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DLT Trading 2021 special edition Spyderco Manix 2

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I already had a Spyderco Manix in S30V steel and black G10 scales, but I'm a sucker for special editions and especially when they are made with CruWear steel.





I ordered a pair of these from DLT Trading when they went available this past Tuesday.  I received mine in the mail yesterday (Thursday), so talk about some lightning fast shipping.

The blade is DLC coated CruWear.  CruWear rates very highly on all four axes of Edge Retention, Ease of Sharpening, Strength and Corrosion Resistance - which makes it a hell of a good steel for a daily carry tool that will see use.

The action on the Manix is a lot of fun to fidget with.  I've probably absent-mindedly flipped this open and closed a hundred times while sitting on conference calls yesterday and today if I've done it once.

My wife and oldest daughter are both fond of purple, so I figure I will gift one of the knives to whichever of them tries the hardest to take mine away from me.  🙂


I suppose I might list my previous Manix 2 for sale at some point.

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I think I may have to break out the KME sharpening system later today and put a mirror edge on this thing, though.  It's already wickedly sharp but I can make it better and prettier.  


Princess Friendship Day GIF by True and the Rainbow Kingdom 

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27 minutes ago, GlockSpock said:

I kicked around the idea of picking up one of these (released today):


I think I missed it, assuming it's an exclusive. I had a knife I foolishly sold with that Jade G-10, it was awesome. 

I thought about those but figured I would just wait and see if someone does another run with red or black scales.  That and I already blew a chunk of fun-money on these two Manix-es.


26 minutes ago, GlockSpock said:

What like do you about the Manix? I've never owned one.

I like the strength of the ball-bearing lock mechanism that they use an the thickness of the blade itself.  They're knives meant for being used while still being thin and light enough that it doesn't feel like a chore to carry it in your pocket.

The Spyderco Shaman is maybe a tougher knife, overall, but it's a heck of a lot bulkier.  I'd probably try to hunt down a CruWear or CPM-M4 Shaman if I was constantly using my knife all day, every day, for opening containers or cutting materials.


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1 hour ago, MacGyver said:

I just can't come around to that tanto profile on the PM2.  It makes it harder to sharpen - I don't know that it's worth it.

Agreed!  But I'd use that purely as a defensive stabby thing and not as a regular carry cutting tool.


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