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I took a trip down to Leakey, TX at the end of last week to do some hunting.  I had bought a hunting trip for Sika deer and hog at a SCI auction.

The owner of BCR, Peter Allegra, has owned the property for about 30 years and brought in over 40 different species of European, Asian and African animals.

He has over 10,000 acres which is roughly 16 square miles.  It is a big place and I had it all to myself.

Sika deer bugle like elk.  Normally they are in full rut by mid September but the hot dry summer delayed the start of the rut.  They were just starting to rut on my last day.  We heard several bugles but the Sika never showed themselves.  I was supposed to leave Friday evening but Peter told to stay another night so we could hunt on Saturday.  Heard some more bugles Saturday morning but no luck.


I had told Peter that I wanted a good eating size boar.  He mentioned that he felt that the red deer does were a lot better eating than the boar.  He has an abundance of them and said I could cull one of those if I wanted.  So that's what I decided to do.  I took a nice red deer doe at 142 yards on top of a ridge.  I am glad I made a good shot and she went straight down.  If she had run 15-20 yards right or left if would have been a hard recovery.  The ranch house is at about 600 ft.  The top of this ridge where I got the deer was at over 2300 Ft.


Peter works hard to put you on the game you want.  He and his wife only bring in one group of hunters at a time.  They try to keep it at 4 and under.  Peter and i hunted from before dark till after dark two straight days and then next morning.  His wife would make home cooked meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It was fun trip although I was a little tired on the 15 hour drive home.   The last pic is a shed from a red stag.  They are magnificent creatures.










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