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Mantis X : Worth the price of admission?

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So, I’m getting (re)acquainted with firearms a bit late in life; so I want to push forward with the greatest degree of efficiency I can. 

One training aid that has caught my attention is the Mantis X. Yes, there are plenty of reviews and videos out there, but most seem to be from people selling the product or reviewers who may or may not have received the product free or hold a possible bias. 

Upon review, I really only see one post on the subject here from, I think, 2018? I’m curious what real world experience some of you may have with this (or similar?) product over time?

Have you seen tangible improvement from using the device?

Does Mantis X noticeably improve your dry fire sessions?

Has there been any value during professional training sessions in conjunction with Mantis X?

What are the most beneficial things vs. what functions seem to be a waste of time with Mantis X?E2845304-D495-4A50-9BA6-1F9BF9F72B51.webp

Can / should Mantis X be used while taking video of your target, since it doesn’t “know what you are aiming at”?

I thank you for your time and experience!

Also, if anyone knows a location in the Franklin / Nashville area that can do a demo, I’d be interested in checking this out. 

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I have an original Mantis-X that I've used primarily for dry-fire practice.  It has helped making me aware of what I'm doing wrong.  I was recently using it for more dry-fire practice since I'm shooting less at the range because of ammo costs, but ended up loaning it to my daughter-in-law who is a new shooter. 

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The dry fire aspect is definitely appealing in this age of ammo shortages. Sometimes it feels like my wallet is hanging off the target retriever...

Based on your post, it sounds like you would recommend it for new shooters. 


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Yes, I would recommend it for new shooters and people getting back into shooting.  Even people that have been shooting for a long time could benefit from it.  Advanced shooters might find a problem they don't even know they have,   My son said the Mantis-X is an advanced version of the thing they did in the military putting coins on the slide to practice being smooth on the trigger.

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I started with the original Mantis a few years ago to improve the quality of my pistol practice sessions, the feedback on every shot is helpful for understanding the consistency required to become a better shooter.   Over the last 2 years my avg Mantis  score has improved by 20 percent and my shots in the 10 ring have increased.    I use the dry fire with a target set up in my garage and for live fire every time I go to the range.  As ammo prices have increased I use the mantis on a glock 44 (22lr) and the mantis  feedback is the same.  When the mantis x10 was introduced I decided to try it and love some of the new features and the ability to easily move between guns while at the range.  I have talked to the Mantis folks a few times and they have been very responsive and helpful. stRay I still have the original mantis if you would like to try it out before you buy one.  

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Hey John3725,

This is good feedback, thanks for the response!!

The good folks at Nashville Armory let me demo the Mantis X in dry fire when I was there last week helping my 19 year old purchase his first gun. 

Just today, I was back at Nashville Armory for a private training session and was able to demo the Mantis X during live fire. 

After my session, I plunked down my hard earned cash and picked one up for myself. I’m pretty sure the instructor, who had never used the device before is likely to do the same. 

I’ll post my thoughts about it, as to whether or not I have any buyer’s remorse in the next few days/weeks. 

Thanks again to all who responded! And if you are curious about a demo, head on over to Nashville Armory and check it out!




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