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Shooting right down my street.

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Let me start by saying I live in a nice quiet small city. It is right next door to Memphis.  However, we don't have much crime here and we do have an excellent Police Dept. I don't think there's been a murder in at least the last 5 years or so. Maybe longer. 
However, at approximately 11:00pm this evening, I heard what sounded like multiple gunshots. At first I thought "Nah, probably just fireworks". My son also heard it and went outside. He rushed back in and yelled "(Blank) has been shot!" 
Apparently, the guy 5 houses down was shot and laying in the street in front of his house. My son knew the guy and ran down there to offer assistance. 
Not much details. Police were pretty tight lipped. The bits of info we could get say that his EX is involved, the shooter is known and while they did flee, said to already be in custody. I don't think the poor guy made it.
So much for thinking that this stuff would never happen around here. :(

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3 hours ago, BCR#1 said:

Except when I'm in the shower, I always have a firearm with in arms reach of me even when at home.


What Mr Bill said..!  Ya simply don’t know... RE.. Shooting... It is, indeed, sad...


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2 hours ago, deerslayer said:

Anything can happen anywhere, any time.  Murders in a suburb like Bartlett are less likely and less frequent, but there is no such thing as a perfectly safe area.  

Exactly right! There was a couple killed here in Knoxville a couple of months ago by a complete stranger who crashed his truck through the front wall of their house and shot both of them.


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Details are still sketchy. However, it appears that the injuries are the result of an exchange of gun fire. Who shot first and why are still unknown. My neighbor is alive, but critical. The other shooter was wounded and arrested at the hospital. 

Nothing on the local news. But considering that there were a dozen shootings in Memphis over the weekend, I guess my little burg doesn't get much attention. 

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Bartlett has a lot of shootings.   I know there were like five in one neighborhood one weekend recently.   They definitely don't get the press though.  

I'm right next do to you, just over the line in Raleigh.  I had a road rage incident stop in front of my house and a guy get out, fire five shots at the car following him and then they drove off.   Cops couldn't have cared less.  

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9 hours ago, deerslayer said:

Are these the same five alleged shootings behind the high school you mentioned a year or so ago?

No, much more recent.  I don't remember the ones a year ago.  This was within the last few months.  

Eh, you know what.  Sure.  They didn't really happen.  Bartlett is Utopia.  No crime there.  

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I was threatened by 3 druggies, while going to my mail box, a few years ago. They never said a word, but telegraphed their intent by actions. I had to put my hand in my pocket, grasp the grip of my gun then put my hand up and tell them to stop, and get  back in their car, and leave. One guy kept coming until another bailed and told him, "Come-on _____, it ain't worth getting shot over." I never really pulled my revolver, but the leader finally stopped and cussed me, then turned and got in the ratty old Datsun truck and left. They drove on and found another victim. 

My mistake is I should have called the Sherriff and reported this. The three, I am sure it was the same guys, beat a nearby neighbor, who was 83 and legally blind, viciously. He was going to his  mailbox also. He passed 4 weeks later. If I had made a report, maybe, this would never have happened to him. BIG MISTAKE, ON MY PART guys. If you see anything out of the ordinary, report it. You may save someone else misery. 

I have lived her 34 years and never had one incident happen to me. My only saving grace was I was armed and ready. It was so obvious what was going to happen to me, a car (a neighbor) driving down the small country road stopped and watched. My mailbox is 300 feet from the front of my house. I drive to my box now. One never knows when evil comes knocking on your own door. I carry when I am awake. 

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47 minutes ago, pop pop said:

I was threatened by 3 druggies...,

I live in a pretty decent neighborhood, but its on a main drag. I saw a story about an old guy talking his trash to the curb that was attacked and killed. It may be the same story you are talking about.

It’s 100 yards from the street to my house, and I’m old, so getting there quickly is not an option if something goes wrong. I now carry a gun when taking the trash out….sad.

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2 hours ago, Capbyrd said:

No, much more recent.  I don't remember the ones a year ago.  This was within the last few months.  

Eh, you know what.  Sure.  They didn't really happen.  Bartlett is Utopia.  No crime there.  

Utopias exist only in books and Bartlett does have crime, but I find it extremely hard to believe that 10 people have been shot in the same Bartlett neighborhood in less than a year and no one knows anything about it and the news folks never picked it up.  Nextdoor, Facebook, and local news would have erupted.  

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Dave, the man I was speaking of lived on Factory Road (3 Mi long). It is a road that runs between Richland Road and Halls Hill Pike. He was actually an acquaintance of mine and he had a disease of the eyes and could only see a little peripherally.  He was in the Hospital for 3 weeks and his son told me the beating he took, he never really recovered from it. The punks robbed him, ransacked his home, then just beat him for fun.  He lived 1 week after his discharge from the Hosp. 

I feel sure it was the same 3 that I had problems with, here in Lascassas, on that same morning. They drove down our road, turned onto Browns Mill road, and across Guy James to Halls Hill, then turned on Richland road then on Factory. They spied him walking back up his driveway, on Factory Road. His house is only about 5 miles from ours. He never seen them following him to his house, of course he was legally blind and had very little vision. 

The thugs were just driving country roads looking for trouble. I do wish I would have reported them.  As far as I know they have not been arrested.

One can not be too careful, in this time.  

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@pop pop, couldn't you still report the incident at your house and your suspicion that they might be connected to that assault (and possibly murder)?

At the very least, you have a vehicle description, which might be better than what the police currently have...

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Tom, I did finally report it after info go to me about his beating a week afterwards. Like I posted this was some time ago and the Sheriff office did not consider this a murder because he lived 4 weeks afterwards, and a week after the hospital stay. His son told  me HE thought his death was brought on by the beating he took. He was 83 years old at the time. He passed at home so the corner ruled his death health related. I think he had diabetes plus other health related issues. 

There was no tag on the old truck but I did give the description of the 2 close perps and the one leaving the truck I did not get a god look at. Like I said they have never found them. 

Edited to add. I should have made it clear I did not report my incident "the day it happened." Had I done that, just maybe he would not have had to undergo his situation. 

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When in doubt, always call it in. Better to be the one calling than the one being called about. The caller is the de facto victim and the person being called about is the de facto suspect. 

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