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Volquartsen rifles

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I was watching the 1/21/21 edition of Shooting Gallery where Michael visited the Volquartsen factory. I had seen and heard about  their guns for years, but never considered purchasing one.  The information the show provided was very impressive.. Now I think I may want one of their rim fire rifles. If any of you own a Volquartsen would you mind posting a photo and giving your opinion on the rifle? Thanks!

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So I am head deep into 22's and every detail around them for precision and accuracy purposes so take my view with that in mind.

I would ask what do you want to do with it?  In general, the 10/22 platform is inherently less capable of accuracy than a comparable bolt gun.  That doesn't mean they can't be accurate but when it comes down to the little details, those details do make a difference if the utmost accuracy is desired.

If you just want a really nice high end 10/22 they are very nice rifles.  I would say them and Kidd are interchangeable.  

If you just want a high end, very accurate 22 without going full blown custom, I would look at something like a Bergara B14-R.  They are more used for NRL and PRS types of competitions but are also excellent all around rifles.  What's nice about them is they use standard Remington 700 SA stocks so the options are basically limitless.  You can use a traditional type of stock or go with a chassis of some sort.

I guess I say all of this to say if you would be buying it for the idea that they are supposed to be very accurate, I would say be fully informed.  They are, but they will always give up a little vs a bolt gun.  Of course any one example of either can potentially outdue the other on a case by case basis.  If you like the platform and that is the direction you want to go you will be hard pressed to find a better 10/22 variant outside of a custom 10/22 based BR gun.



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Well said Hozzie.

If doing just a barrel swap, consider Feddersen barrels.  Brimstone reworks trigger groups for $50 or so, stock selection is good.  

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The post by Hozzie is excellent information.  Having built a couple of custom 10/22 (mostly Kidd classic builds), I can state that chasing accuracy on a 10/22 can be an expensive hobby.  As jpx2rk stated, the Fedderson barrels can be excellent. My avatar is my first 5 rounds shot through a Fedderson stainless barrel at 25 yards (note - 20 rounds were fired through it by another shooter before me).  While the Brimstone triggers are great for the money, I'm a huge fan of the Kidd 2-stage triggers.  I don't think there's a better trigger on the market for the 10/22. 

I agree with Hozzie that the Bergara B14-R is a fantastic rifle.  After putting in a TriggerTech Diamond (adjusted down to 4 ounces) and trying some different ammo to see what it likes, it's easily a "one-hole" rifle at 40 yards.  I haven't really had the opportunity to stretch it out at the local range yet due to health issues.

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