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Colt 1911 stainless refurbish


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I picked up a stainless colt 1911 that has had a hard life and would like to get it cleaned up and looking good. Is there a good way to get the light scuffs out of it? I would also like to get the hammer swapped out and maybe a little trigger work. Any recommendations?

Thank you in advance!


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33 minutes ago, Grayfox54 said:

I'm fond of Mother's Mag Polish. Its sold in auto parts stores for polishing mag wheels. It does wonders for stainless guns. Depending on how much you work it, you can get anything from  a nice clean finish to a mirror shine. 

+1^^^ this!
It also works great on removing black carbon “stains” from a SS cylinder face.


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I assume you are talking about a stainless gun that doesn’t have any finish or coating on it.

One of the reasons I love stainless guns is that you can file, sand, Scotch Brite, polish; depending on what it needs. If you have marks into the stainless, you need to smooth the whole area out before you start polishing. How you do that depends on how deep the marks are. The polish won’t blend, it will only polish. So you need to get the surface smooth before polishing.

I’ve used both Mothers Mag wheel polish and Happich Simichrome; both work great. I put it on a tooth brush first for removing carbon build-up on the face of the cylinder, (of course you won’t have that problem on a semi, but might in other areas) then use it on soft cotton gun cleaning patches for finishing and the rest of the gun.

Doing a whole gun takes time. Don’t get in a hurry.

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Post some photos. Flitz is also an option but not knowing if you have polished flats, satin finish or brushed finish, there is not correct answer. Everything mentioned is a solution. Just not sure of yours. More info needed number 5.... ')

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For a DIY,  strip the frame down to just the plunger tube. Get a perfectly flat sanding block & 320 Auto body shop sandpaper. For the slide use the sanding block in a straight sweep from the very rear to completely off the front. don't stop, hesitate or move off sideways....ever, when doing this motion. The idea is to keep your paper cut lines perfectly in line with the slide. If the scatches are too deep & you want them out, go to 220g paper and then work your way back up to what ever fininsh you want. 400 being topped out. Then you can use the compounds if you want more shine. The frame is a bit tuffer to work around the plunger tube but same idea just miss the tube with each stoke. then sand up to and then away from the tube. Once the flats are done, carefully tape the flats off with quality masking tape and find some one who can low pressure sand blast the slide top and edges of the frame. I use glass beads for a very fine smooth matt finish.  Pull off the tape and say hello to your brand new colt! 

This is a 600 grease loose muslin wheel high polish with glass bead blasted matt


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9 hours ago, ggflyguy said:

Ok...I’m tired, it has been a long week and I’m not having any luck trying to reduce the size of my pics to fit on here. Not even one will upload (too big)... I’ll try tomorrow.

Don’t try to upload them here. Create an account on IMGUR.com and then post them here, no resizing required. Here is how...




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