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Ammo Hunters and Academy Sports

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8 hours ago, Dirtshooter said:

That's when you need to call the leo and tell them there are people selling in parking lot without a permit, better yet would be to have Academy prosecute them for selling on their property. I wouldn't buy a case for $1 from the bums that are resellers. I read where there was an Academy manager that was getting the ammo and having a friend who ran a pawn shop sell it and they split the profits. Stop and think about this for a moment if all the ammo manufacturers are pumping out ammo as fast as they can and so many stores say they aren't getting any, where in the pipeline is the "leak"? Somewhere all these guys on gunbroker are getting cases of ammo? I feel sorry for all the new gun owners, the rest of us should have learned the lesson from the past.

There doesn't have to be a leak for this to happen.  If you do the math, its surprising how few rounds per person are available yearly from manufacturers even in "normal" times.  When everybody decides to buy at once, shortages are inevitable ...

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25 minutes ago, No_0ne said:

its surprising how few rounds per person are available yearly from manufacturers even in "normal" times

You are so correct. It is hard to find out how many .22lr the U.S. manufacturers make per day, but somewhere around 30,000+ bricks per day times 313 days production per year equals 5,250,000,000 rounds, in a 2015 interview a senior product line with Vista  outdoors and they estimated between 50 and 80 million .22 owners. So if we take the low side 50 million divide into the annual production we get about 105 rounds, not bricks of ammo for each .22 owner. Now if somebody has access to better data, figure it up and let us all know.

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As I have said before, I only have a slight problem with someone lining up and waiting to get heir ammo EVERY DAY and then reselling at a reasonable profit. It is paying for their time. That is unless, like I know some of our local guys are, they are on government disability because they are "unable to work". If you are able to get up and be in line at Academy with your wife and 5 kids to buy 3 boxes of ammo each every truck day, then you and your snot brats should be working.  I am not happy ablout paying taxes to support you are you resell ammo at a profit. 

Was in our local Academy again last night. Still just the same 4 boxes of $5 per shell turkey shot as for the last 2 weeks. I have found a few things I could order for store pickup before they sold out, but ammo (aside from shotgun shells) never show up. Last I got was a set of dies 2 weeks ago. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well the line is getting longer earlier at the Cool Springs Academy Sports. A couple things to note. 

Academy Sports had corporately changed their policy to only 2 boxes per person. However they are not limiting the size of the boxes. If they have a 200 or 300 round box, you can get two. Before if one box was 150 rounds or more, the other two boxes had to be less than 150 rounds. 

They can’t really keep you from going back through the line, although they discourage it. 

Their prices are creeping up. 9mm was about $0.37 per round today. Last time I was there it was $0.30 per round. Last week .223 was about $0.50 per round. Today 5.56 was $0.60 per round. 

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On 2/12/2021 at 10:14 AM, Snaveba said:

Well the line is getting longer earlier at the Cool Springs Academy Sports....


Snaveba, I appreciate this information you have shared. I was in the area on Friday at about 930am and dropped in. I noticed lots of people carrying ammo out as I was walking in. When I got back there they had some .45, .410, and 5.56. I got one of the 200 Rd 5.56 boxes and left the other. The 5.56 was $119 and I do remember getting a similar 200 Rd box for $90 in December so prices definitely creeping up some. Couple of questions; are you still seeing 9mm there? What about any rimfire? Are you seeing more on the shelves or less compared to a month ago? It seemed like even the couple minutes I was in there that there was a steady stream of people hustling back to that area. When I was leaving,  there was a policeman talking to a guy right out the front door and I heard him saying that he had come by at about 850 to get in line and saw how long the line of people was that day and just kept going. Thanks again for the info.

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I remember the $90 box as well. I picked one up for a co-worker. They also had the 200 round boxes of Winchester green tip 5.56 for just under $90 before Christmas. 

If they have ammo, they always get some 9mm. This was the first I saw 45acp (when I have been there) since before Christmas.  First 5.56 as well. They had .223 the Friday before (grabbed 360 rounds). Last Monday was supposedly a good ammo day.

Friday they apparently had a good number of 200round packs (I am guessing 50ish) of Winchester 9mm. Unfortunately there were about 35 people in front of me so they not had 50 round boxes left. I’m glad there was some 5.56 left at 9:30. I was probably leaving (silver Expedition) as you came in. 

I have seen spotty 22LR. But not in a while. 

I will be curious if they get a truck tonight and if there will be a line tomorrow with the winter storm approaching. Might be a good day to go.  Not sure if it is worth my car in a ditch for a possible 400 rounds of 9mm. 

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I take anything I read on InfoWars with three or four pretty big grains of salt, but I think this article is interesting:


I knew that there were a lot of firearms sold recently, but my eyes were opened a bit by just home many.

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