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Need holster suggestion.

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I have a Glock 35. I'm looking for a recommendation for a holster that can do double duty: a mild competition holster, that works for a daily OWB holster. "Low ride" at minimum, a little drop would be fine. And availible in Southpaw version.


Big thanks,


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@TresMon what considerations do you have for OWB outside of range/competition use?  @billyblazes makes a good point about retention needs.  For myself, I usually only carry OWB when I have a large enough coat to cover it up, or when I have it in a cross-draw position while driving.  The holster I posted a link for doesn't have retention beyond keeping the gun secure from falling out while you move around...it won't stop anyone from yanking it out with standard drawing pressure.

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Thanks CMI.

I'm going with some level of an additional retention holster. Its the times we live in. I'm likely buying the Level II S.Land ALS that Billy suggested.


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