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Fuzzy front sight due to old eyes vs red dot


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Your focus is on the front sight. The rear sight and the target are slightly out of focus. For USPSA and other competition red dots are great. For personal protection,and this is only my opinion, red dots are only something else to worry about.

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In SD you probably won't be getting a sharp focus anyway.  Most people from what I have read don't remember seeing the sights.  If you go red dot and shoot/practice a lot, you will probably be seeing the target through the window at SD distances without much attention to the dot.  Really comes in handy for distance, 7-10+ yds and IMO much quicker target acquisition. 

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7 minutes ago, krunchnik said:

I have installed the Big Dot sights on 2 of my carry 1911's and I like them a lot-much easier to see that front sight.

1 in fluorescent red outline and the other in bright white.

I too have the fuzzy front sight syndrome. I installed the Big Dot on my FNS9 compact and Ruger LCR and am very pleased. I tried red dot on various handguns but like them better on long guns.

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2 hours ago, loadedp3at said:

Just trying to get a feel for pros and cons of red dot for edc. My front sight has become fuzzy and didn't know if red dots are a viable option?

Do you have any friends that have a red dot setup you can at least try to see how it works for you?    It does take a little getting used to based on my experience with shooting a friend's pistol, but I think the proliferation of EDC red dot's over the last several years isn't just a fad.   Folks have found them to be beneficial for several reasons.     While I don't currently have a an EDC red dot pistol, it's not because I don't think they are a good idea, I just haven't got one yet.    Maybe some day.   

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More people carry red dots on defensive pistols every day.  This is not an accident. 

Nobody I know claims that red dots are the perfect answer for everyone, but you owe it to yourself to try them out.  I know more than a couple of experienced shooters who once said "This is a fad and will pass" who now say "I was wrong."



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If I have my glasses on so that I can see the target, the sights are fuzzy. On the other hand, if I don't wear (prescription) glasses and I can see the front sight clearly, my target is fuzzy if it's beyond about 5 yards. The red dot solves that problem. I can see the dot and my target clearly at 25 yards (currently my max handgun practice range) and I can be more accurate because of that. It does take me a little longer to pick up the red dot when drawing from the holster. I think it's because unlike iron sights where there is a point of reference to guide my eyes as I line up the sights, there is no such guiding point of reference with the red dot- I have to move the gun around until I find the red dot and then line it up on target. But the more I practice and trust my instincts, the more the red dot is lined up as I move the gun up from the draw (or at least very close) and I don't have to fish around for it, it's where it needs to be.  Now whether or not I'd have the presence of mind to look for the dot in an actual real life high stress situation, I have no idea. But in that hypothetical situation I don't see that a red dot would be any more of a liability than open sights; if I'm not lining sights up but rather just point shooting, I'm no worse off with either. But if I do have any composure whatsoever and have the presence of mind to look for a sight picture, I'd be accurate at longer distances with the red dot than with iron sights. The only real drawbacks I see with the red dot are that it is *slightly* bulkier than iron sights, and of course the battery issue. But I currently have Holosuns (507C and 407K) that have practically unlimited battery life, and with the side mount battery tray, they're easy enough to change out every five years or so, so the battery life isn't really an issue.             

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I too suffer from presbyopia (aka "old mans eyes") and need to use cheater glasses.  As my eyes have gotten worse, requiring higher diopters, my view of the sights has become so bad to the point where the front sight is nearly useless.  I've been through every type of Glock iron sight you can imagine.  I even put a lasergrip on the Glock 26 for awhile... which I really hated.   I finally broke down and bought a IWI Masada as it was optics-ready and not a lot more money than a slide or milling the factory slide.  I figured selling the Masada would be easier than selling a slide if I didn't like the dot sight. On top of the Masada I mounted a Holosun 507c green dot.  After getting a custom leather Avenger-style holder made by Desert Gun Leather, the Masada has now become my daily carry.  Yes, with the dot site and Avenger holster (rather than a pancake I prefer) it's bulkier than I'm used to.  But my confidence in being able to hit a small target has greatly increased. And as I practice with drawing the pistol, I hunt for the dot and circle less.  I have to be pretty far off to not see the 65 MOA circle and the 2 MOA dot is small enough for accuracy if required.

I really didn't want to depend on a electronic device on my carry pistol.  But after shooting with one, I plan on converting a couple more pistols to dot sights over time.  If you were closer (southern-mid TN area), I'd suggest swinging by and checking out the Masada/Holosun combo. 

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I have one pistol with a red dot on it, cowitnessed with iron sights. It takes some getting used to but I think the visual reference of the iron sights helps to pick up the red dot quicker. 

The addition of a tritium fiber optic front sight ( truglo) makes a big difference. This is my usual carry setup.

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nothing is infallible.  I have seen plenty of front sights fall off, rods break, front sight sitting off to one side, etc.  Red dots are just as reliable IMO and for SD, probably not going to be an issue.  Batteries are cheap, change them in the Spring with the time change.  I can go back to irons, but really like my Red Dots ( or green).  I don't have co-witness sights, rely completely on the dot and I think that is the best way to train.

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Front site is fuzzy for me too, I use reading glasses also. Getting use to it though. Not shot a pistol with red dot yet. Plan to mount red dot on a glock 19 down the road. Thinking about not going with co-witness sights. That means a trijicon may be in order. The Holosun is a possibility with the circle dot. The Holosun is getting some good reviews. I think a tritium backup irons with circle dot would be a little busy. Or maybe go with co-witness with blackout rear site and simple tritium up front. 

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