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Some Tweaks and Changes (Oct 31, 2020)

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I have made some changes to the forum this morning to address a few technical issues, fix some things that had caused complaints, and hopefully make the site a little easier to use.   Rather than drag it out with a lengthy preamble, let's just get right down to it:



Until I am able to get some problems resolved with the third-party "theme" (skin, format, look, whatever you want to call it) that we have been using, I have switched us to a very lightly customized version of the default forum software theme.  I made this one, so if it sucks blame me for it, but this is as close to the default way that the software authors meant things to look as I can get it while still making it characteristically TGO.  In my experience, the closer it is to "stock" with our software, the better and more correctly everything functions.

Sadly this means that sexy, cool, handy little menu bar that always floated at the bottom of the screen on a mobile device is gone.  If I can figure out how to emulate it, I will.  If I can get the other theme fixed, I will.  But some of you were having problems with the third-party theme looking like a jumbled mess while visiting TGO from certain types of mobile devices or computers with smaller screens and I think that this change will fix that.




I took the opportunity to move the furniture around on y'all a bit too.  🙂  Yeah, I know that's probably cruel for some of you who are absolute creatures of habit, but the fact is some of the sub-forums on TGO could have been named, described or organized better back in the day.  I like to think I'm just a little smarter now than I was back then.

Anyway, hopefully the minor shuffling and renaming makes sense and helps promote better use of some really good areas of the community.




Finally,  I wanted to give a special welcome to our new folks who have either discovered or rediscovered TGO because of recent changes to Armslist.  I generally believe in The More, The Merrier and hope that you will enjoy your time here, find the community and knowledge represented in TGO very beneficial to you, and that you will help contribute to that community and knowledge by becoming active members.

I do want to mention that we have some pretty simple and fair practices when it comes to buying, selling and trading on TGO.  Following them isn't optional and ignorance of them is honestly pretty hard to accomplish given how many places we inform you about them when you join TGO.   I mean, you literally have to willfully try to ignore them.  We email them to you, we send them to you in a private message, and we post notices and links to them all over the place.


Here's a link to them right now, even! Click me! 😁


The point is, we want you here and are glad that you've found us, but we do need your cooperation.  Our policies for buying, selling and trading have served TGO well since 1997 and they are a fundamental reason why so many people here have come to prefer dealing with their fellow TGO members above all other options.




That's all for now.   Happy Halloween, folks!  🙂

Pumpkin Dance Dancing GIF by Halloween

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4 hours ago, Chucktshoes said:

I’ll miss the menu bar at the bottom, but no biggie. I do have to say the top looks a lot cleaner on the iPhone. Appreciate all the work you put into this for us. 

Menu bar is a nice feature but  like you said no biggie. 

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