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My day with an M&P

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I picked up a new M&P BodyGuard 380 as a backup gun to my Canik Elite SC. During break in it did exactly what all my M&P have done with changing the point of impact as it broke in. In the end it still shot low, but not nearly as bad as when it was taking it’s first mag as you can see. 

This is aimed at elderly and women and that’s exactly who shouldn’t be shooting it. You have to grip it so hard to counter the 12+ lb trigger pull and reset that is the entire length of the trigger to avoid shooting the person in the foot while aiming at their head, that I doubt it’s target audience could do it. A sub 3” barrel isn’t accurate as it is and we aren’t Jerry Miculek.  I’d recommend the exact opposite of who they say this gun is for. 




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4 minutes ago, One1 said:

This is aimed at elderly and women and that’s exactly who shouldn’t be shooting it.

Pretty sure it’s the M&P 380 Shield EZ that’s geared towards old folks and ladies, not the Bodyguard.

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1 hour ago, Garufa said:

Pretty sure it’s the M&P 380 Shield EZ that’s geared towards old folks and ladies, not the Bodyguard.

Pretty sure the BodyGuard has been in production 10 years and the EZ was just released.  its also huge compared to a BodyGuard So women still seem to buy the Bodyguard. 

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I don't remember seeing anything from S&W marketing the Bodyguard specifically towards the fair and the aged. Not to say that lots of sales staff don't (wrongly, I'll give you that for sure) pull it out of the case for those parts if the market. That's a big mistake.

The Shield 380 EZ is, however, marketed by S&W in that manner.

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One thing we know for sure, elderly should buy the EZ. I can’t foresee elderly making the bodyguard work.  The trigger is 12+ lbs. but what was available for the elderly for the last ten years? Shield would be what I’d recommend however they couldn’t rack the slide......but when they ask what they sell women they point to the BodyGuard because it’s the small frame gun that fits in a purse. The EZ is very big compared to a BodyGuard and is not going in a purse so when a woman asks what they have that’s small and smaller caliber they get handed the BodyGuard every time - even with the EZ in the shelves because the EZ is large in comparison. Hand size is hand size so how easy it is to operate the slide is irrelevant if it doesn't Fit.  I think it’s a huge mistake to sell a woman that is small handed and possibly weak handed (i know a lotta women that’ll crush cans with the boys, lol)  A gun with a 12lb trigger and the Snap of a 45. Yet, that’s what M&P model fits the hand. 

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That is exactly why a buyer should go to a rental range and try guns out, or go with others with similar guns to try.  Ignorance wastes a lot of money, both on buyer and seller sides.


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One of the biggest disservices done to new shooters and non shooters by ignorant gun salesmen is recommending the tiniest, hardest kicking , hardest to shoot accurately gun in the store because" it does not weigh too much for the little lady and it will fit in your purse" and usually when recommending a J frame it is "simple to operate and not as difficult to use as an automatic".....

You know what's NOT simple to operate? A car. And virtually all of these people can figure out how to get in the car, stick a key in the ignition, put it in gear, back it out of their drive way, use a turn signal (sometimes....) turn the wheel and apply the accelerator to move the car up and down the road, maintain a steady speed, apply pressure to the break to make it stop when they need to and check their mirrors when changing lanes. So even though their wife/mother/girlfriend/whatever somehow manages to move their one ton motor vehicle to and from work, the mall and church with monotonous regularity (often while texting and reading facebook at the same time) and they probably drove a car TO THE STORE they are apparently too stupid to operate a midsize semi auto pistol?  REALLY? 

Buyer beware. Salesmen are good at what? Selling . And more times than not the experience level of those manning the gun counter and pertinent relevant experience with the products is not much more than the experience of the customer. 


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Rarely do I buy a firearm I know nothing about. (Well I just got Zapped! Maybe I do on occasion.)

I do try to know at least as much as the guy or gal, behind the counter. I daresay most of us do. Between online ads, magazines, and word of mouth; it's not hard to pick up on things.

But i do agree that some shops will try to do as you say. I know one in particular nearby.

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On 6/12/2020 at 3:23 PM, Cruel Hand Luke said:

Buyer beware. Salesmen are good at what? Selling


If I was so inclined to open a gun store, my customers would love the environment.

Asking questions to help you make a good decision, figure out what your goal is and finally help you get what you want.

When we find the right gun, the price is the price, a few bucks within internet offers, because I have to.

But, then, Ma'am / Sir, let's talk about ammo; educate / dispel myths.

Walk my guest over to the ammo display...We're running a special on practice and SD ammo right now...

Proper storage? Let's walk over and look at holsters, belts, etc and why it's important to buy quality gear.

Gotta have a range bag or awesome backpack, check these out...

Almost forgot, eyes, ears, cleaning supplies...

Every guest, every time.

After I ring them up, introduce training into the conversation and refer to quality folks in the area.

Here's the truth, most salespeople work in an environment of "get the yes" and while management may say they're interested in a professional sales approach, it's lip service.

I sell and in my position get sold to as the point of contact for inbound vendor calls.

A vast majority are nice enough, but clueless.

It's distressing when they move up a notch, because it's only to one.

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