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Getting my second shot today at 1:00 , at the VA in Murfreesboro. My wife insist on driving me because some have had adverse reactions to the vaccine. Did not have any problems with the first shot. Hoping/praying for the same with the second. 

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Some people experience symptoms that coincide with earning your immunity - which is what your body is doing - in the days following the second shot.

Itchiness, light fever, pain at the injection site, general malaise. It’s great if you don’t experience any of them.  But, should you notice them, you can file it under, “great. My body is responding just like it’s supposed to.”

It’s supposed to be a wash out here in the mid-state this weekend - so at least it won’t disrupt any plans.  

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I took my second shot over a month ago with no problems. I've noticed from all the people at work that if you didn't have the bad side effects like feeling sick on the first the second didn't bother them either. I think you will be good.

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10 minutes ago, robin48 said:

It hasn't been long enough since I had Covid to get the vaccine. I'm still not convinced that I want to get it.

Curious, what would be the benefit of the vaccine if you have already had the virus and recovered?

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34 minutes ago, Smith said:

Curious, what would be the benefit of the vaccine if you have already had the virus and recovered?

They are not sure how long you are "immune" after getting Covid. I would think that eventually it would make sense to get the vaccine. 


The better question is how we came to be a nation that thinks vaccines are dangerous.

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Consensus is that immunity is short-lived; around 90 days.  After that time vaccine is recommended.

vaccine scare stated 20 yrs ago and is a myth 


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Heard one of the talking head experts on TV saying early tests showed that one shot after having Covid (I think it was a month or so after) boosted the immunity by 1000X.

Wife and I are going in tomorrow for our second shot of Pfizer.

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5 minutes ago, MacGyver said:

The vaccine is going to generate a much stronger and hopefully longer lasting immunity in most people. 

Out out nearly 30 nurses that that gave the shots with my wife, only 2 or 3 took the shot themselves.  Not telling anyone what to do, just saying what happened. 

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Just now, Erik88 said:

The better question is how we came to be a nation that thinks vaccines are dangerous.

I don't support the "anti-vax" movement that has cropped up over the last decade, and I think that oftentimes it's both light on facts and shortsighted.  But in light of our spotty history when it comes to medical ethics (a few examples below), I'm also not surprised that plenty of levelheaded folks are worried about getting a jab they don't completely understand.




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