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Any news on the Nashville Glockstore.........


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Ranges that use higher end bullet traps instead of rubber tire backstops have limits to the velocity of what the backstop can handle. Most of the ranges I've been to have a no reload and a max velocity limit on handgun ammo. Sometimes you have to ask. When I'm firing some of my larger caliber pistols I draw the attn of the range manager.

I've never minded as I want the range to stick around and I don't want to needlessly damage equipment.


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17 minutes ago, Garufa said:

Point is, are store bought reloads somehow more safer than hand-rolled?

Commercial reloaders are presumed to have better (or at least verifiable) quality control. You also don't have to worry about them wanting to push the velocity limit. They want their ammo to be profitable and go bang every time.

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6 hours ago, Capbyrd said:


At least with our ranges here, those reloads are made by a company that holds a FFL for manufacturing ammunition, which would lead one to believe that they also have an insurance policy to cover liability.   That is a much different animal than some random fellas home grown loads that he made with a "special recipe" to make them big fireballs! 


Maybe.  The bottom line is that some dude is taking a once fired or twice fired or 12 times fired case and reloading it on a Camdex, or maybe a Lee Pro 1000.  From my experience, commercial reloads (or remanufactured, their fancier name) have quality control that varies from decent to hideous.  I would put the qc of my loads against any commercial reloader.   But then, I am using my ammo to win, not to make a buck.  Mine has to work.  

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Check the cost of ammo in those ranges that do not allow reloads. That is, check prices in normal times. Carter's in Chattanooga allows handloads. Nice place to do business.


Added: If the indoor range does not allow lead bullets it would end my shooting there.

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It's certainly an understood business model at this point.

While you could have some insurance premium related to reloads - that's something that's easily remedied in the policy language.

It's much more likely that commercial ranges understand quite well the LTV(lifetime value) of a customer - and know that customers who reload are likely going to use the range a lot more often are actually going to have a much lower lifetime value and cause a lot more wear and tear on the equipment. 

To put it bluntly - most indoor ranges actually don't want members who are going to use the range on a weekly basis. They add a bunch of cost.  So, they filter on (reloading == hardcore shooter who's going to be here a lot.) Take away the ability to shoot reloads and you filter out a bunch of those customers who are going to make you have to service your traps and your air handlers and all that stuff more often.


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On 12/30/2020 at 6:49 PM, The Legion said:


Our own Cojo87 told me that recently he ran into one of Lenny's managers.

Supposedly there will not be a "static" range in the facility.

All to be class or teaching rooms with shooting scenerios. Just hearsay.

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The ranges were shown in the video and they are nice.  One large one and I can't remember if it was 2 or 3 smaller ones suited for private instruction.  The design allows for some dynamic use.

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