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Colt Python in stock 9/24/2020


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On 9/26/2020 at 6:31 AM, SonnyCrockett said:

and buying in 2020 puts you at the highest possible priced market place for any firearm,ammo to for that matter.....If that matters 

I thought that for much of this year, but I have still managed to add some interesting items to my collection at decent prices.  I think there are deals to be had, you just have to find them.

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I’m a little surprised to see that out of Ky Guns. I used them for the first time last month on a S&W 610. I felt like they bent me over a little bit, but not that bad compared to what I saw elsewhere, certainly nothing like that Python pricing. When I was looking for a S&W Model 41 last year, they had the lowest price of anyone. Lower than people were asking for used. But of course things are different now.

But GAG is doing pretty much the same. They have set their plain jane 6” 686 (164224) price at MSRP. Which is almost 30% higher than it was in January. And they don’t have it; so it may be more when they do.

Having said that I owned three “vintage” Pythons back in the late 70’s, early 80's. Of course they weren’t vintage then. And I’ve owned countless S&W’s in the L,K variety. And so should you. Everyone should try both and make your own decision.

I’ll take a 686 over a Python any day, but its because I can shoot a S&W better than a Colt. As a matter of fact at a Police Match in the 80’s I got so pizzed off at my 6” Python, for the 2nd match I pulled my 4” 686 duty gun out of the trunk and used it; outshot the Python hands down. But that was me; not the guns.

As far as value goes…. who knows. Will a 2020 Python hold its value as well as a vintage Python? Who knows. Never in the past has a post-Lock 686 had the value of a Pre-Lock. They do today. As I matter of fact I see new or slightly used 686’s with asking prices higher than a Pre-Locks. Who knew? Would I pay twice the price of a new 686 for a new Python? Of course not. But it looks like some folks will if they want one.

Do I wish I had kept those three Pythons? Of course I could sell them to you guys and buy ....oh..maybe a Barrett. 

Here is a video of Hickok45 comparing the 686 and 2020 Python. He stops short of saying he would pick a 686 over a Python, but you can tell that’s how he feels.



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The first "big" revolver I ever shot was a Python. Back in the mid 1960's a very nice man a few streets over taught me how to cast, size, and lube bullets. Then we would reload them. Once we had 300-400 off to the country we would go. All I remember is it was blued and the barrel was about 6 inches long and it was equipped with a scope, Bushnell maybe? In todays cruel world people would think the guy was up to something evil but he was simply nice and kept a lot of kids from getting into trouble.

Anyhow.............a Python has always been on my short list to buy,

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There is one site called OakHillGuns.com that has the new Colt Pythons at a more reasonable price.  They are out at this time but if you want one put your email for notification when they are back in stock.  I have purchased a lot of guns from them and they have some of the best prices on the market.


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At one point in my early Police career I owned 2 of the NOW most sought after pistols on the used market today. I had a 6 inch stainless Colt Python and a 6 inch blued steel .38 Colt Diamonback! They were the most gorgeous pistols I had ever seen and LUST took over and I had to own one of each! Also being younger and very stupid, I traded them off! I too wonder how the new offering will stack up against the originals! Hopefully exactly the same in every detail!

click here

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On 9/25/2020 at 7:32 PM, Garufa said:

If 2020 Pythons are going for $500 over MSRP why not cough up another $500-$1500 for a an original one?  

I’ll never understand the Colt obsession. Yes, the new ones are nice but those old Royal blue Pythons are beautiful but even brand new they were overpriced....like everything else with the Colt name on it.

Over priced? I had both new 6"Blue, $275 and a 4" Nickel, $250 in 1977-8. 

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10 hours ago, Garufa said:

In today’s dollars both are in the $1,200 range.  In other words you payed a lot for them back then.

Wasn't a lot to me. Bought 3 Colts at the same time. If you were working hard, it was a good price to pay for quality. In fact, I got those prices because I bought 3 Colts at the same time. Prices of a lot of guns today are high priced and people will complain. If it's inflation, that's fine. But it's not uncommon for someone to pay $1000-$1500 plus for something of quality. Hell, I have about $10G tied up in 2 Nighthawks... Also, supply and demand play big factors. They use to say, Obama is/was a great gun salesman. Seems all libtards qualify for that now, lol. Now with Covid, manufacturers can't keep up with weapons or ammo. 
Here is an article from another forum that I'll quote here courtesy: OP, Ditrina

"I was thumbing through some really old magazines, and found the March 1978 Shooting Times with a cover story on the Colt Python..

Prices shown are adjusted for inflation.. http://smith-wessonforum.com/images/smilies/eek.gifhttp://smith-wessonforum.com/images/smilies/biggrin.gif

The list prices from Colt were

6 inch blue $349.00 = $1,329.26 Today
6 inch nickel $369.00 = $1,405.44 Today

4 inch blue $344.00 = $1,310.22 Today
4 inch nickel $364.00 = $1,386.39 Today

2 1/2 inch blue $339.00 = $1,291.18 Today"

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2 minutes ago, Magiccarpetrides said:

Quality, Luxury, Performance....or at least the perception of is always gonna cost and that will never change.

Personal opinion follows. I have owned a 4" Python, from the late 70's iirc. 

Yes, it was pretty. Actually the finish was more than that...it was beautiful. 

I sold it for a good profit. Bought a nice Model 19 Smith. Don't regret any of it.

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On 9/25/2020 at 8:17 PM, Wheelgunner said:

Colts are neat.  But if I had two grand to spend scratching a revolver itch, I'd rather buy a Speed Six, GP100, a Rock Island M206, and one or two Heritage 22s - plus some overpriced ammo, range fees, etc.

Yep. I'm a Colt fan and I'm happy with a GP100.


Now if they release an Anaconda in 45 Colt, I'm in serious trouble. 

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