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C&R Shipping Nightmare

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Had C&R years ago never shipped anything. Had a very old Colt .25 for sale with free FFL toFFL shipping on my part. Had a guy wanting to pay full freight to CT because they have to be registered,said OK will work with you.  Research No C&R through USPS ,No C&R through Fedex,UPS C&R to C&R only if Station Mgr approves and rates start at $90 per pound plus ins.

C&R looks to be only good for out of State buyers FTF or a place like Century Arms shipping direct to you.


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4 hours ago, Will said:

Research No C&R through USPS ,No C&R through Fedex,UPS C&R to C&R only if Station Mgr approves and rates start at $90 per pound plus ins.

C&R looks to be only good for out of State buyers FTF or a place like Century Arms shipping direct to you.



UPS accepts packages containing firearms (as defined by Title 18, Chapter 44, and Title 26, Chapter 53 of the United States Code) for transportation only (a) between licensed importers, licensed manufacturers, licensed dealers, and licensed collectors (as defined in Title 18, Chapter 44 of the United States Code), and government agencies and (b) where not otherwise prohibited by federal, state or local law (i) from an individual to a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, licensed dealer, or licensed collector; and (ii) from a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, licensed dealer, or licensed collector to an individual.

If you have a C&R, you are a licensed collector. There are other requirements for handguns on shipping and packaging, like having to go by air. They are listed here for UPS…



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1 hour ago, Will said:

Yes the key word is between. I do not hav a C&R,trying to ship to one.

Sorry, I thought you were saying you were a C&R holder also. FFL to FFL is about the only way you can go, its expensive. It will only get worse. If I'm selling something, or want to buy something thats not in production anymore; I'm pretty much limited to local sales FTF.

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Thanks for UPS details. Example of price  UPS C&R to C&R 1lb package $80 +       FFL toFFL 2day Mail  20 dealer+20 USPS so$40 same package.  USPS C&R Fedex,DHL no way.  C&R is good for FTF out of State but that is it.

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I've had a C&R for well over 20 years.  I've never had a problem shipping or receiving.  A C&R license IS a category of Federal Firearms License.  And FEDEX and UPS ship handguns 2nd Day Air at much lower cost than overnight.

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Glad you have good luck with them. After an hour I got a UPS Supervisor to send regs to me C&R To C&R only.

main counter said to type 1 only.  FedX counter said no C&R  type one only and Memphis Supervisor told me same thing.

FedX Regs show collector shipping available. Half a day wasted and I know FFL to FFL will ship for a fourth the price. I will never try again.  The only reason I got involved was the person lived in a N E State that required it registered unless C&R

and I was trying to help him out.


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I know some of the UPS and FedEx hubs will not ship firearms or ammunition. They give people bad information. There is no issue shipping firearms with either service C&R or not. The UPS guy fed you a line.  It is perfectly fine and legal to ship from non C&R to a C&R. Half the people don’t know the policy of there own company’s.. I hate you dealt with all the bs and headaches.  After all that trouble why didn’t you all just do a ffl to a ffl.

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Personal experience. Tried to have a firearm shipped from a non licensee to ship to 03FFL. Went around with FedEx and was informed I had to register in FedEx FFL program, be on their list. After following their instructions I was informed that C&R is not recognized by FedEx for their FFL register program. Has to go through 01 or better FFL, both sender and receiver have to have equivalent. Cant find the NEW regs on line right now.

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The cheapest way is USPS Priority mail, Dealer 01 to dealer 01. I did this once and the dealer I used just called the go to dealer to get their aproval its coming from them. You can copy the form off USPS web sight like I did. About every dealer will say its not accepted, but it is. USPS has conflicting rules but this is in fact their policy.

"A licensed manufacturer, dealer, or importer can ship a handgun via the US Post Office if the licensed dealer fills out a US Post Office Form PS 1508 and files it with the local Post Office branch where the handgun is to be shipped. You can search the US Post Office Postal Explorer site for specific USPS regulations."

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