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Savage 7MM 08

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I purchased a Savage 7MM 08 a few months back and decided to take it out and sight in the Weaver 3X9 scope in for deer hunting last fall. I also purchased a Savage 308 with the same scope on it and let my Son In law have it for my youngest grandson to deer hunt with. 

I sighted the 308 in and it is truly a very nice rifle and scope combination. Grandson shot a doe with it last fall in the youth hunt week. My SIL said they shot her at dark and the scope illuminated the target great in very low light conditions. He was totally impressed with the Savage Axis 1. This model does not have the best savage trigger, but it is adequate, actually quiet good trigger on it.  

I went on to sight the 7MM 08 and I loaded it and as I closed the bolt I noticed it was very hard to close. Got the rifle set in the Caldwell Led Sled then pulled the trigger. Nothing but the trigger click. Went to eject the shell, Winchester 140 gr Power Point, and could not get the spent casing to eject. Had to take a hammer and drive the brass casing out. Looked down the brl and it was blocked. Didn't try to fire it again however I tried to load another round and same thing, couldn't close the bolt freely so I didn't force it.  

I just got it back from the Gun Smith yesterday and it was a squib load. He could tell by the burn on the end of the bullet. I knew about those type loads, but never had one before. 

Consequently  because it was so hard to force the bolt closed, on the first round, I wondered if something was wrong with the chamber in the rifle, so it took it to the Smith to be on the safe side. 

Turns out it was just a squib load(round loaded with no powder inside and primer fired leaving the bullet in the brl). It cost me some "Lollie," however I am now sure there is nothing wrong with the rifle. Actually he fired another round through the rifle as I had taken the box of ammo with me that the initial round came from. 

I had ear protection on and couldn't hear the primer fire. If that ever happens to you don not force another shot because it could possibly blow the rifle up in your face. Glad all is well with my Savage Axis. Have plans to sight it in soon.    

Edited for spelling. BAD spell check! 

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This story made me realize that I have always assumed the bullet from a squib would be far enough down the barrel that it would not interfere with feeding the next round. I have never experienced a squib, so I guess the warnings about squibs created the impression that they are always midway or farther in the barrel.  It certainly makes sense that it could be lodged close enough to the chamber to prevent a complete feed. If it is going to happen, it seems better for it to cause a failure to feed such that a new round can’t be chambered and fired into the obstruction. 

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I have never personally has a squib round or bullet get stuck in the barrel....but i saw this picture a few years ago and I carry it in my gun bag to show anyone who finds an obstruction while shooting. 


Wow....lucky it didn't blow up how many times? I see at leat six......

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First time I had one was in a Saiga in 7.62 NATO Shooting surplus military ammo, wearing earmuffs heard a very faint tick, thank goodness it was a semi automatic because it didn’t cycle the bolt, ejected the round brass came out and look down the barrel sure enough bullet right at the start of the rifle it. Knocked it out with a rod went on to shooting.

Second time was with a heritage 22 caliber shooting quiet loads. Shot once and noticed I didn’t hit the target, said to myself, damn you’re bad. Shot a second time didn’t hit the target, said to myself, you need more practice. Shot a third time at point blank, nothing came out of the barrel. Carried it into the house put it on the bench mounted it in a vice sure enough three rounds back to back in the barrel. Thank goodness they were quiet loads and did not jam very far. Only thing I can think of is the barrel gap to the cylinder and the fact they were weak loads and being quiet loads.

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