really good special. Academy has good prices also, but I have to go to Smyrna for that, so I haven’t been there much.

Sportsman's Warehouse has amazing prices on just about anything shooting related I wish we had one in Knox/Blount County I wonder if some of the increase in ammo prices isn't from other vendors realizing they don't have to compete with Wally World anymore.

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Guest BCR#1
13 hours ago, Patton said:

I have always been a fan of Sportsmans. Their reloading supplies are very reasonable. 

The prices are cheaper 3 miles down the road at N. Ga Reloading. Not a lot cheaper but cheaper than SW.


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From the comments here and friends who reload;

Hobby, Therapy, Volume shooter, Thrifty (not cheap!) or simply a personality that likes to have a hands-on approach with a soup-to-nuts process.

To me, it's also cool to be able to tailor rounds for application and specific firearms.

The largest volume all of my shooting is 9mm and I always buy brass pre-rolled.

Other than Wolf, I think I've shot every other brand-name flavor available.

Had an inconsistent experience with a 1000 rounds of Shoot Point Blanks' in-house brand, so I will continue to stay will known makers.

My experience has been paying $.22 - $.26 per 50 off the shelf and $.18 - $.20 per thousand online.

When reasonably easy, I do scavenge brass and pay it forward.


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2 minutes ago, Raoul said:

So in re-reading this thread let me just say....I don't care who has the cheapest 9mm. I don't need any.  

That is the joy of reloading.


I hear you. I keep saying I'm gonna buy 9mm dies. But, so far I've not got around to it. I don't cast so who makes the cheapest cast bullets.

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6 hours ago, BCR#1 said:

The prices are cheaper 3 miles down the road at N. Ga Reloading. Not a lot cheaper but cheaper than SW.


I have bought some stuff from N GA reloading and I have been to their new location. If you catch something used there it will be a pretty good deal, and I don’t know how but the get some used equipment. I think some things are cheaper at Sportsmans and some things are not. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

I’m also one of those that believe there is no way rounds loaded by a reputable manufacturer, even cheap range ammo such as WWB, aren’t more consistent and a better quality than someone loading at home.

Boy! do I disagree with you. The powders I use are much cleaner, more accurate,and much more consistent than any factory ammo I have ever used.

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Dave... RE... “...But since I’ve retired, I’ve still kicked around the idea of doing it. It looks like for about $1000 for a Dillion press and the other required accessories. I wouldn’t live long enough to see a savings, but when I die someone would get a very nice set-up for free. ...”

I bought a thousand dollar Dillon 650 setup with a pile of dies from an old boy who had retired and wuz moving from a house to an apartment... The cost, 400 smacks... If ya load one caliber n one recipe, ya can’t beat a Dillon... Mine is set up for 44 special now... We shoot lots of it... Or, more correctly, once did...

More than one recipe, different calibers; we can quibble about the Dillon.   Mine hasn’t been used In several years, as I tend to have “ manias “... 45 Colt, 45 Schofield, 38 Special Hi-Speed, Heavy 357... Ya get the picture... In my opinion, a Dillon setup is for folks that shoot thousands of rounds with very little spare time... If ya shoot one caliber n one recipe, ya can’t beat em... 

I tend to load all my “ mania “ loads on an ancient RCBS Rock Chucker single stage press.  I load about 100 to 200 loads per session that is generally a couple of hours long... I prep brass and re prime as the spirit moves me... It ain’t a big deal, but it takes time n tools to do, as well as plenty of brass. 

If ya shoot 9mm or 40 S&W, ya just as well buy ammo for the convince n cost alone.  Good bullets are probably half the cost of reloading alone... Cast bullets are dramatically cheaper... As for 45ACP, ya are at the break even point for reloading auto stuff, I’m thinkin..

In short, if ya like exotic pistol loads or big bores n ya have the time, reloading is the way to go; but buy a 300 smack single stage setup, not a Dillon, unless ya can steal it...  Reloading is as much a hobby as it is a way to get cheap ammo.  It does save a bundle on any rifle ammo that ain’t 223...

Hope this helps a bit.


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Basspro has been getting Herters 9MM in 500Rd boxes for around $0.18 CPR shipped.  Usually in and out of stock in less than 10 minutes so you have to be quick!

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3 hours ago, BCR#1 said:

Some clown on gun owners club is selling zip lock baggies of 50 rnds of 9mm for $.40 each.


Hope no one is smart enough to buy that! 


That being said, I did pay $39.95 for 50 rounds of Speer Gold Dot 124 gr +P the other day.

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5 hours ago, nightrunner said:

Sadly, I just paid $50 for a 50 round box of Federal HST 124gr +P. Expensive as all get out but just got a 9mm pistol again after being without for a while.


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15 hours ago, nightrunner said:

Sadly, I just paid $50 for a 50 round box of Federal HST 124gr +P. Expensive as all get out but just got a 9mm pistol again after being without for a while.

I posted this last September. Target Sports USA used to run Federal HST in 50 round boxes on sale at half price every few months. But due to the drama, I would guess it will be awhile before they do that again. I keep my eye out and try to post when it happens.  


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17 minutes ago, DaveTN said:

I posted this last September. Target Sports USA used to run Federal HST in 50 round boxes on sale at half price every few months. But due to the drama, I would guess it will be awhile before they do that again. I keep my eye out and try to post when it happens.  


Appreciate that!

In all fairness, this was at Outpost and was the only 9mm they had. I knew with things the way they are right now buying any 9mm ammo is going to be very expensive unless I just got lucky. And premium JHP is usually $0.80-$1.00 per round anyways. I found some non +P online for $40 + shipping. So maybe it wasn’t THAT bad. I sure picked a bad time to be in need of some ammo...

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Several pawn shops that sell guns sell ammo and they are about all that seem to have it right now around me. The big stores have been out for months

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I was looking for .380 on Saturday and no had that or 9mm. I saw .380 online for $1 a round, as I was looking yesterday and that was for copper HPs by Legend.

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      Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 For sale. Like New Condition with box and manual. Purchased in Feb 2017. Taken to the range once, fired about 225 rounds of various FMJ and JHP ammo. All ammo ran flawlessly. The gun was surprisingly accurate but the trigger bit my finger more than I was comfortable with. None of the You Tube reviews mentioned anything about this so I guess I was the odd man out on this. Anyway, I'd rather sell it and get something that doesn't pinch my trigger finger.
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      I might have made a huge mistake, boys. Could lead to a divorce. I stopped in my LGS (Crossroads Guns, in Fountain City), for some HV .22LR for my Stoeger Luger. I walked out with the .22 rounds and after putting a Walther PPK/s in lay-a-way.  It’s a beaut, a Interarms Stainless steel pistol,  with both mags, box, manuals cleaning rod... all for 5 bills plus tax and BCG. Lay-a-way for 12 months!
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