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A work of M&P art from DP Custom Works

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Approximately 7 weeks ago I sent the slide from my 4.25" duty-size M&P M2.0 9mm to Doug Presson at DP Custom Works to have their GAB 4.0 package and a fresh jet-black nitride finish applied to it.

Today, it came back and I quickly reassembled it with a Trijicon RM07 red dot, 10-8 Performance sights (M&P front, Glock rear) and an Apex Tactical Specialties striker safety plunger.  I am ambivalent about the Apex trigger on the M2.0 series so I have skipped that for now.  They look good for social media but I built this to be a fighting gun.

Some time ago I smoothed out the area beneath the trigger guard for my middle finger to stop giving myself callouses from how tightly I grip the gun, and I added some very simple, functional "indexing points" on for my support hand thumb.  I wasn't trying to win any beauty pageants with that stuff, so if you think it looks like crap... good.  🙂


I expect this cheap ole M&P to perform just as well as any of the guns that I have that were 3x as expensive as it.  Talk about making a guy question his purchasing decisions. 😁








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Nice. He has my 4” Shield slide. It should be back soon. If I like it as much as I think I will, he will be getting one of my 4.25”slides. 

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They did some nice work for sure.  You have to love what M&P's deliver at such a modest pricepoint.

I'm getting the impression RDS's are required for you 😉

Not sure what your full set of concerns are on the Apex trigger, but they are pretty much as tunable as the 1.0 with the right bits in the 2.0. Definitely not mostly cosmetic. Personally I cant stand hinged trigger safeties, which was a driver for me, but both my 2.0's now have 2.5lb triggers after some messing with the options (just to illustrate the range). While you would not want that for your purpose, you can run a wide range up to 5lbs.

If you weren't aware, the friction stop for the slide lock can easily be pulled (fully reversible) if you like the 1.0's ability to drop the slide on slamming a new mag home saving the rack time and repositioning.

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Nice look. I’m  big fan of the M&P platform.  I put the flat forward set trigger in my 2.0. Sort of pricey, but when done I was like “ wow, now that was worth the money”. With a Holosun 407 it has replaced my 5” 1.0 and SRO as my primary game gun.

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I’ve got another M2.0 with the flat faced forward set trigger/sear kit. I’ve tried virtually all combinations of springs. It’s ok but doesn’t excite me. 

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Don’t pistol whip with that, they will know exactly who to look for.LOL

Looks great, nice pistol!!!

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Triggers are no doubt highly subjective. I think I better understand the social media comment with the choice on the AL shoe flatty. That combo with the forward sear likely locks you in to a much narrower window.

I like the poly curved AE shoe myself, I dont go for flash versions unless there are no options, like their FN shoe. Not only is the M&P poly inconspicuous, but allows you to use an Apex 1.0 sear which opens up the options a bit more. 

Maybe not everyone enjoys dipping fries in a milkshake, its sounds wrong but tastes good.😉

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The M&P grip design feels better than any polymer pistol that I've owned. I have the M&P9 2.0  4.25 barrel. Very good feeling pistol. I have medium/large hands and with the small grip insert on it feels GREAT. 

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